First week with a new comp.

This week has been purely amazing, and quite difficult. I had probably the best relationship with Elder Allasia from all of my companions so far… well my new companion is Elder Aspajo and he is different. He is super loud and super kiddish. He is like a little boy. Talks about stupid stuff when we need to focus, especially girls. It has been hard, but he also just wants to have a good relationship with me and that is good. He is pretty prideful but is trying to change… well he says so. haahha. He has 18 months in the mission. But there is something I need to learn from him. So it’s all good! He is from Taripoto from the jungle here in Peru so that is sweeet!

Well I want to tell a story… so Friday night we finished a lesson with our mission leader and were going to visit one more person and then I get a call and it is Familia Yaurie and they tell me they are getting married tomorrow. I was like what?????? So Saturday they got married and I was able to go to another wedding! hahahahahahahahaha. Yeah so they got married and wanted to get baptized before Elder Kent left but it just didn’t happen. There wasn’t time to teach everything and have an interview so anyways she accepted it, which made me realize she really wants to be baptized. I knew it, she just needed to know it. So they will be baptized this Saturday. I was so happy and her daughter Katherine, that at first didn’t want anything to do with us, told us of a dream she had, where in the beginning she was with Satan and everything was dark, things were not going well. Then after a time all went white, all was calm and peaceful and she related it to when she finally really listened to us and I was given the opportunity by my Father in Heaven to witness this. I AM SO THANKFUL! They said to thank me for teaching them the gospel, which I refused I promise mom, but they are going to get me a thing to use to crush food that they use in the mountains here in Peru.

I think I need to clarify something with you guys. If you look up pictures of Peru you will find the jungle and the mountains. Well, Lima is not at all like that. Just thousands and thousands of little shacks smacked together. Like where I am right now. Then there are parts like La Molina where it is almost like the United states. Nice cars, normal food, everything. Where I am right now is about the most wilderness I am going to see in my mission! hahahaha! But the people are what make it beautiful. Seeing their willingness to listen, to try to do what’s right. Wow!

So yesterday I gave another talk and it went well, but my genes from my Mom kicked in and I got emotional. Man I just love where I am. So thankful and after, the Bishop just hugged me and so many members just thanked me for my message and one of our investiagtors son was clapping during my talk. hahaha. She also told me it was so sweet to hear me, so that was awesome. Then I had to say goodbye to Elder Kent and he was like my older brother I never had. The biggest example to me! Man I love him so much. He is the best example ever.

Elder Kent (center) and the rest of us missionaries in Musa!
Elder Kent (center) and the rest of us missionaries in Musa!

Oh, so we taught this family named Familia Garcia and the Mom doesn’t really care but the husband does. So he works until like 6 in the morning and we promised him if he came to church he would recieve blessings and the strength to keep going forward. He came to church on an hour and a half of sleep. There are miracles and I get to see them!!!! So freaking awesome!

It won’t be easy with my new companion but it will be worth it. I love this gospel and my life. I know Christ lives. I know he loves me and feels my pain. And is here to comfort us.

I love Mosiah chapter 1 verses 1 through 5. King Benjamin had a life full of peace and joy because he taught his children the gospel, obeyed the commandments, and was humble before God. I love his example. He also taught with power because he trusted in God.

I thank you all for your prayers. I hope all is going well for you guys! Shout out to my cousin Sam who got his call to Mexico and is going to represent the Mexico CCM baby! WOOHOO!

Love you all,

Elder Carter


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