We must be humble


Doing some spring cleaning!!
Doing some spring cleaning!!

Wow, I love how the Lord teaches me something every week! Wow, so we had two contacts that really made me reanalize how I treat people. So a young man or woman… not sure which… contacted us… he asked about our knowledge of the Bible and I said well I don’t know everythig but I try to study everyday. So he began to explain that he wants to know the truth, he wants to find the truth and I was too stoked! This kid is awesome! And I just felt this feeling that I wanted to help him but then the contact went bad… he began to express things about God and Jesus that supposedly he has felt in his soul. That God doesn’t exist and Jesus was a demon and that all of us are pure and we don’t need religion and that the whole world is just full of corrupt men… and honestly hearing what he said about our Savior made me feel horrible and I responded heatedly, very heatedly and informed him that he was completely wrong and that he needs to apply the simple doctrine of Christ in his life more than worry about revelations and stuff that he can’t understand . He was like no and said that my companion doubted his testimony which made me feel bad that he would say that, and I was like you don’t have a doctrinal problem.. you have a social problem and then my wonderful companion knowing me that I am very stubborn, cut the conversation and we left…. but I reflected upon this wonderful 30 minutes… how does this boy feel who is absolutely confused… what impact did I leave… I felt really bad….

Again… we found another man who was sitting on the side of the street and I felt like we should talk to him and we passed by and I was like ya no… then I felt it again and we went back… I was frustrated that I didn’t listen, and we began to contact him and I asked if we could meet with him and he was like ya, you can sit on the ground and I was like you have chairs and he got offended and then I sat down… and we began to talk… his mother died, his Dad does not care about him and he has no job, he literally does nothing all day and sees no point to this life… we explained the plan of salvation and it ended super well with him wanting to listen to us… I tell you all this because sometimes we are so focused on ourselves that we forget others. This was a very rough lesson to learn… it is hard to tell you all but I now have learned a little more about how much love our Heavenly Father really has for us.

We had two of the three investiagtors come to church yesterday so they are progressing and doing really well! We will have to work super hard to help them be ready to be baptized! I am very pleased with my district because they will have three baptisms this very next week also! We are working hard to find those of Christ here in Hauycan but also learning lessons that will serve us for the rest of our lives!

Multi-zone meeting!
Multi-zone meeting!

We had a wonderful multi-zone meeting where I learned how we can better do practices for our investigators to help our companionship and our district be better prepapred. It has also helped my companion a lot! Build his confidence! He is a champ! I love him! We are completely different, I love sports he doesn’t… but we are putting that aside to be able to do the Lords work! I have learned so much from him! He started explaining the restoration in the same way I do and it made me so happy to see that! Well, I thank you for all the prayers!

Coolest zone ever!
Coolest zone ever!

I forgot to wish my Dad a happy Fathers day so… HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!! You are the best and I love you!

Hey! Read Helaman 15 verses 7 and 8!!!!!!! Be firm in the faith!

Elder Carter


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