Literally the weirdest week ever, but by far one of my favorites!

So…. Do I have stories for you guys!

We had the Temple dedication, the Trujillo Temple, that was SOOOOO spiritual!!!!! Elder Uceda, the area 70 here gave a sick talk and I would like to share it with you all!

President Uceda, The area president gave a list of 5 things that all members of the church HAVE TO COMPLETE.
#1: Have a picture of the temple in a visible part of your home.
#2: Buy your temple clothes NOW, He said that there is no member too poor to buy their temple clothes NOW.
#3: Fill out the little booklet titled “My Family”
#4: Have a current temple recommend at ALL TIMES even if your circumtances do not permit you to go as regularly as you would like.
#5: GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!! Go as often as this life allows you to get away. Make it a goal and do it!!!

Wow it was awesome, and then President Uchtdorf gave a talk about walking before God and following His way and then Elder Bednar was there too! Then we sang Spirit of God and it reminded me of Grandpa Davis’ funeral. Wow I felt the spirit so strong and I came out just bewildered, and amazed.

A sweet Baptism!!
A sweet Baptism!!

Milusca was baptized and I baptized her! She wasn’t going to do it because her and her Dad got into a disagreement, but she has such a strong testimony that she did it! The water was freezing and she didn’t want to get in but I made her… hahaha. And then after she was like I don’t feel cold… I feel warm! Way sweet experience!!!!


And funny story… so yesterday we visited a family.. that are listening to us… family Saire. They are having some family problems… and so we went into the house, the husband recieved us with jubilee and we sat down and all these problems started coming out. I stopped and asked if we can say a prayer, and then we talked about how we should treat our family members. We set goals as a family to do an act of service every day and when we don’t like something about someone we say one bad thing and 3 things we like. My comp shared a cool experince from his family! We were guided by the spirit to be able to help them even though we have never had a family… I thank my parents who always set such a great example!

Oh and we found a new investiagtor who has a baptismal date and is basically a chosen one! She has read part of the Book of Mormon and has prayed and felt something inexplainable! Wow!!!!! What a freaking week!

And today was way sweet! I was guided to find a story to share with my district to help them find more investigators and use members to help them! It was in the Bible and just opened to the page!!!

Even though all this happened… Doctrine & Covenants 112 verses 5 through 6 and 8 and 13 helped me to keep going! I invite you all to read it! One of my favorite scriptures!!!!!

Well, shout out to Peetison for getting the Priesthood! Keep being strong Grandpa Carter! Love you all! Tell Bracken Hi! hahaha Thanks for your support!

Elder Carter


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