What’s good during Christmas in Peru!

Well let me inform you all how they spend Christmas here in Peru. Like a war! At 12 everyone shoots off fireworks… and I mean everyone… like every single person in Lima shoots off huge fireworks. It was very difficult to sleep honestly. Then after that everyone gets cranky!!!! And then they get into fights and people die. The next morning the police were going crazy!!! Which is surprising because they usually don’t do anything! Anyways, there was a huge fight outside of our house.

Dogs were going crazy and people swearing and fighting. Too hood!

Christmas party at the Espinozas! Fun times!
Christmas party at the Espinozas! Fun times!

But Christmas was awesome!!!! I got to talk to the best family in the whole world!!!!! Ahhh! It was the best thing ever… did I shed a tear? Yes, but tears of joy. It was one of the hardest and weirdest Christmas’ but one of the best because I realized so much. First that it’s about others. I love making others happy and Familia Clarros… wow. Their Dad came home and Paris, their son is getting baptized by him in 2 weeks! So another baptism we get to be a part of!!!!! Woohoo! So sick! So blessed… and I can testify because this is how we found them.. We went to an appointment and no one there.. so we started to walk to find someone else and who did we find.. Familia Clarros. They are baptized.. the parents… but haven’t been to church for a while. So now they have come to church.. they love it… they are happy.. they are having two of their children baptized… all because we planned… because we did what was right. And we were in the place where God wanted us. Not in the way we thought… but they are happy not because of me and my companion… but this gospel. This gospel made them happy. They were on the verge of being divorced but now, he wants to change his work to see his family more, they want to be sealed in the temple…. just a Christmas miracle…. I am so humbled. I love this work!

Christmas dinner! (Sorry it's a bit fuzzy)
Christmas dinner! Yummmm!

But more so, I love my family. I want to brag a little bit about them. They are so supportive. They are amazing. They make me want to be better. They make me want to work harder and bring this happiness to others! You don’t realize the impact you have on others…. I don’t realize the impact I have and I need to. A simple visit means more than we know. So I invite all of you to visit one person who you haven’t seen in a while or pray and ask God who needs help. No where else would I have had these amazing opportunities. These lessons of life. I am just so grateful for all of you, for my Father in Heaven, for this life, this mission, and my Savior Jesus Christ. Who knows me perfectly. Love you all so much! Hope you had a great Christmas and a good new year! Lets all try to make this gospel more of a priority in our lives and I can promise you will find more happiness in your lives. I can testify of this.


Elder Carter

Merry Christmas with President and Sister Boswell!
Merry Christmas with President and Sister Boswell!






scripture, 1 John 3: 1 – 2 & 22 – 23
Spanish word is galápago which means turtle.


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