Crazy week! Flew by!!!!!

Monday we basically did nothing for P day as usual… I want to go places, meet people, and experience this rich culture, but can I explain these desires… NO! hahahaha. But it was a good P day. Got to watch How to Train your Dragon 2 and that was one of the last movies I saw before I left. ahhhh

Tuesday we had a verificacion de enseñanzas and it’s like a practice with the assistant and one of our zone leader and we have to get to know them and find their necessity and set a next visit in 15 minutes. Yeah we had a hard time. haha. We didn’t find his necessity but it was a good learning experience. The assistant said my Spanish was way good! So that was super nice. Then I had an interview with President Boswell and freak did he help me. He just casually asked how I am doing and then he just says, “Elder I have missionaries that break every single rule, then I have elders that try to follow every single one. I know where you are and you need to just bring it in a little. Not too much, but don’t be so hard on yourself. You are not perfect. Nor will you ever be. Nor can you control everything. But Elder Carter, you can control your attitude. Just love what comes. So that is my plan! And it has gotten so much better! I just enjoy walking out and seeing the usual dogs droppin deuces in the street and that old guy with no teeth that always says hi to us and that crazy lady! It’s awesome here to saythe least! Oh ya we were looking for a reference so I knocked on a door trying to juts ask nothing more… and a little kid answers. And he didn’t want to get his Mom nor did his Mom want to help us so I just yelled in and she was like I don’t know and I was like yeah thanks. Then the little kid just started chucking wood pieces at us and then as we were walking away he grabbed a huge log and it almost hit me and then my comp just yells eat poop niño! hahahahahahaha

So Wednesday we had for sure lessons, Citas fijas, 3,4,5,6,7,8 and I had migrations and didn’t get back til 6! Man!!!!! Are you kidding me! This is like the first day that we had a full day of lessons and of course this happens! But migrations was good! We got to eat at Pizza Hut in La Molina and it was the most amazing thing I have ever had. Oh my sweet Mama Ju Ju! So good! But a Hermana got her bag stolen with her passport and money! Freaking peruvians and being so small and sneaky! Elder Burrup said he got a feeling we shouldnt go to the mall to eat at Pizza hut but he didn’t listen so he felt terrible… then I recieved a text from the boyfriend of Kristina and she had some serious problems so we visited her and she was balling and said she did something very bad and that God isn’t helping her as a recent convert. So we shared some scriptures, Jared Sanchez bore his testimony(a member) and then I gave her a blessing in spanish and I was a little hesitent because of my last experience with a blessing but I can testify that the power of God is miraculous and never did I feel a lack of words… I don’t remember what I said but I remember words flowing through my head and out my mouth and feeling the spirit very strongly. Sunday she was super happy and super fine! So that was way sweet!

Sick pic!!
Sick pic!!

Thursday we had our district meeting and then every appointment fell through. We trained one family and that was it. And my comp was so sad and just didn’t want to talk to me. I asked what he was thinking about… nothing. I asked how he was, a quick bien and nada mas… hahah. So it was hard.

But then Friday we had divisions with Elder Perez and it was sweet! Taught three lessons with him. And then in our practicas I found his necessity and he was just like wow… perfect. hahaha. So that was awesome. We also taught an 80 year old lady and I tried to give her a Book of Mormon but she no gracìas gringo! hahahahaha.

Saturday was interesting… My comp and I had a little talk… he was just controlling me like crazy telling me everything I need to do better and then I tried to do a personal fast and he would’t let me. And then I said I am fasting for you, and he started crying. He feels like he hasn’t helped me becasue I don’t trust him. And so we had a huge talk about how we both felt and it was way good. I loved this change. Yeah it was freaking hard, but I learned so much. Then we had 5 lessons that day and 3 new investigators! We met with the craziest guy ever just a straight up fruit cake. Pretty sure he was on drugs. But he was interested and i’ll take what I can get! When we were leaving his house drugs fell out of his pants and so that was a little awkward. Next lesson is about the word of wisdom! hahaha. I also dedicated a house because the lady said that stuff gets knocked over and weird stuff happens and of course they always want the gringo to say it. But it was super good! hahaha.

Me with Alfonzo! Member of our ward!
Me with Alfonzo! Member of our ward!

Then Sunday we had 5 investigators come to church!!!!! Woohooo! And Familia Cuba came! And Familia Cabello is getting married the 19th and baptized the 20th! So I hope I don’t get changed because changes are the 16th…. But I know I will go where I need to be! Because I know God knows everything and knows each and every trial we have and also President Boswell recieves inspiration for us and is called of God! It is sweet! So ya! I know this work is called of God and it is hard, but it never was easy for the Savior. So why would it be easy. Plus this is the salvation of souls… it isn’t supposed to be easy!

Have a good week!

Elder Carter

Elder Carter’s scripture of the week: Mosiah 23:21-22


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