Wow, what a week!

Wow, again a crazy week…. So yesterday some crazy stuff went down…. this crazy drunk tried to steal my watch! So he was following my companion until he saw me… a gringo… and ya I was done for… he came over to me and I started just walking away and he grabbed my shirt trying to hold me back so I stopped because I thought he had a knife but then I realized he had nothing. He pointed to my watch and grumbled and then I showed him my Book of Mormon as a joke and he was like no! I was like oh sorry!!! Then he pointed to my watch again and I was like okay… and then we walked away and he couldn’t keep up with us! It was a nutty experience! It was literally the first time I was assaulted but he was so drunk he couldn’t do anything! hahahaha. I love PerĂº.

The Elders!!
The Elders!!

So this upcoming Saturday is going to be awesome! We have two baptisms and I am sure I will be able to be here! I don’t think the Lord would change me yet… but who knows. This week will be sweet! I am super excited! Both of them have strong testimonies, are coming to church, waking up people of their family to come! It is way sweet!!! I love seeing people come to Christ!

Well changes are this week so we will see what happens! I will do what the Lord needs of me! I am so thankful for this last change, I have learned so much!!!

So this week I learned the importance of working no matter what, and how hard work brings blessings. My companion got super sick as did I on Tuesday and it was rough… we slept all morning and in the afternoon I felt like crap… but we went out to proselite, we got a solid 3 lessons in and we hit 11 contacts! It was crazy to see how much effort we made and the great feeling we had at the end of this week! Because we put another person with a baptismal date!!!!!!! He is a champ! And is so awesome!!!!! He wants to change his life, he wants to be an example and we used the story of Cornelius how when he heard the words of Peter how he was immedaitely baptized! We then asked him, what is holding you back? And he said just myself. We found his need!!!!!!!!! I love the gospel, I love the spirit, I love my Father in Heavan so much! Then he looked at me… and said.. man you have been studying for me, huh! hahahahha. I just laughed and said no the spirit tells me… the spirit brings to my mind what I should tell you but yes we also study! hahaha. It was way sweet!

Elder Fernandez and myself
Elder Fernandez and myself

So this week I studied a lot about the Atonement and the great function it has in our lives… I love John 5 verse 26 and 30 and 31. Wow how powerful was Christ…. and even more importantly when Christ was suffering in Gethsemane how he didn’t want to do it… He left and came back because it was so hard but in that moment he learned obedience and humbleness… wow. When we feel sick, when we feel bad, alone, are rejected, betrayed, we are standing shoulder to shoulder with the greatest life this world has ever known. What a blessing we have. This is what helps me to keep going, every time someone says I am busy, I am Catholic, or just plainly shuts the door in my face, I experience what Christ did, that is one of our purposes right… follow His example, gain experience. But how quickly are we to turn on God, when these experiences are necessary for our SALVATION. This life is supposed to be hard, not easy, we HAVE to experience pain, betrayal, hurt, doubts, anguish, to feel the wonderful peace and love that God through his Son and spirit bring us. I love this gospel so much, I love how close I have grown to my Father in Heaven. I hope we all can continue on this path that leads to what Christ came to give us, Eternal Life.

Elder Dykman from Riverton, UT
Elder Dykman from Riverton, UT

I hope you all have a great week! Thank you for your letters and love and support!

Keep being strong Grandpa Carter! I love you! Have fun on the Carter Family Vacation! I will too! hahaha

Elder Carter


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