Round toe!! Hahaha!!!!

So this week was pretty boring…. for three days I stayed in our apartment studying with a member while my comp worked with another member. It was a hard week. Just studying and yeah. It was nice cuz I studied a ton but pretty boring and I realized how much I love to work and be out!!!!! Hahaha!

So today we find out our changes and stuff! I’m for sure getting changed. I have been here for 3 changes and yeah! Well anyways, Wednesday was when I got my toes sliced up! Mom don’t worry she was awesome and did a very good job with them. Today I go back in to make sure it’s all good but honestly they don’t hurt at all and are healing up nicely!

Something that happened on the way back will forever change me and this mission. I sat next to a lady, drugged up, hurting and honestly just wondering what happened… then my comp tells me to contact the lady sitting next to me and I respond with a quick and kind of rude no. Then I started thinking why I was here… why I am here… to preach this gospel… this could be her only chance to hear this blessed message and so I contacted her. She gave a simple thanks and left from the bus. I don’t know if she is ever going to be converted or read the card I gave her, but I testify to you all that I am here to do this work. I have a purpose and we all need to have a purpose in life. Why we do the things we do and I promise it will make it so much easier to get up early or to go to church or whatever we may need to do. Yeah then after that I sat in our house for three days. Sunday I went to good old church, I love church, we had 5 inv. come to church! Including Paris un niño who is getting baptized 7 of February and also his family who we rescued. They are members and have come to church for like 5 weeks!!!!! I love this work. I love the happiness I feel and working hard. Even though I just studied all week! Not once did I sleep because I felt like I was wasting time and really in this work there is no time to sleep!

Yesterday we had a sweet lesson where our investigator, Oscar, his daughter is a member, he had a daughter die at 4 months of age and so we taught him lesson 2, plan of salvation, and that was sweet. He has a very good concept of life and honestly is ready to be baptized too just needs to get married…. hahahah.

Anyways that was my week.

Elder Carter at the Lima Temple
Elder Carter at the Lima Temple

I want to share my testimony that I honestly haven’t had a huge overwhelming experience that this church is true. Yet, without a doubt in my mind, I know this church is true through logic. This church is logically true. Every question I have had or been asked there is an answer. The Book of Mormon is true and answers questions to the soul and literally is the keystone to our religion. Not having an overwhelming experience that I could look back on has been hard… I have questioned my testimony a lot… yet I realized THROUGH SMALL AND SIMPLE THINGS GOD WORKS MIRACLES. I tesify of this with all my heart. I have had small impression, and study, all of this is my testimony. I know without a doubt this church is true. And this work is marvelous because just the fact that people let us in is a miracle right? Well, thanks for all your letters and prayers and everything. Love you guys so much!

Elder Carter

scripture of the week: all of 2 Nephi
Word of the week: Palillo; which means a toothpick or
palillos chinos are chopsticks. Hahahahah!


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