Patience is a virtue

Well my keyboard is not working too well. The letter K does not work too well and neither does the spacebar. Just an FYI.

Well ladies and gents, I did it…I committed the unpardonable sin. I ate Cuyi. Or guinea pig!

Guinea pig is pretty good!?!
Guinea pig is pretty good!?!

The whole time I was thinking about my chinchillas so that was cool. Poor little Midge and Otto. But you guys want to know the worst part….I liked it. It was super good. The meat was super juicy and smooth! Man it was money! And then we had rice like the Inkas had which was super good and also we had like meat with eggs and other good stuff inside, mashed potates that were then fried!!!!!!!!!! I Love Perù. I Love food. I also enjoy rice. If I don’t have rice I feel out of place and honestly a little lost. You could call me an arrozero. Means someone who indulges themself in rice. hahahahhaha. But seriously. That is what it is like. So ya, I repented for eating my friends but seriously, it was good.

Anyway, so on a more spiritual note, we have 2 baptisms planned for the 30th of May. This week was a complete turnaround. We found 10 new investigators, had 24 lessons and did 40 contacts, so it was a productive week. So cool story I want to tell. So yesterday we had lessons planned from 3 to 6 on both sides of our planner. Like 6 new investigators and so we were blessed to be able to do divisions and I went with crazy Miguel. If he has to pee he just goes. Pees on trucks. It’s pretty dope. But 3 out of our 4 lessons fell through so then we visited a less active member that is straight up crazy and scares me but she was pretty calm. So that was a blessing. Then we visited a new investigator we found Tuesday and started to teach them. I was like ya 2 lessons, sweet, but then she was like, “Oh I want my niece to listen so she invites her niece but she comes back saying “oh she has homework but then she just came out of her house to listen! God works miracles when we are faithful! And she is super interested and knows English super well! Better than me. hahaha. And my comp found a new investigator and Marco(previous investigator)is going to be baptized the 30th!!!! Woohoo!

So we had interviews with President and he helped me so much and told me I have helped my companion. I found out my comp left his other area because he had problems with obeying the rules. So it’s good I have kept a good eye on him. But President told me I have helped him completely change. He is a different Elder I guess. I just know him as he is now, but supposedly he was a lot different. So that was nice to hear. He told me to just take a step back and calm down. He told me to be bold, to be powerful. And that he is so happy with what I have done. So that was way nice to hear after going through some rough times. He kind of burned me for worrying about stuff I can’t control, so that was also helpful.

Well I went with two new missonaries from the CCM on Saturday and we went to Manchay and it was a rough area. There is nothing. The people do not trust in people from churches so we didn’t have a lot of success. But it was good. One was super stoked to be there sharing the gospel with everyone, and the other one was super prideful until he knocked on a door and didn’t know what to say. Hahahha.

Well I thank my Father in Heaven for my many blessings and this opportunity to be here in Peru. Thank you for your prayers. I Love you all!

Dinner with my Bros! Yumm!!
Dinner with my Bros! Yumm!!

2 Nephi 10 verse 23
In spanish “el smoking” means a tuxedo

Love you all,

Elder Carter


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