A week for the weeks!?!

Baptism for the Yaure Family! So sweet!!
Baptism for the Yaure Family! So sweet!!

So, I first want to say that Familia Yaure was able to get baptized! I was able to baptize the Mom. It was a very good experience and she was so happy and content that she was finally able to get baptized. It was such a cool experience also to see Katherine go from not wanting to listen to us to being baptized. The gospel literally changes lives.

Lunch at the Presidents home! Yumm!!
Lunch at the Presidents home! Yumm!!

Yesterday we got to eat lunch with President and I will be honest it made me a little homesick! Remembering those good old Sunday dinners with the fam. Man! Well I got to eat ham for the first time in almost 7 months, and lettuce, it was sweet! I had a caesar salad! I about cried! And we had a dang good banana cake too! I was so full! The watermelon here is better FYI Corbin! hahaha!

So I want to tell a way cool story about yesterday! So we got done eating with President, got back to our apartment and then we needed someone to come with us because we can’t teach women alone so we called and called and no one answered so we got our pension and her husband to come with us and he didn’t really want to come but yeah. So we just about got to our investigators house when they were walking down the mountain dirt road… sorry hard to explain, and they were like “oh sorry we can’t meet with you guys” and so then I reached for my agenda to ask when we could visit them again and nothing… nothing in my shirt pocket. I forgot my plack, agenda, white bible… everything. A pen. And our investiagtors noticed it and were like asking if now I wasn’t a missionary and so I was super frustrated… and so then we ran back to our house… well took a bus. Pretty far away! Got my plack and we headed to our next appointment with our pension. She tells us, “Sorry I am organizing my things”. And it was Familia Yaure… I was just like come on! So then we tried to visit two more less active members… the same. So then we headed to this less active member that our pension knows and on our way we passed a guy I contacted and he was like hey lesson Tuesday at 7 and I thought it was Wednesday so I said Wednesday and he was like no! Tuesday! So I checked my agenda and he was right. And then he burned me in front of our pension, my companion and another guy who was with us… my comp just starts laughing. I was just like… a little frustrated. Then we went to this less active and it was the best thing ever! So sick! She has a 12 year old son who wants to be baptized, she wants to go back to church and she wants her husband to be baptized too. It was a miracle! A good memory for sure!!

The wedding, for the Yaure's,  from two weeks ago. The Mayor showed up in time for the picture! Haha!
The wedding, for the Yaure’s, from two weeks ago. The Mayor showed up in time for the picture! Haha!

Also one of our investiagtors who always has to work Sunday because that is the only day when people really buy, she came to church! I about cried when I saw her walk in to the church building! She seemed a lot happier! I think she recieved the blessings of keeping the sabbath day holy!

Jeferson is progressing well but his Dad said he can’t be baptized until he turns 18. I knew there would be a trial because he is amazing! Every single investigator has some trial and this is his and ours and we will conquer it together!

So I had a nice talk with our Bishop and he told me to learn all you can now in your mission and not worry about baptisms, leadership positions, or anything, because when someone returns home from their mission none of that matters. It is the testimony you gained and the habbits you formed! It was so awesome! He is a straight forward guy and likes to get on me, but I love him! He reminds me of my Dad! So wise! haha

Elder Carter with two missionaries straight out of the CCM! Awesome!
Elder Carter with two missionaries straight out of the CCM! Awesome!

Well I want you all to know that I know this church is true. And I know that this time is not mine, but the Lords. I am just able to be here and witness the miracles in my life. Also the Whittier family will be in my prayers and all of you too. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Elder Carter

Scripture of the week:1 Nephi 1.

I love my parents, and The Lord!


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