A better week!

So this week was a lot better. Because yesterday an old Peruvian lady called me good looking in English and made a kissy/delicious kiss at me as we were leaving church so that was just what I needed because now my comp and 2 members mess with me all the time! hahahahah-. I went bright red because it was in English and that was weird and also she was so old… soooooo old!!!!! hahahaha.

Well the work to be honest is not easy. Our investigator Grace disappeared… I am pretty sure her boyfriend moved in with her. She might be back in Santa Anita, I don’t know… It makes me sad every time I walk by her house but I know I did my part. I know what I did for her was for love. Because I know the happiness she could have had and she even knows…. she told me she has never felt this happy in her life and for this I am confused. But God knows. God knows. And with that I do not question but continue working as he would want me.

I studied a lot this week about diligence and found Moroni 9 verse 6 and this just gave me the strength to keep working hard and doing what my Father in Heaven would want me to! I fasted that we could find that one looking for the truth, looking for light in a world of darkness. So my plan is to talk to every single person I can to find this person. Because if I don’t, how will they ever be found? haha.

Yesterday we found a sweet family! The Quispe family. He is 28 his wife 24 and they have a little baby! They are not married but are way sweet! We had our first lesson with them yesterday and it was super good. One of my best lessons teaching wise. And we met with a girlfriend of a member so that was sweet too! We are looking but salvation is not easy! hahahaha.

So yesterday a recent convert invited us to eat at his house and we went and he fed us rice, a piece of meat and avocado, and some fruit. It wasn’t much, it wasn’t the best tasting meal but it was one of my favorites because of how much love he showed for us. He is such a champ and I was so thankful. It made me sad because after my comp and John, a member, began to talk bad about the lunch and it made me sad to see them so ungrateful for food. I am so thankful for my pension and for the food that I recieve. I love what I am given.

Well this week was another week that I am thankful for the rough times and the good times! I am trying my best to grow and learn! I hope that we can all work our hardest to build the Kingdom of God together here on the earth. Because like it says in D and C 107 verse 107 that someone who is lazy is not worthy of the Kingdom of God! Keep pushing forward! Have a great week!

Elder Carter

Funny spanish word…. esposas it means wives but also means handcuffs…

Just looking cool here in Peru!! Elders Aspajo and Carter
Just looking cool here in Peru!! Elders Aspajo and Carter



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