Musa! Musa! Musa!

Leaving my first area!!
Leaving my first area!!

It’s like USA but with an M! hahahah! I was transferred to Musa in La Molina! Now La Molina is not the capital of Peru yes, but I am on the out skirts. It’s got sick mountains and dust and people crashing on their motor bikes! Oh and in February it’s called carnival and everyone just chucks water balloons or water at everyone, but even better, why not this gringo all dressed up in nice clothes! hahaha. We were on a bus and they threw water balloons inside the bus! I was like what is wrong with these people? But everyone on the bus started laughing and smiling. Wow… and before everyone was sad and gloomy and everyone looks like they hated life until this happened… so everybody… go chuck water balloons at a friend and make everyone happy! hahahaha.

So my comp, Elder Allasia, is from Argentina, and is the big cheese! He is so cool and so chill and this is his last change in the mission and wants to work his behind off! And that is what we did this week! We taught 26 lessons having 1 on Tuesday until Sunday! WOW! And Tuesday I showed up just in time for a baptism! hahahah. So that was pretty cool! My comp suffered from depression for most of his mission and said that it just continued and his mission has been very hard… but he seems super happy with me so that’s sweet! We just kind of feed off of each other! I love him! We had a sick heart to heart sesh like men and talked about our lives and experiences and we are super close! He is the man! He told me that in one lesson when I shared a scripture about testimonies he didn’t know how I was going to connect it and then I did and he was like man you are such a great missionary! hahaha.

The view from our back window!! Sick area!
The view from our back window!! Sick area!

And yesterday, Hmno Miguel a memeber said that I have a special spirit and he is grateful I am in their ward and my comp said yeah one of the best missionaries in the mission. But really this ward is special. And I am so grateful to be here. It is a lot smaller and yesterday I was invited to share my testimony which was way sweet and we confirmed Heder who was baptized Tuesday. Man, I am so blessed and am getting better at interacting with people and gaining their confidence. We share the ward with the zone leaders and one is Elder Dykman knows Sam and he knows Rachel Davis my couz couz and also Elder Duweese is in my zone and knows Rachel so that’s cool! Grandma and Grandpa Carter, do you guys know a Merril? Because he is in my zone and lives in Mapleton. Anyways man our zone is sick! Elder Kent from Idaho, Rasmussen, Dykman, Elder Allasia and Elder Haught! We are getting work done! Oh and I had Pachamanca for the first time which is sweet potatoes and  normal potatoes and chicken and roast beef and lima beans and its cooked in the ground with hot rocks! YUMMMMMM

Anyways, someting I wanted to tell you guys, that change is good. Everything we can learn from and that our relationship with God can give us power and knowledge, but we have to put forth effort. This is something very hard with the people of Perù. They listen and everyhting but hardly act. Now I challenge all of you to act, we know the truth. Now we need to apply it!

Well have a great week!

Elder Carter

Jacob 4 verse 10.

Word…. uhh…. frasa… blanket


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