This week was TOE tally awesome!!

Many of you probably are thinking why did he put toe in his title for a missionary email… I am also wondering that too! Hahaha. No it’s because I have three infected ingrown toenails and one was cut out this last week but is infected and I have two more. So this week was hard but honestly super awesome because I learned!!!! First off I learned really that my Savior has gone through this and it brought me a lot of comfort and also helps me to be able to teach this better to investigators! Suhweet! And honestly every missionary goes through stuff like this and if you don’t then it isn’t a mission! So I am staying optomistic and the DL said I could rest Sunday but nahh! This time is the Lords and the Lord literally gave up his life for me so I think I can go walk and teach people! It was hard because not very many people were home but I can say that I didn’t let it get me down! So that was cool!

Friday I had one of the coolest experiences ever! WOW! We went to visit a less active member and she of course was not home and the person who lived below her answered and we began contacting her and she wasn’t super interested… but luckily the less active shows up and they start talking and wow you are a member I did not know this. But still she was timid and didn’t really want to listen, but then her cousin comes out and just like talks to us for like 1 minute and then says oh heck yeah come on in I want to hear the good word! Well we taught her and she said she wanted to go to church too and read the Book of Mormon!! She also told us two days ago she was home alone and sittiing on her patio when a book fell down from above and no one was home it was just her and she had had a rough day and she is a single mom and a book or pamphlet fell down and said do you want to be happy!? And it was from our church. But she said she didn’t know how this could have happened because no one above her was from our church and thought it was from God which it really was! But it was from that less active member who has only lived there for 2 months. It was just like perfect. Like seriously everything happened perfectly so we could go in and teach and everything. I have a testimony that God always prepares people for us.

Well this morning I studied a testimony. What really is a testimony and how do we get one? Well a testimony is a spiritual witness from the Holy Ghost that something is from our Heavenly Father. So I studied about Alma the younger and he literally saw an angel and saw our Heavenly Father sitting on his throne and was forgiven of his sins and felt an immeasurable joy that he has never felt before. Yet in chapter 5 when he describes how he recieved a testimony it was not because he saw an angel, or God for that matter, it was because he fasted and prayed and recieved a witness from the Holy Ghost that these things are true. At times we wait for an overwhelming experience or a life changing experience, well we can read the work of God is by small and simple things and the Holy Ghost works quietly and simply and so every time you read the scriptures, pray, go to church, take the sacrament, pay tithing, fast, listen to our prophet, why do we do this? Why? Because our Bishop wants us to? Because our parents want us to? Or because what is said in Alma 32 verse 27 that we have a desire to know! That we have a desire to follow our Savior and our God and keep his commandments because really family and friends, all we can give our Father in Heaven, all we can give our Savior, our Bishop, our church, is simply our will. We can give a huge fast offering, but if it’s because it’s what we should be doing and not because we have a desire to follow our Father in Heaven and keep his commandments it is in vain. I learned that this week by listening to our stake conference from Elder Godoy of the Seventy and just continuing to work even though my feet hurt so bad. We can only give our will to our Father in Heaven. So if you haven’t been doing things for the right reason, repent, and start now. This life we can always do better and repent, but it is the time to prepare and meet our Father in Heaven!

Thank you Davis family for sending me letters! They were the freaking best to hear from all of you!!!! And thank you Blake family for the card!!!!

And thank you family for the card and pics!!!!!!! I love you all so much!!!!! Thank you so much!

Elder Carter
Scripture for the week: Jeremiah 1:9
Spanish word for the week: Bostezar, means to yawn!! Hahaha!


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