Round toe!! Hahaha!!!!

So this week was pretty boring…. for three days I stayed in our apartment studying with a member while my comp worked with another member. It was a hard week. Just studying and yeah. It was nice cuz I studied a ton but pretty boring and I realized how much I love to work and be out!!!!! Hahaha!

So today we find out our changes and stuff! I’m for sure getting changed. I have been here for 3 changes and yeah! Well anyways, Wednesday was when I got my toes sliced up! Mom don’t worry she was awesome and did a very good job with them. Today I go back in to make sure it’s all good but honestly they don’t hurt at all and are healing up nicely!

Something that happened on the way back will forever change me and this mission. I sat next to a lady, drugged up, hurting and honestly just wondering what happened… then my comp tells me to contact the lady sitting next to me and I respond with a quick and kind of rude no. Then I started thinking why I was here… why I am here… to preach this gospel… this could be her only chance to hear this blessed message and so I contacted her. She gave a simple thanks and left from the bus. I don’t know if she is ever going to be converted or read the card I gave her, but I testify to you all that I am here to do this work. I have a purpose and we all need to have a purpose in life. Why we do the things we do and I promise it will make it so much easier to get up early or to go to church or whatever we may need to do. Yeah then after that I sat in our house for three days. Sunday I went to good old church, I love church, we had 5 inv. come to church! Including Paris un niño who is getting baptized 7 of February and also his family who we rescued. They are members and have come to church for like 5 weeks!!!!! I love this work. I love the happiness I feel and working hard. Even though I just studied all week! Not once did I sleep because I felt like I was wasting time and really in this work there is no time to sleep!

Yesterday we had a sweet lesson where our investigator, Oscar, his daughter is a member, he had a daughter die at 4 months of age and so we taught him lesson 2, plan of salvation, and that was sweet. He has a very good concept of life and honestly is ready to be baptized too just needs to get married…. hahahah.

Anyways that was my week.

Elder Carter at the Lima Temple
Elder Carter at the Lima Temple

I want to share my testimony that I honestly haven’t had a huge overwhelming experience that this church is true. Yet, without a doubt in my mind, I know this church is true through logic. This church is logically true. Every question I have had or been asked there is an answer. The Book of Mormon is true and answers questions to the soul and literally is the keystone to our religion. Not having an overwhelming experience that I could look back on has been hard… I have questioned my testimony a lot… yet I realized THROUGH SMALL AND SIMPLE THINGS GOD WORKS MIRACLES. I tesify of this with all my heart. I have had small impression, and study, all of this is my testimony. I know without a doubt this church is true. And this work is marvelous because just the fact that people let us in is a miracle right? Well, thanks for all your letters and prayers and everything. Love you guys so much!

Elder Carter

scripture of the week: all of 2 Nephi
Word of the week: Palillo; which means a toothpick or
palillos chinos are chopsticks. Hahahahah!


This week was TOE tally awesome!!

Many of you probably are thinking why did he put toe in his title for a missionary email… I am also wondering that too! Hahaha. No it’s because I have three infected ingrown toenails and one was cut out this last week but is infected and I have two more. So this week was hard but honestly super awesome because I learned!!!! First off I learned really that my Savior has gone through this and it brought me a lot of comfort and also helps me to be able to teach this better to investigators! Suhweet! And honestly every missionary goes through stuff like this and if you don’t then it isn’t a mission! So I am staying optomistic and the DL said I could rest Sunday but nahh! This time is the Lords and the Lord literally gave up his life for me so I think I can go walk and teach people! It was hard because not very many people were home but I can say that I didn’t let it get me down! So that was cool!

Friday I had one of the coolest experiences ever! WOW! We went to visit a less active member and she of course was not home and the person who lived below her answered and we began contacting her and she wasn’t super interested… but luckily the less active shows up and they start talking and wow you are a member I did not know this. But still she was timid and didn’t really want to listen, but then her cousin comes out and just like talks to us for like 1 minute and then says oh heck yeah come on in I want to hear the good word! Well we taught her and she said she wanted to go to church too and read the Book of Mormon!! She also told us two days ago she was home alone and sittiing on her patio when a book fell down from above and no one was home it was just her and she had had a rough day and she is a single mom and a book or pamphlet fell down and said do you want to be happy!? And it was from our church. But she said she didn’t know how this could have happened because no one above her was from our church and thought it was from God which it really was! But it was from that less active member who has only lived there for 2 months. It was just like perfect. Like seriously everything happened perfectly so we could go in and teach and everything. I have a testimony that God always prepares people for us.

Well this morning I studied a testimony. What really is a testimony and how do we get one? Well a testimony is a spiritual witness from the Holy Ghost that something is from our Heavenly Father. So I studied about Alma the younger and he literally saw an angel and saw our Heavenly Father sitting on his throne and was forgiven of his sins and felt an immeasurable joy that he has never felt before. Yet in chapter 5 when he describes how he recieved a testimony it was not because he saw an angel, or God for that matter, it was because he fasted and prayed and recieved a witness from the Holy Ghost that these things are true. At times we wait for an overwhelming experience or a life changing experience, well we can read the work of God is by small and simple things and the Holy Ghost works quietly and simply and so every time you read the scriptures, pray, go to church, take the sacrament, pay tithing, fast, listen to our prophet, why do we do this? Why? Because our Bishop wants us to? Because our parents want us to? Or because what is said in Alma 32 verse 27 that we have a desire to know! That we have a desire to follow our Savior and our God and keep his commandments because really family and friends, all we can give our Father in Heaven, all we can give our Savior, our Bishop, our church, is simply our will. We can give a huge fast offering, but if it’s because it’s what we should be doing and not because we have a desire to follow our Father in Heaven and keep his commandments it is in vain. I learned that this week by listening to our stake conference from Elder Godoy of the Seventy and just continuing to work even though my feet hurt so bad. We can only give our will to our Father in Heaven. So if you haven’t been doing things for the right reason, repent, and start now. This life we can always do better and repent, but it is the time to prepare and meet our Father in Heaven!

Thank you Davis family for sending me letters! They were the freaking best to hear from all of you!!!! And thank you Blake family for the card!!!!

And thank you family for the card and pics!!!!!!! I love you all so much!!!!! Thank you so much!

Elder Carter
Scripture for the week: Jeremiah 1:9
Spanish word for the week: Bostezar, means to yawn!! Hahaha!

What a Great Week!

Wow! They got baptized!!!!!!


I never thought I would see them get baptized but they were! And I baptized Hmna Noemi and it was way sweet! She said she has been waiting for a very long time for this and afterwards she just gave me a simple thanks and a smile. She isn’t someone of many words! Haha! But it was sweet! Then the missionaries sang “I am a child of God” and it wasn’t that I felt an ovwerwhelming spirit, it just felt right. Just like my life. This mission just feels like normal life. It is weird sometimes but it’s so awesome. I love it! I love learning so much! It’s so awesome!

So something crazy happened… Hermano Cabello took part in an abortion at some point in his life, and we found out Saturday. So we prayed and hoped he could get an interview and they could be baptized together. And everything worked out. Like everything. They were baptized, they were married and he was interviewed. And we were with them every step of the way.
Friday was the interview and Pres. Boswell said that Hmno Cabello was the most prepared out of all the people he has interviewed.

The party after the wedding!
The party after the wedding!

We went to Pachacamac in the Lima South Mission and that was sweet! It was a very nice city. Very beautiful! Then we went to La Molina to have Hermano Cabello interviewed and we got to go to the temple and I bought a Book of Mormon in Quechua! hahahahahaha! It is gnarley. It reminded me of how I felt when I first started learning Spanish! Not understanding anything.

Tuesday the Jehovahs Witness contacted us! So that was awesome! They have part of the truth… but not all!

Wednesday I had divisions with Elder Farfan and he knows so much!!!!! Holy Cow! It was awesome! And we found a new investiagtor through the less active member and at first he didn’t care but then he went and got his glasses so he could read the Book of Mormon so we will see where it goes!!!!

My comp is helping me to have more confidence in myself, because it is true… I am not the most confident in myself. Always feeling like I am not doing enough! But through Christ my weakness can be made strengths. And so this is my goal. To have more humble confidence. Or confidence in my God!

Our dinner appointment fell through but Hmna July was there to help us out and she fed us and then we gave her husband a blessing and she says hello to all of you! hahaha! she is the coolest person ever!!!

But we have very high goals this week and we know that God is going to bless us as we work hard. And we are going to! We have been praying to achieve higher goals! Well a very good week but the work must continue!

Have a great week!

Elder Carter

Scripture for this week is John 15:13

And Spanish word…. socks = medias here in Peru, but also calcetinas

Happy New Year America from Peru!


Crying repentance unto all Peru!!
Crying repentance unto all Peru!! Elder Anderson and Elder Carter!!

So new years I was super tired from partying so hard! nahhh! hahha! Really I was tired though so I slept through the second war of Peru. And there were so many more drunk people! One of our investigators was so hammered it was not even funny but he saluted us and said hello which was very kind of him being a borracho! That’s what you call a drunk in a Spanish! Oh and first and for most! FAMILIA CABELLO IS GETTING MARRIED FRIDAY AND BAPTIZED SATURDAY! It is very rare to have people get married here! Because its not important… but I can tell they want it! Other missionaries from other zones said if they aren’t married don’t even bother! These guys are studs! And so anyways the Mom, asked me to baptize her!!!! That was so awesome! When she was asked why she wants to be married… because I want to be baptized in this church. AMEN! So that was amazing and I pray that everything goes smoothly! So that was way sweet and that happened last night!

Also I recieved my christmas present from my fam!

We have Christmas!!! Our tree!! The package finally came!!
We have Christmas!!! Our tree!! The package finally came!!

wow…. I want to send a pic of all the stuff home but it is hard to send pics so maybe next week or we will see! But my family is the best and my comp was super thankful too! Then we had another person commit to being baptized! He is Sister Frias boyfriend and he is so cool! He has completed with all his commitments except coming to church so his date fell through… but we will work on that. Also asked Paris if he wants us to baptize him… he could be baptized this Saturday too… but I think we will wait to have his Dad return from work and baptize him. So that’s awesome!

I can testify that the spirit literally puts words in my mouth because I literally don’t speak… like I just am there and words are flowing out my mouth… hahaha. It’s too hood! I love this mission!!! After I feel weak… because the spirit is so strong! Like so strong! And after I feel weak yet so joyful!!! It was way sweet! And then Familia Frias told us how all their kids were baptized and the father wouldn’t until one night she had a dream about her kids and they were in garbage and eating garbage and she realized that the person who was showing her this was Gordon B Hinckley and she told her husband how her kids were involved in bad stuff and they all reactivated in the church and their father was baptized! When I heard this I was like wow… this is nuts… but God really knows all of his children perfectly and what they need in certain points in their lives. It is different because the people here have lots of dreams or sueños. And this is a fruit of the spirit but in the U.S. not as much! So that has been fun to learn! hahaha.

Way crazy on New years! That night while we were planning, pretty sure a guy beat his daughter! It was crazy! Also, the mom of Christina had been praying for us to come by and visit her because her relationship with her daughter who is a recent convert is not good. And we talked to her on Saturday just as we were walking by but then she said she prayed for us and we came by and she told her sister! So then her daughter and her came to church and then her daughter came up to us and said that she was so thankful for us coming by and helping them out! So that was sweet! Maybe another person that is a potential inv!!!!

Friday we taught Mariano again but the brother of Sister Frias , Jesus, is an RM and was an asistant and is the most blunt and knows so much! He basically taught the lesson and he knows his stuff! Like really good! But I realized the person who commited him to baptism was us and that constantly I am being guided by the spirit. I don’t need to know a ton of words… or a ton of knowledge right now… I put what I can and the Lord does the rest! It was way sweet though to see him teach. He is an amazing teacher… very straight forward and just a yes or yes kind of guy!

Saturday when I started our fast I felt the spirit so strong! Which was way awesome! And even better we found two less active members just because we were in the right place at the right time! He is divorced and right now has his two kids living with him. We were sitting there and they are like 7 and 4 and one walked out and said hello and usually peruvian kids say hello because I am white then he asked how’s it going and I looked at him and then he was like I remember you and I was like you know English and he shakes his head yes! And I was like how! The Dad knows English too! Well they were just like my little brothers it was so sweet! Farting and laughing! It was so aweosme and when we left they started crying because they didn’t want us to go! So sweet! Matthew and Dillon are their names! They are from Colorado!

Sunday my comp got a little moody and went into a cut me down mood but I stayed positive and just said okay I will do better in this and I did and it was awesome because before this is what would happen and then we wouldn’t talk but it was fine and was way awesome just because I changed my attitude! Also I helped Hmno Velarde make a call to the U.S. by translating the instructions into Spanish! So that was sweet! hahaha. Man what a week! It was awesome! Love this mission!!!! I love my area… I love my people and everything!

Juancito, Hman Julys son, the family I skyped from, they have family in Utah and he straight up said he hates Peru and wants to live in Utah! hahahahahahaha! He said Peru is Feo! Which means like it sucks! hahaha. But they said they are planning a trip to Utah next year and are going to visit us! So that is awesome! They are the coolest family ever! Always willing to help the missionaries!

Well have a buenaso semana!

Elder Carter

Spanish word is Gusano; which is worm
Scripture for the week: 1 peter 3 verse 7!