A week for the weeks!?!

Baptism for the Yaure Family! So sweet!!
Baptism for the Yaure Family! So sweet!!

So, I first want to say that Familia Yaure was able to get baptized! I was able to baptize the Mom. It was a very good experience and she was so happy and content that she was finally able to get baptized. It was such a cool experience also to see Katherine go from not wanting to listen to us to being baptized. The gospel literally changes lives.

Lunch at the Presidents home! Yumm!!
Lunch at the Presidents home! Yumm!!

Yesterday we got to eat lunch with President and I will be honest it made me a little homesick! Remembering those good old Sunday dinners with the fam. Man! Well I got to eat ham for the first time in almost 7 months, and lettuce, it was sweet! I had a caesar salad! I about cried! And we had a dang good banana cake too! I was so full! The watermelon here is better FYI Corbin! hahaha!

So I want to tell a way cool story about yesterday! So we got done eating with President, got back to our apartment and then we needed someone to come with us because we can’t teach women alone so we called and called and no one answered so we got our pension and her husband to come with us and he didn’t really want to come but yeah. So we just about got to our investigators house when they were walking down the mountain dirt road… sorry hard to explain, and they were like “oh sorry we can’t meet with you guys” and so then I reached for my agenda to ask when we could visit them again and nothing… nothing in my shirt pocket. I forgot my plack, agenda, white bible… everything. A pen. And our investiagtors noticed it and were like asking if now I wasn’t a missionary and so I was super frustrated… and so then we ran back to our house… well took a bus. Pretty far away! Got my plack and we headed to our next appointment with our pension. She tells us, “Sorry I am organizing my things”. And it was Familia Yaure… I was just like come on! So then we tried to visit two more less active members… the same. So then we headed to this less active member that our pension knows and on our way we passed a guy I contacted and he was like hey lesson Tuesday at 7 and I thought it was Wednesday so I said Wednesday and he was like no! Tuesday! So I checked my agenda and he was right. And then he burned me in front of our pension, my companion and another guy who was with us… my comp just starts laughing. I was just like… a little frustrated. Then we went to this less active and it was the best thing ever! So sick! She has a 12 year old son who wants to be baptized, she wants to go back to church and she wants her husband to be baptized too. It was a miracle! A good memory for sure!!

The wedding, for the Yaure's,  from two weeks ago. The Mayor showed up in time for the picture! Haha!
The wedding, for the Yaure’s, from two weeks ago. The Mayor showed up in time for the picture! Haha!

Also one of our investiagtors who always has to work Sunday because that is the only day when people really buy, she came to church! I about cried when I saw her walk in to the church building! She seemed a lot happier! I think she recieved the blessings of keeping the sabbath day holy!

Jeferson is progressing well but his Dad said he can’t be baptized until he turns 18. I knew there would be a trial because he is amazing! Every single investigator has some trial and this is his and ours and we will conquer it together!

So I had a nice talk with our Bishop and he told me to learn all you can now in your mission and not worry about baptisms, leadership positions, or anything, because when someone returns home from their mission none of that matters. It is the testimony you gained and the habbits you formed! It was so awesome! He is a straight forward guy and likes to get on me, but I love him! He reminds me of my Dad! So wise! haha

Elder Carter with two missionaries straight out of the CCM! Awesome!
Elder Carter with two missionaries straight out of the CCM! Awesome!

Well I want you all to know that I know this church is true. And I know that this time is not mine, but the Lords. I am just able to be here and witness the miracles in my life. Also the Whittier family will be in my prayers and all of you too. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Elder Carter

Scripture of the week:1 Nephi 1.

I love my parents, and The Lord!


Week of Patience….

Awe Peru!
Awe Peru!

So they were not able to get baptized. The daughter, when asked in her interview if she was ready to make this covenant with God she was like, “no”. So hopefully this next week. And her Mom wants to be baptized with her daughter. So we are trying not to obligate her but she literally had the perfect answer. Better answer than I had! hahahah. She just doesn’t want to be like her brother, who got baptized and then went inactive. So that is honestly good, just hard! But yesterday we had divisions with the Elders in our ward and I taught her a super good lesson and found out she had been lying about reading her scriptures. So I recommitted her to read them and pray with her Mom. Hopefully we can go visit them today!

So we have been teaching this teenager named Jeferson and he is the best! He came to church with us so now has a baptismal date for the 11 of April! He is so ready! He has completed every one of his commitments! I know he will be baptized too! Wow! What a blessing to know this kid1 All the people in our church were astonished at how much he knows! Everyone thought he was a member! He loves to read so he always reads the Book of Mormon when we give him homework in it!

So with Family Torres some sad news… their Mom and daughter, Shirley, are going to Arrequipa to treat her baby because it has displacement in its legs. And there isn’t room here in Lima for him. So ya… they don’t know when they will be back either… and with Grace… she lives in a different area .. we are gonna see if she is going to start living here or we will just have to send the reference… it kills me because she is so awesome and has made sacrifices to come to church here in Musa and man it is going to be a huge trial of her faith either way…

Well I have been thinking a lot about this… Am I getting all that I can out of my mision… Well I learned something very important today from my companion! He told me he is looking at his mission differently. Not what can I recieve, but what can I give. That’s what our Heavenly Father wants! What can I give, then will we recieve the blessings. Jesus Christ taught us that he came not to be served, but to serve. I am here more to serve, to give all that I have!

Oh I got to do divisions with two new missionaries from the CCM and go teach in Manchay! So we contacted this kid and then taught him a lesson and it was probably one of the worst lessons I have ever taught,yet one of the best. The missionary from Chile, bam right off the bat just stuffed the Book of Mormon down his throat, and he was just like what the heck… then his companion from Bolivia explained lesson 1 in like 5 minutes and he, the investigator, just didn’t know what was going on.. he finishes talking about Joseph Smith and stops and just looks at me and I am just like where do I begin… how do I help this investiagator that just had everything stuffed in his face in like 5 minutes. I testified of their words… then explained everything. You have to treat investigators like babies. Give them the milk before the meat! And then the lesson calmed down they were less nervous and it was super good! They were like woah you are such a good missionary. I was like no, the spirit is amazing. And lots of practice. Just be patient. Teaching will come. I am not a perfect teacher, not even close. But I just have had the opportuntiy to be with many companions that teach very well. My companion now teaches super, super well! And I am learning so much from him!


Literally it is the greatest opportunity and I am preparing to live these principles throughout all of my life.

Love all of you and thank you for your continual prayers for me! I am so grateful for all of you!


Elder Carter

First week with a new comp.

This week has been purely amazing, and quite difficult. I had probably the best relationship with Elder Allasia from all of my companions so far… well my new companion is Elder Aspajo and he is different. He is super loud and super kiddish. He is like a little boy. Talks about stupid stuff when we need to focus, especially girls. It has been hard, but he also just wants to have a good relationship with me and that is good. He is pretty prideful but is trying to change… well he says so. haahha. He has 18 months in the mission. But there is something I need to learn from him. So it’s all good! He is from Taripoto from the jungle here in Peru so that is sweeet!

Well I want to tell a story… so Friday night we finished a lesson with our mission leader and were going to visit one more person and then I get a call and it is Familia Yaurie and they tell me they are getting married tomorrow. I was like what?????? So Saturday they got married and I was able to go to another wedding! hahahahahahahahaha. Yeah so they got married and wanted to get baptized before Elder Kent left but it just didn’t happen. There wasn’t time to teach everything and have an interview so anyways she accepted it, which made me realize she really wants to be baptized. I knew it, she just needed to know it. So they will be baptized this Saturday. I was so happy and her daughter Katherine, that at first didn’t want anything to do with us, told us of a dream she had, where in the beginning she was with Satan and everything was dark, things were not going well. Then after a time all went white, all was calm and peaceful and she related it to when she finally really listened to us and I was given the opportunity by my Father in Heaven to witness this. I AM SO THANKFUL! They said to thank me for teaching them the gospel, which I refused I promise mom, but they are going to get me a thing to use to crush food that they use in the mountains here in Peru.

I think I need to clarify something with you guys. If you look up pictures of Peru you will find the jungle and the mountains. Well, Lima is not at all like that. Just thousands and thousands of little shacks smacked together. Like where I am right now. Then there are parts like La Molina where it is almost like the United states. Nice cars, normal food, everything. Where I am right now is about the most wilderness I am going to see in my mission! hahahaha! But the people are what make it beautiful. Seeing their willingness to listen, to try to do what’s right. Wow!

So yesterday I gave another talk and it went well, but my genes from my Mom kicked in and I got emotional. Man I just love where I am. So thankful and after, the Bishop just hugged me and so many members just thanked me for my message and one of our investiagtors son was clapping during my talk. hahaha. She also told me it was so sweet to hear me, so that was awesome. Then I had to say goodbye to Elder Kent and he was like my older brother I never had. The biggest example to me! Man I love him so much. He is the best example ever.

Elder Kent (center) and the rest of us missionaries in Musa!
Elder Kent (center) and the rest of us missionaries in Musa!

Oh, so we taught this family named Familia Garcia and the Mom doesn’t really care but the husband does. So he works until like 6 in the morning and we promised him if he came to church he would recieve blessings and the strength to keep going forward. He came to church on an hour and a half of sleep. There are miracles and I get to see them!!!! So freaking awesome!

It won’t be easy with my new companion but it will be worth it. I love this gospel and my life. I know Christ lives. I know he loves me and feels my pain. And is here to comfort us.

I love Mosiah chapter 1 verses 1 through 5. King Benjamin had a life full of peace and joy because he taught his children the gospel, obeyed the commandments, and was humble before God. I love his example. He also taught with power because he trusted in God.

I thank you all for your prayers. I hope all is going well for you guys! Shout out to my cousin Sam who got his call to Mexico and is going to represent the Mexico CCM baby! WOOHOO!

Love you all,

Elder Carter

Our last week together!

Our last week together! This week was the last week with Elder Allasia… it was a rough one too. He had migrations for two whole days and a training for everyone that was finishing their mission. So I didn’t see much of him. He told me though that this change with me was the best in his whole mission. We didn’t baptize anyone in our zone but I testify that we worked so hard. We worked our butts off. And now we will see the fruits of our labors.

Elder Allasia got to baptize for the Sister's. Awesome!!
Elder Allasia got to baptize for the Sister’s. Awesome!!

Familia Rojas Leon came to church with us! 5 Poeple in church! One of the sickest families ever! They are the best and Friday was their sons birthday and Elder Dykman and I (He is from Riverton) went and taught them and brought him a gift and then they invited us for cake and for lunch too but we can’t eat with anyone so we had to humbly defer, but man they have nothing and wanted to feed us. So yesterday when we had a lesson with Familia Torres and the mom asked me if I had ever lived in a house with a dirt floor and man it hit me hard. No I never have…. very humbling… but they literally are the best people I have ever met. She said she wouldn’t have ever let us in her house if we weren’t funny. So hey, God prepares his poeple. Pretty sure she wants her daughters to marry us but ya. Gracies son is the best ever. He freaking loves me and loves spinning me around. Hard to describe but it’s super funny. So they are progressing and getting better.

Familia Yaurie… wow… some of the nuttiest stuff happened with them. Friday we had a missionary activity and they came, well Nelida and Katerine and Ricardito and it was way sweet! But Elder Kent, who she wants to baptize her, and I had the most serious talk with her and with our ward mission leader who is also a convert of Elder Kents and it was nutty. I was convinced she was ready, she wants to leave her husband and move and build a house, and instantly I knew she couldn’t do this… The spirit told me to tell her but Elder Kent was stoked and man… and I didn’t say what the spirit told me out of fear. Because Elder Kent was an assistant and everything… I now understand we are called for specific areas and have the autority for that area. Elder Kent does not have the authority in my area. But God being merciful, gave me another chance yesterday and I was so straight with her. And just basically gave her advice how to have a family and function, thanks to the spirit and my Mom and Dad who have set the greatest example to me. So we helped them with that and set goals and they are going to wait! But they understood. super well! So we are helping them so much and yesterday I just expressed the love I have for them and got teary eyed… Haven’t done that for a while. haha. But it’s the best. It isn’t easy but it’s the best. I can’t believe my happiness!

So I am sitting next to my zone leader and he has the transfers and I want to look so bad… hahaha! well anyways… my prayers are with the Whittier family and all of you! Oh and thanks mom for the package! My toes are doing really well! Tell Tim Black thanks too!

Love you guys! Another happy birthday to the best MOM in the world!

Love you guys!

Elder Carter

Scripture of the week: Romans 8…money$$$$


By far the craziest week in the mission!

I have delt with a lot of stress this week! Trying to help our investigators and know when they need to be baptized. My comp is super worried about going home so I have talked to him a lot about something I don’t know anything about. haha. Umm and trying to help our ward. It needs a lot of help. But I know God Loves me and never will give me a challenge I can’t handle.

Tuesday I taught a part in our district meeting but my comp asked me to do it in English…. I struggled big time. It was tough. Said words in Spanish ya know… my family knows. haha. We found a family of 6 people that are way sweet! They definitely felt something because they watched us walk away and it’s a pretty long walk, trust me. Familia Yaurie isn’t going to get married until the 14th after my comp leaves but with much talking and planning and praying, they are not ready, so we moved their date to the 28th… but my comp forgot to talk to them yesterday when we did divisions so that will be intersting when we tell them. hahaha. Pucha.

Pachamanca, delicious!! Made with chicken, meat, cow something, sweet potatoes, potatoes and Lima beans! Yummy!
Pachamanca, delicious!! Made with chicken, meat, cow something, sweet potatoes, potatoes and Lima beans! Yummy!

Wednesday we had a very good day. 7 lessons in one day. With Fam. Torres who we committed their daughter to baptism, they are the best famuily ever. She told us she has never found the answers like this church has, nor felt like she has. She and her sister came to church. They have gone through a lot. Been abandoned by their husbands, each one has a kid, they are so humble. If you saw their house you would die. But it’s the best. I love her little kid! Garret! He is a champ!

Elder Kent and I made French Toast for my pension, Hma. Lozano. She is so good to us!!
Elder Kent and I made French Toast for my pension, Hma. Lozano. She is so good to us!!

Thursday I had divisions with Elder Kent. He is finishing his mission this transfer also and he is a power house… he was an assistant to the president and I had a day to learn! It was sweet! He opened the area I am in and we visited a family that he baptized that is super inactive and it was crazy. One of their daughters is not baptized, and I began explaining to her why we have the scriptures and how it brings us happiness, and then I just asked her, do you want to be happy? She started crying and left the room and didn’t come back. We then talked to her sister and she said it hit her hard what I said. And I was like in a good or bad way and she said good. She wants to listen to us now. We also committed Katherine this day too and it was a nutty lesson and she understands that her baptism with the Catholic church was not valid in the sight of God.

But Friday my comp wanted a baptism… and he asked Katherine if she wanted to be baptized this 7th and she said yes. Then the strongest feeling that she was not ready came over me and I told him and it’s all good now. But I learned it’s the lords work, not ours. We are only instruments.

So I have been trying to just be humble. And not expect or not like something. I want to be just the humblest servant of the Lord.

HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! Love you with all my heart, you’re the best!!

I also just want to tell you all, that I know this church is true. I know without a doubt we can see our families again. I am praying for Dee Whittier and his family. Life is very hard. Very difficult, but with our Heavanly Father we can do it. I know he loves us, I know he loves me. Thank you everyone.

Today I get to go to Central Lima to buy some peruvian goods so that is sweet!

Love you all,

Elder Carter

Scripture of the week: D & C 58:3-4