This week from the little town of Musa!

The Spud in Peru

Freaky spider!! Freaky spider!!

So let me tell you about Musa. There is a main paved road that goes right through the town of Musa and it has everything you could ever want. Dogs, moto taxis, drunk men, wine, oh a weird and annoying music from the mountains. People from the mountains like weird stuff but make some dang good food so I am not complaining. And then everything else is mountain desert, with little huts and shacks everywhere. It is usually pretty hot here. Rained for like 1 minute the other day! The first time in all my mission that it actually rained. Sometimes we have water here, and sometimes not. Dogs here are nuts, but I love them! They are good company and keep things interesting. We had a dog that wouldn’t leave us alone! I wanted to freaking kill it because every other dog wanted to fight it but…

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