A Roller Coaster Week Here in Hauycan!

Happy 4th of July from the Chaclacayo Zone!!
Happy 4th of July from the Chaclacayo Zone!!

So this week was crazy. We found some of the most prepared people that I have ever met for the gospel… but only them. On Thursday and Saturday it was Peru vs. Paraguay and Argentina and Chile in Soccer. Both days we taught one lesson. It was rough no one was home… we couldn’t even contact people because no one came to the door! Man it was so freaking hard trying to pull these Peruvians away from the Tele!

But wow, We were contacting Monday, later at night, and I was like one more house, and we contacted that house and it wasn’t someone who was super interested but invited us back another day. So then we started to leave and I saw a guy sitting on his moto taxi and I was like hey let’s contact him. We contacted him and it ended up that he let us in, we met his wife, they have plans to be married, and he wants to change his life to be a better Dad and have something eternal. That is what made me so happy! They were so prepared for us and we have a lesson with them tomorrow!!!!! So sick! He started crying, he felt the spirit so powerful in the prayer! Wow! They are named Daniel and Katty! They are so sweet! And then he gave us a ride home in his moto! So God helped us in more ways than one!

We also met Ephraim, who also wants to help his family be better and he wants to change and wants to be more loving and have more patience and so I asked him then will you be baptized and he was like what do I have to do be baptized?We explained it to him and he was like ya okay sounds good! Man, the Lord blessed us with experiences where I just walked out of the house absolutely blown away at what I had said, at what the investigator had said, and more than that, my first Son in the mission had said! He is a great missionary! This change has flown by! One week left!

Yesterday I felt super sad…. our numbers were not good AT ALL…AND I WAS READING IN 2 NEPHI CHAPTER 26 VERSE 8! And it was an answer to my prayer. It just told me to keep going even though it is hard! The Lord speaks to us through his Prophets, through his scriptures! I absolutely love the revelation I recieve to help myself and my district as well! I am so very thankful to my Father in Heaven for the many blessings I recieve!

I had my first baptismal interview this weeek and the first two went very well… the last one was a little different… But it all worked out. It made me think about what this world is coming to… with Gay Marriage and I love what the church says… THIS DOES NOT CHANGE WHAT GOD THINKS! It doesn’t. As explained in Romans… it is an evil sin that God despises. It’s a challenge for some… but we must overcome that challenge. I was reading today in the talk about latter day saints that keep trying! Wow I loved it! We can live the gospel perfectly! I am a saint! A sinner that keeps trying! hahahaha! I thank you all for everyhting! I hope our prayers can be with President Packers Family.

I invite you all to read D and C setion 6 verses 20 to 24. Wow. I love how much my testimony has grown! I am firm. I know without a doubt in my mind this church is true! I love my Savior, I love the Book of Mormon and the fact we have a living prophet who talks to the Lord. I testify of the Savior. He lives, he is our Savior and Redeemer, only through him may we be saved. Thank you all for your prayers, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Carter


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