What a Great Week!

Wow! They got baptized!!!!!!


I never thought I would see them get baptized but they were! And I baptized Hmna Noemi and it was way sweet! She said she has been waiting for a very long time for this and afterwards she just gave me a simple thanks and a smile. She isn’t someone of many words! Haha! But it was sweet! Then the missionaries sang “I am a child of God” and it wasn’t that I felt an ovwerwhelming spirit, it just felt right. Just like my life. This mission just feels like normal life. It is weird sometimes but it’s so awesome. I love it! I love learning so much! It’s so awesome!

So something crazy happened… Hermano Cabello took part in an abortion at some point in his life, and we found out Saturday. So we prayed and hoped he could get an interview and they could be baptized together. And everything worked out. Like everything. They were baptized, they were married and he was interviewed. And we were with them every step of the way.
Friday was the interview and Pres. Boswell said that Hmno Cabello was the most prepared out of all the people he has interviewed.

The party after the wedding!
The party after the wedding!

We went to Pachacamac in the Lima South Mission and that was sweet! It was a very nice city. Very beautiful! Then we went to La Molina to have Hermano Cabello interviewed and we got to go to the temple and I bought a Book of Mormon in Quechua! hahahahahaha! It is gnarley. It reminded me of how I felt when I first started learning Spanish! Not understanding anything.

Tuesday the Jehovahs Witness contacted us! So that was awesome! They have part of the truth… but not all!

Wednesday I had divisions with Elder Farfan and he knows so much!!!!! Holy Cow! It was awesome! And we found a new investiagtor through the less active member and at first he didn’t care but then he went and got his glasses so he could read the Book of Mormon so we will see where it goes!!!!

My comp is helping me to have more confidence in myself, because it is true… I am not the most confident in myself. Always feeling like I am not doing enough! But through Christ my weakness can be made strengths. And so this is my goal. To have more humble confidence. Or confidence in my God!

Our dinner appointment fell through but Hmna July was there to help us out and she fed us and then we gave her husband a blessing and she says hello to all of you! hahaha! she is the coolest person ever!!!

But we have very high goals this week and we know that God is going to bless us as we work hard. And we are going to! We have been praying to achieve higher goals! Well a very good week but the work must continue!

Have a great week!

Elder Carter

Scripture for this week is John 15:13

And Spanish word…. socks = medias here in Peru, but also calcetinas


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