By far the craziest week in the mission!

I have delt with a lot of stress this week! Trying to help our investigators and know when they need to be baptized. My comp is super worried about going home so I have talked to him a lot about something I don’t know anything about. haha. Umm and trying to help our ward. It needs a lot of help. But I know God Loves me and never will give me a challenge I can’t handle.

Tuesday I taught a part in our district meeting but my comp asked me to do it in English…. I struggled big time. It was tough. Said words in Spanish ya know… my family knows. haha. We found a family of 6 people that are way sweet! They definitely felt something because they watched us walk away and it’s a pretty long walk, trust me. Familia Yaurie isn’t going to get married until the 14th after my comp leaves but with much talking and planning and praying, they are not ready, so we moved their date to the 28th… but my comp forgot to talk to them yesterday when we did divisions so that will be intersting when we tell them. hahaha. Pucha.

Pachamanca, delicious!! Made with chicken, meat, cow something, sweet potatoes, potatoes and Lima beans! Yummy!
Pachamanca, delicious!! Made with chicken, meat, cow something, sweet potatoes, potatoes and Lima beans! Yummy!

Wednesday we had a very good day. 7 lessons in one day. With Fam. Torres who we committed their daughter to baptism, they are the best famuily ever. She told us she has never found the answers like this church has, nor felt like she has. She and her sister came to church. They have gone through a lot. Been abandoned by their husbands, each one has a kid, they are so humble. If you saw their house you would die. But it’s the best. I love her little kid! Garret! He is a champ!

Elder Kent and I made French Toast for my pension, Hma. Lozano. She is so good to us!!
Elder Kent and I made French Toast for my pension, Hma. Lozano. She is so good to us!!

Thursday I had divisions with Elder Kent. He is finishing his mission this transfer also and he is a power house… he was an assistant to the president and I had a day to learn! It was sweet! He opened the area I am in and we visited a family that he baptized that is super inactive and it was crazy. One of their daughters is not baptized, and I began explaining to her why we have the scriptures and how it brings us happiness, and then I just asked her, do you want to be happy? She started crying and left the room and didn’t come back. We then talked to her sister and she said it hit her hard what I said. And I was like in a good or bad way and she said good. She wants to listen to us now. We also committed Katherine this day too and it was a nutty lesson and she understands that her baptism with the Catholic church was not valid in the sight of God.

But Friday my comp wanted a baptism… and he asked Katherine if she wanted to be baptized this 7th and she said yes. Then the strongest feeling that she was not ready came over me and I told him and it’s all good now. But I learned it’s the lords work, not ours. We are only instruments.

So I have been trying to just be humble. And not expect or not like something. I want to be just the humblest servant of the Lord.

HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! Love you with all my heart, you’re the best!!

I also just want to tell you all, that I know this church is true. I know without a doubt we can see our families again. I am praying for Dee Whittier and his family. Life is very hard. Very difficult, but with our Heavanly Father we can do it. I know he loves us, I know he loves me. Thank you everyone.

Today I get to go to Central Lima to buy some peruvian goods so that is sweet!

Love you all,

Elder Carter

Scripture of the week: D & C 58:3-4


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