Wow… New Responsibilties, New Challenges

Hauycan city, Peru
Hauycan city, Peru

So first I would just like to start out with 2 sick contacts that just made my week. So first we tried to visit this lady but her husband answered, pretty sure he lied to us that she wasn’t home and I could tell he was from another religion that did not particularly enjoy us… so I contacted him! hahaha. He wanted to argue with me but I remembered a district meeting where we were taught about charity. So I simply said, “I respect your beliefs and we have a wonderful message that will bless your life. We’d love to share it with you at another time”.

Next we contacted a woman who wanted to discuss the differences of her religion and mine, and I’ll be honest I got a little into this one. We went back and forth for a bit, and eventually she told me that we need to find other people who don’t have the word of God and tell them to go to the Jungle in Peru. I asked her why…. She said because Jesus is going to come to the jungle and only the jungle, but he is going to arrive in his car. His nice big car… then I asked her where it says this and she said Christ has spoken… “where” was my question she responded confidently that Jesus Christ is in Cieneguilla in Lima. (I don’t know if you all remember Cieneguilla but it was close to my last area) I just couldn’t handle this lady… but our Heavanly Father also loves her… so I kind of burned myself and learned I need to have more love.

More of Huaycan, Peru
More of Huaycan, Peru

Anyways, I did a division with an Elder in my district… He is from Utah, he is a good guy… but he is always sad. I always try to say hi to him and ask how his day is but he is just not happy. So I was the question master and guided by the spirit and found out he has it pretty rough. So I am trying to help him but he doesn’t like help… so that has been tough.

The Elders of Huaycan!!
The Elders of Huaycan!!

NO ONE IN OUR HOUSE GETS UP ON TIME. I feel like a dad sometimes, but I wake them all up, one Elder was like give me a minute and I was yeah I will when you get up. He got up. I have gained some serious confidence. I just know all that I do is because I love the Lord. So I had some sweet lessons where I felt the spirit guide me so much. I felt guided in my last district meeting and was able to help another companionship commit someone to a baptismal date and get another investigator to come to church! That was awesome.

Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEYTON! I am so proud of you man! That you are getting the priesthood and growing up like a champ! Keep being my little buddy! Love ya man!

Grandma and Grandpa Carter, you guys are in my prayers!

Oh, we have a baptism this Saturday too! Love you all!

A selfie!!
A selfie!!

Elder Carter
Scripture: Matthew 20: 25-28 I am here to serve, not to be served!!


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