Salvation is not easy!

Well this week has been another difficult one. Our district leader did divisions and he was with me and just came and told me all I can do better. And it is true. We can. But when my comp came back I bombarded him with it all, which was my fault, and then he started saying all the things that I can do better and it is also true, so that was a rough day. That was Friday. So Saturday rolled around and our pensions son was getting baptized on Saturday and asked us to be witness´ but before that we had scheduled to do some service. When we got there we waited for like 30 minutes for him to tell us that it would be another day. So we got home changed and ate and called our two investigators who were going to come to the baptism and one said yes but didn’t show and the other bailed on us. Then when we were at the baptism her son, Michael, had a fit about the water and wouldnt get in. We were there for like 2 hours waitng until he finally didn’t get baptized. We got home and tried to go visit a family that was super awesome and they were not home, then we found Grace and she has totally changed. She doesn’t shine with happiness and light like before. She lied to us and said she would call but she hasn’t. It’s hard to see this change in her. Then we had our missionary council meeting with our ward mission leader and he wants to leave his wife when they just got sealed like 3 months ago. Man, I feel like sometimes everything is just going wrong. Then on Sunday our 2 investigators again bailed and didn’t come to church and the one that did come left early, so it does not count that he came to church for the three hours so we were sad about that. Then all the men were with their wives so we had no one to come with us so we contacted and found 5 new people to visit so that was good. Then I was able to talk to my family. Which was the most amazing gift in the whole wide world!

But after all of this, I realize this will help me to see more of the good in my life and appreciate the small blessings. Sometimes we have to pick ourselves back up and keep moving forward. Sometimes we don’t know what will happen the next week or the next day, all we can do is trust in the Lord. It is not easy but it is what we must do. Because like in Alma 36 verse 3, he that puts his trust in God will be sustained through his weakness and tribulations and problems! And we will be exalted in the final day! I love this promise because our time of tribulation is only but for a small moment. And thanks to the gospel we know this and comprehend this. We can feel love and happiness in times of sadness and I know this is true because I felt love and happiness talking to my family and thanks to the gospel I have this opportunity. I thank my Father in Heaven for these hard times. For everyone who has told me everything I can work on and all the people who have rejected us because it makes us stronger. The greater the fight, the more glorious the victory.

I thank you all for everything and want to again wish the best Mom in the whole wide world a very happy Mothers Day and express the deepest love and gratitude for her and her love and support! Have a great week!

Elder Carter


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