Satisfaction after a rough transfer…

So, he was baptized.

So sweet! What a great young man!
So sweet! What a great young man!

My companion baptized him and it was nice of God to gift us with a baptism. I was able to give the talk about the Holy Ghost and it was a super good baptism. He will be a good young man to hold the priesthood and strengthen the ward. He just needs help from his Mom. All depends upon her.

So we had a sweet activity where we watched getting “Meet the Mormons” and man it was good to see it a second time, but hardly anyone came.

Here in Peru they have a thing called Hora Peruano, or Peruvian hour, and it’s their lazy excuse to show up an hour late for everything. So we planned the baptism for 5 but said 4:30 to everyone and they still showed up at 5:30.

Newest member of our ward! Being so blessed!!
Newest member of our ward! Being so blessed!!

But finally Carolina Jacome came to church and was there for the 3 hours! It was way sweet!!!!!! So happy she could come! And Marco Vasques came with a white shirt, tie and suit. He will be an awesome convert if he already is understanding and acting the way he acts! Super duper sweet!

So my comp got super sick this week and I felt bad for him. What I had was nothing compared to what he had. I am ready for a change from him. My patience has been tried and tried and tried some more. But I learned a lot from him. So I am thankful for that!

So this week we contacted a lady that didn’t believe in God or anything and I just bore her my testimony that I know that He is there and I love him and he loves me. It was way sweet!

Well my scripture that I absolutely loved was Alma 29 verses 9 and 10. These scriptures are way sweet!

I know this church is true. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me, and I know that I am where I am for a reason. Yesterday we had a lesson at 6 but I felt a prompting to visit a recent convert that didn’t make it to church and it turned out she was super stressed and we gave her a blessing of comfort and it was way cool. The spirit is the teacher. I am just someone for it to work through.

Love this work and love all of you!

Elder Carter


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