What a week Ladies and Gents…

Wow…. I simply feel my Saviors love and know without a doubt that God knows who I am and cares so much about me because He allowed me to stay in my area and keep my awesome companion. Now I know last week I said that he ripped me a new one…. Because I needed it. My dad being the wise man, like Gandalf, but with less years and a better beard, told me I need to look inward and not outward. Which was true. I completely changed my focus. Sometimes I get very down on myself and sometimes I take it out on others which is awful. But I am a witness that with the Lords help and an awesome companion like I have, I can change. And I have changed. And guess what it all began with… service. Funny because well duh… I am serving a mission. NO. Serving your companion. Every morning while he is in the shower I shine his shoes or organize his desk or make his bed. Our companionship is completely different… it is weird how much we have changed. He is a truly amazing person. Let me tell you all about him.

Elders Carter and Alvarado.
Elders Carter and Alverado.

His name is Elder Alvarado, he is from Caja Marca, his family is all memebers and there are 9 members in his family. 1 older brother and older sister and 1 younger brother and 5 younger sisters. He recieved his call a week before he had to leave, he left with a suitcase full of nothing. He had 3 white shirts and one pàir of pants. He didn’t have a suit coat. He borrowed his comps in the MTC for devotionals. All that he has now is from other missionaries. His family never writes him. NEVER. Not a single time. For mothers day, he talked to his trainers family, for this Christmas he will be talking to my family. Now finding all this out and realizing how I have acted I was so frustrated with myself… yet I changed and made myself better and made our companionship better. I share everything. We are a unit. Please email him at alvarad.luisatmyldsmail.net

This is all thanks to my Father in Heaven. This is the best Christmas gift I have ever recieved. This week was good. Taught some good lessons and contacted a ton of people.


Not sure on this one!
Not sure on this one!

Now about Peruvians. They are awful singers. Literally the worst ever. Just so bad! They love gelatin and paneton. Paneton is like fruit cake and it is disgusting. The smell just makes me want to hurl. They love jokes and they love jokes that really are not funny. It was hilarious because this guy we contacted just kept calling me gingito over and over and just said man you are so white with blue eyes and white and from the united states… wow… gringo… yep! Thats me! hahah. The peruvian people love feeding you and I believe I ate something that clogged me up… which has been rough. Feel like I weigh 20 more pounds! hahaha.


Well Familia Cabello is getting married the 9th of January because their papers were wrong. The faith and perserverance of them is so amazing. The first contact with them was made in July and 5 or so months later they are getting baptized but it’s going to be so awesome. I am so excited for that! I don’t know… its crazy how quickly stuff can change when you simply change your attitude.

Yesterday I was studying about eternal families and it just hit me why we have families. They support us and keep us going and my family is this times 10. I am so thankful for them and wow how lucky am I to spend eternity with them. So lucky. My gift this Christmas is my comp and my family. And this gospel. I don’t need anything else really. Oh a way sweet experience this week was we were contacting a guy and he totally was hating on my libro! Book of Mormon and then he turns to me and says Carter, do you believe me or this book. I looked him square in the eyes and said I know with all my heart this book is true and he started laughing and I said I can give you one and you can see. If it isn’t true and you can look for your self, but I know it will change your life because it has changed mine. And he was like dumbfounded but just laughed and didn’t say much and just was like ya see ya later.

Well I just wish you all a Merry Christmas and to just remember Christ in your lives and especially your families and all He has given us to make it back to him and feel happy in this world. Thank you for all your prayers! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!

Elder Carter

Scripture of the week -Ether 12 verse 12
Spanish word for the week- merendar- to have an afternoon snack

Jaxon wouldn't eat Burger King before his mission. The Lord does work in miraculous ways!!
Jaxon wouldn’t eat Burger King before his mission. The Lord does work in miraculous ways!!

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