New week, new area, new challenges

Well this week was probably the craziest week of my whole mission. So we recieved transfers on Monday and I was told I was going to Huaycan and finishing training a new missionary. So that was sweet! I was excited, a little nervous but super excited. Well after P day the zone leaders were looking over the transfers again and they informed me that I was also a district leader. So that night I did not sleep well. I was super nervous, just felt a little bit like I wasn’t ready for this challenge and what not but I trusted in the Lord. Well that was not it. That first night in my new area I had to give numbers and I had never done that before but we managed and then found out my comp had migrations so he went to that but I had to get up at 5:30 to go to another area to stay with another Elder whose comp also had migrations. So then we got back to our area at like 4:30 and again didn’t have much time to work. Then Wednesday my comp had his half way training and so we went to La Molina and again didn’t have too much time to work and that was on Thursday, and I also had to get up early. Then Friday was trainging for the new leaders and I again woke up early and then Saturday I woke up early to study for my class I had to give in our district meeting. The Lord absolutely and comletely blessed me this week with strength but I will be honest in Elders Quorum I was feeling the heat of the sleep. hahahaha.

Well our new area is like, not super poor, but people live in shacks and it’s not rich at all. It is a sweet area but there are a bunch of gay people and they especially like the gringos. So everytime we pass they whistle at me and in their gay voice say hola Elderes. hahahaha.

My new comp, Elder Arguello and the coolest Pension ever!!
My new comp, Elder Arguello and the coolest Pension ever!!

Our pension is freaking crazy! She is the best and feeds us so much! I am going to get so freaking fat!!!! ahhh! I hate it but the food is so good. We had fish and I just put it down! So my new companion is from Ecuador and has been a member his whole life. Hates sports and is just different than I but I love him and we are going to work hard. I will be honest we have been lost and it’s frustratig because I want to help him but I don’t know. I do not know the area at all. So I study the map trying to learn and help him out. But we are working hard and going to get work done! I am super excited to be with him!

So this week we challenged a teenage girl to baptism and I felt the spirit so strong!!!!!!! She told us how she wants to change her life and relationship with her parents, well I used that to invite her to be baptized and I was so direct with her!!!! I was like if you want that to change, are you going to be baptized and she, without hesitating, said yes. But then she didn’t come to church! So that was a little rough! hahah. But we have another girl that is 20 years old, and she is progressing super well and even better now because Saturday we were fasting for her and she went to a club with her boyfriend but said she looked at it totally different. She felt so bad being there and her boy friend invited her to drink and she was like no I don’t drink and that day we had taught her the word of wisdom. They began to dance but she said she remembered that we were praying for her and fasting for her and so she asked her boyfriend to leave and he was like no and she was like fine I am going and so he came with her and they left and she went home and stayed with our pension. I was so happy! Because I called her to remind her of church and told her these things that we were fasting and praying and the love of someone can change their heart but more importantly the gospel is what makes it stick.

I love my mission. I love that I have been given a new challenge! I learned so much in my training and just wanted to share a little thought with you guys. In Alma 26 verse 27 it talks about how we must be patient and can never give up. More importantly we need to be patient with ourselves! That is something I have learned because I am not a perfect leader nor trainer but the Lord has chosen me. I know this church is true. I know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon can be applied in every aspect of our lives. I hope we all can find peace that the Book of Mormon offers and share it with someone. Thanks for your prayers. I love you all. I am praying deeply for my Grandfather, Scott Carter , that he may be able to keep being strong because he is one of the strongest people I know and super spiritual.

Thank you to all of you. Have a buenasa semana!

The lights of Huaycan Peru!
The lights of Huaycan Peru!

Elder Carter


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