Thank You Everyone!!

So cool!!
So cool!!

Thank you everyone for all that you have done. Thank you for your prayers and your advice and everything. I am sorry that my email is like this. The space bar works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. Wow! This week was freaking nuts.

So first, the family that we are teaching that are going to be baptized the 7th, they are doing really good. But this last Wednesday we went to visit them and something was wrong I could tell. Atherine had always been a little weird but something wasn’t right. And we began talking about prayer and I was looking for a scripture to share and in my mind I felt like I needed to share Alma 56 verse 47. I didn’t know why but I did and then my comp asked her what she wanted to be liberated from. She went super quiet and didn’t want to tell. And we were likeplease tell us and she wouldn’t. I was like, I want to help you!!! Then Elder Allasia was like, there is an evil spirit here and her brothers,who are members of the church, have been trying to talk to it. It was nuts! She has seen it, felt it and so we dedicated their house. And she asked me to do it! And it was the craziest prayer I have ever said. But after I felt so calm and that all was okay.

We climbed a mountain!
We climbed a mountain!

That same day we found a couple that needed some serious help because their baby has cancer, they have no food, water, lights etc. So we called the Bishop and I got the most confused feeling like something wasn’t right. I told my comp but he was like “ehhh…”. Well it turns out they lied about stuff! I don’t know if they are members. They said they were married which was a lie, and that they were members. And then it caused a little disagreement with our Bishop and Elders Quorum leader. It was a crazy thing.

And today I had an interview with our President of the mission. He said to tell you all that he is so proud of me and that I am doing awesome. He also said that my comp and I are the best companionship in the whole mission. He told me that my comp told him that of all his

My awesome companion!
My awesome companion!

companions I have had the biggest impact on him. When he told me that I started to cry. Man, it was crazy. My President told me to just build him up these last two weeks I am with him. It will help him so much. He showed me D and C 121 verse 45 and how we can have confidence in God. This week we worked hard again… 23 lessons and 73 contacts and 6 new investigators.

But I just wanted to share with you all about my changes. Before my mission I wasn’t the most lovey person. I mean yeah, I loved people but I’ll be honest, I avoided talking to people basically because I didn’t want to. Well, when Walter Yaurie came home from his trip to get his papers to get married to get baptized, I freaking hugged the guy. I have changed! I love talking to people. I love interacting and hearing about their lives and what makes them happy! This is true happiness! I know why God is so happy when we pray now. Human interaction is necessary. And then I helped a less active get to know people in our ward so she can feel welcomed and happy in our ward. I love this gospel. I understand its importance. I understand the need for a Savior. I understand how we can have confidence in God!

At the mission home!
At the mission home!

Thank you everyone! Thank you so much. I am so grateful for all of you. And for everything!

Elder Carter.


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