Weekly news from the little town of mUSA!

Freaky spider!!
Freaky spider!!

So let me tell you about Musa. There is a main paved road that goes right through the town of Musa and it has everything you could ever want. Dogs, moto taxis, drunk men, wine, oh a weird and annoying music from the mountains. People from the mountains like weird stuff but make some dang good food so I am not complaining. And then everything else is mountain desert, with little huts and shacks everywhere. It is usually pretty hot here. Rained for like 1 minute the other day! The first time in all my mission that it actually rained. Sometimes we have water here, and sometimes not. Dogs here are nuts, but I love them! They are good company and keep things interesting. We had a dog that wouldn’t leave us alone! I wanted to freaking kill it because every other dog wanted to fight it but this dog used us as protection! So we eventually chucked rocks at it and water to leave us alone. Then the next day we are climbing up this mountain to visit these people and it finds us again and it was just the happiest dog in the whole wide world. It’s our only investiagtor that won’t leave us alone! hahahahaha.

Elder Allasia and I at the Lima Temple!
Elder Allasia and I at the Lima Temple!

Anyways this week we went to the Temple and it was good. Little different… I don’t know why, but I learned something new, so that was sweet!

So this week, even though I had two more ingrown toe nails, God literally took the pain away because we were going to work no matter what. We contacted 70 people, found 10 new investiagtors, and we taught 23 lessons. I was so freaking tired last night that I crashed but felt just the slightest bit of satisfaction. We wanted 25 lessons but hey! We had a dang good week! The Zone Leaders were so freaking happy! It was so nice! We still are searching for that person who is ready.

Good Peruvian food! Eating with Familia I can't spell their name!
Good Peruvian food! Eating with Familia I can’t spell their name!

I love it here. This area is the freaking best! People here always want to listen to us! They don’t progress but I learned something very important about missionary work. Why do I wake up at 6:30 every morning? Why do I work so hard? Why did I contact 70 people this week? Why do I teach? I read in Matthew 6 about loving God and doing things because we love Him. And that is my goal. Doing everything because I love my Father in Heaven and all He has done for me. So this week was good! Ya know on that missionary grind! But literally I am so happy. I love my life!

Well, keep up the good work everyone thanks for the prayers and everything!

Elder Carter

scripture of the week; Matt. 6 verse 19 through 22

ser la flor y nata means to be the cream or be the best. To be the big cheese. hahaha


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