Spiritually uplifted….but a tough week!

The work this week was slow. Our investigators that had a baptismal date did not make it to conference so their dates fell through. We did not have a lot of support from the ward and it was a huge celebration this week and so not many wanted to listen. So all of it combined into a rough week.

But spiritually I feel full. Wow. Conference was super duper good. I learned a super good lesson from my Bishop. I love my Bishop. Bishop Walter! Un gordito! hahaha. So I watched the first session in English and then he told me what is more important right now, learn Spansih better or hear conference in English that I can hear when I get back, and it is true. What is more important right now? That is my question to you all. What is more important right now? What is more urgent? I know we are not perfect but we had the opportunity to listen to men called of God and inspired of the spirit to give counsel to US and how willing are we to listen? What are we willing to sacrifice for our Savior who sacrificed everything for us. I loved the talk from Russel M. Nelson where he said we give our time, one tenth of our money, fast offerings, and our will for our God who gives us life day by day. I loved that so much!!!!!!! And it is so true. We don’t have to do that much when we really think about it. This is something that has hit me hard remembering all the times I feel asleep, didn’t watch, or was on my phone during conference or just even going to church! Anyways, I watched all the sessions but the first in Spanish. It was harder to really get that deep feeling and understanding, but what is more important right now? What I want or the Lord? Who needs my help? Someone who speaks English or Spanish, whose time is this? NOT MINE! So that is my lesson this week! haha.

Cooking some delicious French Toast!!
Cooking some delicious French Toast!!

So we had an activity and I cooked French Toast for everyone in our ward that came to the activity! It was sweet!!! And they all loved it! hahaha! So ya, basically it was the best activity ever! Our bishop was super pleased with us.

Games at the activity! Fun times in Peru!
Games at the activity! Fun times in Peru!

We found 6 new investiagtors this week but when we went back to teach them there were like 7 drunk guys. So ya we just left. It was just a rough week. But I am not down! Because we have another week! And so this week we are committed to do 100 times better!

Man! It was a good week with conference! Hope you all feel like me! Pray for our Prophet too… he is suffering bad. He suffers so much and has all the weight of the world on his shoulders. Such an admirable man.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. Love you all.

Elder Carter

I loved the talks about families! That was way sweet!


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