The Blessings of Pushing Forward!


Beautiful Peru!!
Beautiful Peru!!

Well what a great week ladies and gents! Our pension fed us Igalo, which is liver, and I then became sick. I lost my appetite and I also got bit by a dog and it left two nice marks on my left ankle and holes in my pants.  Then about three days later I got bit on the same ankle but not that bad, it was a little dog. The bites weren’t bad at all… But I am so freaking happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love my mission and love what I have been learning and the blessing of help I recieved this week to be able to keep moving forward! We must keep moving forward! We cannot fall backwards! But if we do… our Savior is there to catch us. There are people who need our help!

An investiagtor who is a girlfriend of a member, is in the 16th chapter of the Book of Mormon without inviting her to keep reading and we were able to find her again after losing contact and she is now progressing.

Love the people here!!
Love the people here!!

A young man in our ward told us that when we first came to ask if he could come with us to teach lessons that at first he didn’t want to, but he said we changed his life, he now smiles. He calls me his amigazo which is like friends but even better! hahaha. So that was way sweet!

Well, yesterday we visited Katherine, well, I did with a member and she and her family is going through a rough time. Her Mom, who gave up so much to be baptized, is now telling her kids to lie to us that she isn’t there. She hasn’t come to church for like 4 weeks. It makes me so sad. I don’t know why she is like this because she just lies, tells people different stories. So she is not a good example to her kids and her kids are literally suffering. Rusmel, her oldest, doesn’t want anything to do with them. He hates his sister Katherine, and she has held a ton of resentment. So yesterday the spirit guided me like crazy. To help her. She began crying and I helped her through the atonement and in general the gospel. I love the gospel and the steps it gives us in our lives to be able to fix our problems. If we have done anything in the past that haunts us, if we need to move on, I invite you to read from Phillipians 3 verses 12 to 14.

I Know this church is true. I know families can be together for ever. I know my Savior loves us and I know through him, I can be with my Father in Heaven. I invite you to all write your testimony and then really study the words and think what significance they have to you in your life and be like Jesus’ mother,  Mary and keep the words in your heart and study.  Like we read in Luke 2 verses 18 and 19. Two words are super key in these scriptures; they “heard” and she “kept” them and pondered them. Which are we doing?

My district!! Such great missionaries!!
My district!! Such great missionaries!!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Carter


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