Our last week together!

Our last week together! This week was the last week with Elder Allasia… it was a rough one too. He had migrations for two whole days and a training for everyone that was finishing their mission. So I didn’t see much of him. He told me though that this change with me was the best in his whole mission. We didn’t baptize anyone in our zone but I testify that we worked so hard. We worked our butts off. And now we will see the fruits of our labors.

Elder Allasia got to baptize for the Sister's. Awesome!!
Elder Allasia got to baptize for the Sister’s. Awesome!!

Familia Rojas Leon came to church with us! 5 Poeple in church! One of the sickest families ever! They are the best and Friday was their sons birthday and Elder Dykman and I (He is from Riverton) went and taught them and brought him a gift and then they invited us for cake and for lunch too but we can’t eat with anyone so we had to humbly defer, but man they have nothing and wanted to feed us. So yesterday when we had a lesson with Familia Torres and the mom asked me if I had ever lived in a house with a dirt floor and man it hit me hard. No I never have…. very humbling… but they literally are the best people I have ever met. She said she wouldn’t have ever let us in her house if we weren’t funny. So hey, God prepares his poeple. Pretty sure she wants her daughters to marry us but ya. Gracies son is the best ever. He freaking loves me and loves spinning me around. Hard to describe but it’s super funny. So they are progressing and getting better.

Familia Yaurie… wow… some of the nuttiest stuff happened with them. Friday we had a missionary activity and they came, well Nelida and Katerine and Ricardito and it was way sweet! But Elder Kent, who she wants to baptize her, and I had the most serious talk with her and with our ward mission leader who is also a convert of Elder Kents and it was nutty. I was convinced she was ready, she wants to leave her husband and move and build a house, and instantly I knew she couldn’t do this… The spirit told me to tell her but Elder Kent was stoked and man… and I didn’t say what the spirit told me out of fear. Because Elder Kent was an assistant and everything… I now understand we are called for specific areas and have the autority for that area. Elder Kent does not have the authority in my area. But God being merciful, gave me another chance yesterday and I was so straight with her. And just basically gave her advice how to have a family and function, thanks to the spirit and my Mom and Dad who have set the greatest example to me. So we helped them with that and set goals and they are going to wait! But they understood. super well! So we are helping them so much and yesterday I just expressed the love I have for them and got teary eyed… Haven’t done that for a while. haha. But it’s the best. It isn’t easy but it’s the best. I can’t believe my happiness!

So I am sitting next to my zone leader and he has the transfers and I want to look so bad… hahaha! well anyways… my prayers are with the Whittier family and all of you! Oh and thanks mom for the package! My toes are doing really well! Tell Tim Black thanks too!

Love you guys! Another happy birthday to the best MOM in the world!

Love you guys!

Elder Carter

Scripture of the week: Romans 8…money$$$$



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