A tough week!

So first off…. we had a miracle! We have someone with a baptismal date! And her daughter and husband are coming to know the gospel too! So that is way sweet!

I ate cow lung one day. It wasn’t too bad. But they just eat the most random things here. Cow lung, with potatoes and noodles. It is just so random. They love this vinegar salad and it is disgusting. It is the only thing I honestly don’t like. I hate it. Just thinking about it gives me shivers.

Granadilla! A fruit that is like fish eggs with hard balls inside. Quite delicious!!
Granadilla! A fruit that is like fish eggs with hard balls inside. Quite delicious!!

We had a sweet lesson with a less active member he at first said he doesn’t like church and thinks we should talk more about the Bible, but really it’s because he doesn’t have a strong testimony of the gospel and so we helped him with that. And just before we ended I felt the tiniest prompting to challenge him. And I said I’ll read the Bible if he will read the Book of Mormon. I didn’t know he likes challenges or is really competitive but our Father in Heaven does and through the Holy Spirit, we helped him. It was a way sweet lesson.

Just doing Service!! Elders Allasia and Carter!
Just doing Service!! Elders Allasia and Carter!

Then we met with a contact, and we were getting to his necessity and then freaking Miguel, the only person who will go with us, tells this random story about a fat lady that drank a lot… and the spirit gone. But , I committed him to baptism but he works a lot and doesn’t know when he can meet with us next. So that kinda was rough. Then we visited another less active member and he was talking about how he never recieved a strong prompting that this church was true or that God even exists, and then Miguel tells this crazy story how a girl split her head open and then she recieved a priesthood blessing… and the spirit gone, and him beliving us gone. My comp was furious with Miguel because he began to argue and then I felt super calm and just told him how I know how he felt, how I never recieved this grand prompting but how I came to know it is true. So cool how I was an instrument in the hands of our Father in Heaven.

Happy Valentines Day!
Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day. My comp and I ate cow lung together for a date. Hahahahaaha.

And Sunday I gave a talk in church! It was awesome!!!! I love giving talks! It was sweet! We had 5 investigators come to church and I was just about to give my talk when fam. Jaurie walked in and I just felt the spirit through my heart. It was nuts!

Well, my toe is still infected. Still hurts. And still am frustrated. But a scripture that helped me so much is in Revelations chapter 2 verses 2 through 4 and also D and C 63 verses 8 through 11

Hide and seek in Spanish is escondite. hahaha

Love ya guys! Thanks for all that you do! And for your prayers and support! And for writing me! hahaha

Elder Carter

A note from Elder Carter’s Mom: Elder Cafter is struggling a bit with his toes. He has infection in one of them that won’t go away. If you could please remember him and his toes in your prayers it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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