I’m just doin’ work out here!!!

Dang…. learned a lot this week….

The Cuba Family. Love the ties!!
The Cuba Family. Love the ties!!

First off, I have been searching for that moment, that spiritual experience that changes your life… but after reading my patriarchial blessing and seeing it; I have the gift of faith! Reading in D and c about our gifts… to some it is not given a sign but that follow and believe… that’s for me. That’s an answer to my prayer. Wow. Simply amazing. It has been a little hard with my comp…. I can’t explain very well how I feel but I know who to rely on and He keeps me going.

But I gave a blesssing to the sister of Hector and that was sweet, to again feel Gods power working through me. I invited Lleremi to be baptized and she said if she recieves an answer she will be baptized. So that was sweet and hopefully she does. Wednesday was our finish of our training little meeting… I cannot speak English. Anyways, that was awesome and I got to see all my bros from the CCM and we all took a huge group photo!

My comp sometimes wants to work like a race horse and then other days I make him work or I keep us going… this cambio has been very tough on my confidence…sometimes I feel on top of the world cuz of what I have achieved and other times its just rough… But I can testify of the power of the atonement. I can testify it takes time… it isn’t a prayer and done…it heals with time. I realized this feeling will help me teach with power to my investiagtors of repentance. I am thankful for trials. I am thankful for this very hard mission and what I have learned. I have learned how important it is to have a good companionship because if you don’t it is hard to teach to work to feel good. I have goals for this next cambio and I know through the power of God I can change, I know I can change and really do His will and not what I want. And to get along better with my comp.

Thursday I prayed for help, and that day we taught 4 lessons and recieved the package from my fam. Amamzing how blessed I truly am!!!! In those lessons I really started to love the people and want to help them and find their necessity more than just teach. I learned the sickest way to contact people and I use it all the time. En español, Disculap me, tengo una pregunta, persona, ya diga me, ¿cual es su nombre? Juan, ahh chevere, mi nombre es Elder Carter, y el es mi compñero, somos misioneros…. ahhh yaaa!!!! Too hood out here in Peru! It is sweet! Then on Friday we took Familia Clarros to a baptism of Elder Anderson and they are less active but their son is 9 years old asked me what he needs to do to be baptized and I was like oh ya! So maybe with him too!!!

The Cabella family. Awesome!!
The Cabella family. Awesome!!

Our water quit working Friday too so that was interesting… but I prayed that night and asked for His help so we could shower and guess what, water in the morning!!!!!! WOohoo! Also a security guard at first was not interested at all in our message, wanted nothing to do with it, but then I told him this book will change his life and immediately he was interested. Words are powerful… both for good and for bad. I invite all of you to be careful what you say and to lift another. Because no matter what, we can all be lifted up and then in turn we will be lifted up! Thank you for all your prayers! Remember Christ this Christmas season like in Mattew 10 verse 39! Very powerful scripture!

Love you all,

Elder Carter


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