A difficult week.

This week was very hard. Full of difficulties. So I stayed in Musa but it is not how I expected. I am with my same companion and honestly, I love him, but he is crazy and sometimes a little annoying and super direct. And so I was hoping for a change from him… but the Lord knows why I am with him again. For something. So that was different than I thought but we returned to our work and especially with Grace so she could get baptized this week and she passed her interview and was so excited she thanked us saying she has never felt such happiness and it was so good… until Saturday night about 7:30 in the night we recieve 4 huge texts saying she isn’t going to be baptized and she doesn’t want to meet with us and maybe further on but for right now she is done. We ran to her house and she was there but her brothers lied to us and then we called her like 20 times and she didn’t answer so we sent her a text and she responded just saying sorry but it is done. So we called her again and her Mom answered and said she is embarrassed and doesn’t want to talk to us and needs some time to think. Something happened but we still don’t know what.

And Satan has been doing his work, man he got me way down on myself thinking of things I had done before my mission that I had repented of, feeling that I am not worthy and that I can’t help people when I am so weak and I got super down on myself… super down…and then he entered into our companionship. We tried visiting a family and only their 3 kids were home and I didn’t think it was a good idea to stay, but my comp was like ya it’s alright and I was like no… and so we called our leader and he thought the same as I and so we left. So we were struggling as companions and not getting along, and I began to doubt what we were doing, and just felt really low.

BUT, I learned! I freaking learned especially today! Why we have these hard times happen in our lives! Why we are here to live, and we are here to gain experience. If we don’t do anything wrong, how can we ever gain experience, how can we ever become like God. We have to experience this life, good and bad, so we will be able to eventually create life when we become Gods. If there was not opposition we would never learn! Ever! I also felt content with Grace because we literally did everyhting we could with her. It’s her baptism. It killed me when I read her text but I felt like everything would be alright. I know she will come around because she has felt the love in her life that her Savior has for each one of us.

I also learned that to really fear God and keep his commandments is more of a respect, a love and if we can really develop that, we will not obey by law, but because we love Him and we understand our real purpose here. I want to change that! I want to change why I work so hard. It is good to work hard, but I am willing to work with all my heart to start doing things with love, for everybody. But more especially for my Father in Heaven who loves me so much! I am not perfect, but I am a Saint! A Saint is someone who never quits even though he may fall, he gets back up with more love, with more power, with more heart and love!

I hope you all have a great week. Thank you for all that you have done for me. For your prayers!
Knowing the story of Alma the Younger I love his change of heart. It is what I want to recieve and achieve and I think it is what everyone wants to recieve. I love in verse 32 of chapter 27 of Mosiah!

Have a great week!

Elder Carter


A miracle!!!!!

So remember last week how I talked about an investigator that was going to move to our area to be baptized… well… something amazing happened! She found a job and so she is living here right now and is going to be baptized this Sunday!!!!!!!!! She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Has the biggest heart and wants the very best for her son! She wants her son to be a missionary! Wow! She is absolutely amazing! She has really shown her desire to come unto Christ and has completed the things that we have asked and really what the Lord is asking. She knows it’s true because it makes her feel so happy! She said before we came she was super sad and that things were not going well in her life. And when we came her Mom didn’t want to answer the door but she did. Said she didn’t know what was awaiting her, but she said from the first time we came she felt so happy and that is why she decided to move because we didn’t teach her for like 2 weeks and she said she wanted the happiness. So I hope with all my heart she will never forget this and stay strong in this church!

BUT…. changes are today and I have no idea what could happen… But I am so nervous, I am sweating like a pig as my Dad would say! Because I love my area and my ward my Bishop! Oh my Bishops wife had her baby! So we now have a baby in the house! WOOT WOOT! So if I go, I told Hmna Nelida goodbye for maybe the last time. But she was just so thankful that I had taught her the gospel! They have a lot of work to do in their family, but I hope they also stay strong! So I am super nervous for that! We find out right after we write, which is super odd… but hey I am not complaining… well maybe a little. haha. But if the Lord needs me somewhere, then I will go! Because he knows! I know that changes happen for a reason!

So my comp told me I helpèd him so much this change to get his spirits back and start working hard! He told me he learned so much from me and honestly I progressed so much with my companion! I am so thankful for little Aspajito! Little jungle boy! hahaha! He is so crazy! Straight up nuts but he knows his stuff! I am absolutely so thankful for him and his patience and help! My Spanish has gotten so much better! Wow I had a family yesterday tell me that I am Peruvian because I speak well.

So this week I learned so much about the Atonement and really the plan our Heavenly Father has for us and I was thinking about the different Kingdoms of Glory that we can reach and really it says it will be hard to be in the lower two but not because it will be like fire and all that stuff but really because we will know we had the opportunity and we didn’t try our hardest! We didn’t do what we came here to do and living forever knowing that… Made me almost want to cry I’ll be honest and it made me stress out… a lot. I hate thinking about the eternity because I always feel like I can never reach and honestly that is true… I can’t… alone, but with the Atonement I can and really that this should help us love more, work harder and try to be better and do the right things! IF YOU ARE NOT HAVING FAMILY HOME EVENING DO IT NOW! I have seen families here destroyed because they don’t do it, I have also seen families absolutely completely happy because they are doing family home evening! Read your scriptures every day! We are not in our Heavenly Fathers presence so we MUST find ways to invite light into our lives! A saying that I will never forget! Shout out to Grandma and Grandpa Davis, “You don’t need to study the scriptures everyday, just on the days you eat!” I love that saying! It is so true! Read Matthew 5, talks about how we are the light of the world and Romans chapter 8 is so good!!!! So those are my scriptures for the week!

I hope this week treats you all well! Thank you for the other card John family! hahaha! You guys are the best!


Elder Carter

P.S. We also found a new investigator named Play. Play Chumi. I call him Play station! He is chill!

A week full of little miracles!!

Went to see some cool ruins in Cieneguilla! Awesome!!
Went to see some cool ruins in Cieneguilla! Awesome!!

So we’ve had two power surges and the power has gone out twice so I hope that I can finish my letter haha!

So this week was honestly a ton better! We finally got our lessons back up to 25 this week! We had the blessings of our Father in Heaven! So on Tuesday we had someone to come with us to teach, so we were good. Then we had a member that usually doesn’t have time, call us and wanted to come with us so ya we did divisions and taught 8 lessons! It was way sweet! We taught 8 lessons in one day and I think that is the most anyone has taught in one day in our area! And then Thursday we had someone bail on us so we were calling, looking and we went and saw if there was a brother from the ward, and there wasn’t so we were like noooo….. then bam! A less active showed up and wanted to help us so we were able to teach the lesson then had a sweet lesson with him. He said he wanted to go on a mission and wanted to come with us everyday to prepare but then he didn’t show one day and then we went to visit him and he totally changed and just said he can’t promise anything. So ya…. that was a little rough!

We had a sweet lesson with an investigator and her sister that listened to the missionaries like almost 2 years ago and she was like I was reading the Bible one day and then a truck smashed into our house and almost killed my sister but she was like protected by a board or something and then she asked us why God would let that happen when she was reading the bible? So we asked her maybe it was the fact that she was reading the Bible that saved her sister and then she just started crying! It was a super powerful lesson! So that was way sweet to witness that!

So just wanted to say my Mom is the best! She sent a package and it got here Thursday and Thursday just happened to be the day of my pensions sons birthday. I had asked my Mom if she could find a particular video game for my Pensions little boys, and she did!! So he recieved that game for his birthday and he was just like this is the best present ever! Best present in my whole life! Then my pension started crying because it made her so happy! Then like two days later her other son came up to me… are you going to be here for my birthday because I would like another nintendo game from the United States! hahahahahhahaha. They are so funny!

Happy day at my Pensions home!! Cute little boys!!
Happy day at my Pensions home!! Cute little boys!!

And my comp was having a rough day and he recieved a tie so these little things we do have the hugest impact! Thank you Mom! Made me so happy to see them happy! I also thank the John family for the card! I love receiving cards!

And lastly the biggest miracle of all… so I don’t know if you remember me talking about Grace Torres, she is a single mom that lived in a different area but wanted to be baptized here. Well we hadn’t seen her for like two weeks, didn’t come to church, but yesterday she came and has decided to move into our area and she was just so happy! Said she thought a lot and then her son got super sick in St. Nita and then she said I just decided he will get sick anywhere and I want to be here… but she won’t be moving here until June… so when she heard that I probably won’t be here she was way sad…. but I am just so happy she decided to do this!!!!!!! WOW! God really works in mysterious ways! She is so prepapred! But she wants two people to baptize her because she thinks she is fat! hahahahah. She is so funny!

Well thank you for your prayers and I hope you have a good week!


Elder Carter

Mosiah 14 verses 3 through 6 and chapter 15 verse 7: The will of Christ was the Fathers will. Love these!

Spiritually uplifted….but a tough week!

The work this week was slow. Our investigators that had a baptismal date did not make it to conference so their dates fell through. We did not have a lot of support from the ward and it was a huge celebration this week and so not many wanted to listen. So all of it combined into a rough week.

But spiritually I feel full. Wow. Conference was super duper good. I learned a super good lesson from my Bishop. I love my Bishop. Bishop Walter! Un gordito! hahaha. So I watched the first session in English and then he told me what is more important right now, learn Spansih better or hear conference in English that I can hear when I get back, and it is true. What is more important right now? That is my question to you all. What is more important right now? What is more urgent? I know we are not perfect but we had the opportunity to listen to men called of God and inspired of the spirit to give counsel to US and how willing are we to listen? What are we willing to sacrifice for our Savior who sacrificed everything for us. I loved the talk from Russel M. Nelson where he said we give our time, one tenth of our money, fast offerings, and our will for our God who gives us life day by day. I loved that so much!!!!!!! And it is so true. We don’t have to do that much when we really think about it. This is something that has hit me hard remembering all the times I feel asleep, didn’t watch, or was on my phone during conference or just even going to church! Anyways, I watched all the sessions but the first in Spanish. It was harder to really get that deep feeling and understanding, but what is more important right now? What I want or the Lord? Who needs my help? Someone who speaks English or Spanish, whose time is this? NOT MINE! So that is my lesson this week! haha.

Cooking some delicious French Toast!!
Cooking some delicious French Toast!!

So we had an activity and I cooked French Toast for everyone in our ward that came to the activity! It was sweet!!! And they all loved it! hahaha! So ya, basically it was the best activity ever! Our bishop was super pleased with us.

Games at the activity! Fun times in Peru!
Games at the activity! Fun times in Peru!

We found 6 new investiagtors this week but when we went back to teach them there were like 7 drunk guys. So ya we just left. It was just a rough week. But I am not down! Because we have another week! And so this week we are committed to do 100 times better!

Man! It was a good week with conference! Hope you all feel like me! Pray for our Prophet too… he is suffering bad. He suffers so much and has all the weight of the world on his shoulders. Such an admirable man.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. Love you all.

Elder Carter

I loved the talks about families! That was way sweet!