Week of Patience….

Awe Peru!
Awe Peru!

So they were not able to get baptized. The daughter, when asked in her interview if she was ready to make this covenant with God she was like, “no”. So hopefully this next week. And her Mom wants to be baptized with her daughter. So we are trying not to obligate her but she literally had the perfect answer. Better answer than I had! hahahah. She just doesn’t want to be like her brother, who got baptized and then went inactive. So that is honestly good, just hard! But yesterday we had divisions with the Elders in our ward and I taught her a super good lesson and found out she had been lying about reading her scriptures. So I recommitted her to read them and pray with her Mom. Hopefully we can go visit them today!

So we have been teaching this teenager named Jeferson and he is the best! He came to church with us so now has a baptismal date for the 11 of April! He is so ready! He has completed every one of his commitments! I know he will be baptized too! Wow! What a blessing to know this kid1 All the people in our church were astonished at how much he knows! Everyone thought he was a member! He loves to read so he always reads the Book of Mormon when we give him homework in it!

So with Family Torres some sad news… their Mom and daughter, Shirley, are going to Arrequipa to treat her baby because it has displacement in its legs. And there isn’t room here in Lima for him. So ya… they don’t know when they will be back either… and with Grace… she lives in a different area .. we are gonna see if she is going to start living here or we will just have to send the reference… it kills me because she is so awesome and has made sacrifices to come to church here in Musa and man it is going to be a huge trial of her faith either way…

Well I have been thinking a lot about this… Am I getting all that I can out of my mision… Well I learned something very important today from my companion! He told me he is looking at his mission differently. Not what can I recieve, but what can I give. That’s what our Heavenly Father wants! What can I give, then will we recieve the blessings. Jesus Christ taught us that he came not to be served, but to serve. I am here more to serve, to give all that I have!

Oh I got to do divisions with two new missionaries from the CCM and go teach in Manchay! So we contacted this kid and then taught him a lesson and it was probably one of the worst lessons I have ever taught,yet one of the best. The missionary from Chile, bam right off the bat just stuffed the Book of Mormon down his throat, and he was just like what the heck… then his companion from Bolivia explained lesson 1 in like 5 minutes and he, the investigator, just didn’t know what was going on.. he finishes talking about Joseph Smith and stops and just looks at me and I am just like where do I begin… how do I help this investiagator that just had everything stuffed in his face in like 5 minutes. I testified of their words… then explained everything. You have to treat investigators like babies. Give them the milk before the meat! And then the lesson calmed down they were less nervous and it was super good! They were like woah you are such a good missionary. I was like no, the spirit is amazing. And lots of practice. Just be patient. Teaching will come. I am not a perfect teacher, not even close. But I just have had the opportuntiy to be with many companions that teach very well. My companion now teaches super, super well! And I am learning so much from him!


Literally it is the greatest opportunity and I am preparing to live these principles throughout all of my life.

Love all of you and thank you for your continual prayers for me! I am so grateful for all of you!


Elder Carter


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