A miracle!!!!!

So remember last week how I talked about an investigator that was going to move to our area to be baptized… well… something amazing happened! She found a job and so she is living here right now and is going to be baptized this Sunday!!!!!!!!! She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Has the biggest heart and wants the very best for her son! She wants her son to be a missionary! Wow! She is absolutely amazing! She has really shown her desire to come unto Christ and has completed the things that we have asked and really what the Lord is asking. She knows it’s true because it makes her feel so happy! She said before we came she was super sad and that things were not going well in her life. And when we came her Mom didn’t want to answer the door but she did. Said she didn’t know what was awaiting her, but she said from the first time we came she felt so happy and that is why she decided to move because we didn’t teach her for like 2 weeks and she said she wanted the happiness. So I hope with all my heart she will never forget this and stay strong in this church!

BUT…. changes are today and I have no idea what could happen… But I am so nervous, I am sweating like a pig as my Dad would say! Because I love my area and my ward my Bishop! Oh my Bishops wife had her baby! So we now have a baby in the house! WOOT WOOT! So if I go, I told Hmna Nelida goodbye for maybe the last time. But she was just so thankful that I had taught her the gospel! They have a lot of work to do in their family, but I hope they also stay strong! So I am super nervous for that! We find out right after we write, which is super odd… but hey I am not complaining… well maybe a little. haha. But if the Lord needs me somewhere, then I will go! Because he knows! I know that changes happen for a reason!

So my comp told me I helpèd him so much this change to get his spirits back and start working hard! He told me he learned so much from me and honestly I progressed so much with my companion! I am so thankful for little Aspajito! Little jungle boy! hahaha! He is so crazy! Straight up nuts but he knows his stuff! I am absolutely so thankful for him and his patience and help! My Spanish has gotten so much better! Wow I had a family yesterday tell me that I am Peruvian because I speak well.

So this week I learned so much about the Atonement and really the plan our Heavenly Father has for us and I was thinking about the different Kingdoms of Glory that we can reach and really it says it will be hard to be in the lower two but not because it will be like fire and all that stuff but really because we will know we had the opportunity and we didn’t try our hardest! We didn’t do what we came here to do and living forever knowing that… Made me almost want to cry I’ll be honest and it made me stress out… a lot. I hate thinking about the eternity because I always feel like I can never reach and honestly that is true… I can’t… alone, but with the Atonement I can and really that this should help us love more, work harder and try to be better and do the right things! IF YOU ARE NOT HAVING FAMILY HOME EVENING DO IT NOW! I have seen families here destroyed because they don’t do it, I have also seen families absolutely completely happy because they are doing family home evening! Read your scriptures every day! We are not in our Heavenly Fathers presence so we MUST find ways to invite light into our lives! A saying that I will never forget! Shout out to Grandma and Grandpa Davis, “You don’t need to study the scriptures everyday, just on the days you eat!” I love that saying! It is so true! Read Matthew 5, talks about how we are the light of the world and Romans chapter 8 is so good!!!! So those are my scriptures for the week!

I hope this week treats you all well! Thank you for the other card John family! hahaha! You guys are the best!


Elder Carter

P.S. We also found a new investigator named Play. Play Chumi. I call him Play station! He is chill!


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