Yeah I didn’t have a Thanksgiving! hahaha! But it was all good! Had some bread and some chicken and some rice and some nice hot grass water! hahaha! Nah I love it here! It is so awesome! It is very hard because not very many people will keep their compromisos. They will listen but won’t act. They won’t come to church and what not. But this work is not supposed to be easy. I thought before my mission I’d just show up, share my simple testimony and people would be like, baptize me por favor. Well I have news ladies and gents! This is called obra misional. Obra meaning work. Work meaning it takes time.

Monday we went to the sand dunes and took some sweet pics!

Selfie at the Dunes!
Selfie at the Dunes!

And had a lesson with John Ancho! A less active member!

Tuesday was reunion de distrito! And recieved your dear elder letter Mom! thank you! That was awesome!!!! But unfortunately we didn’t teach a single lesson. A day that looked full of actual fijas or for sure lessons no one was home. No one! Freak it was a hard day when you feel like you helped no one. But I witnessed two crashes that day. One a guy tried to back up into the street and a taxi just drills him. He gets out screaming and then the taxi takes off and he is even more mad!! He is swearing like crazy! It was hilarious! Then a car pulls up and he hops in to go chase after them! Then we were moving a bed to the zone leaders house and a kid hooked a motor to his bicycle but I do’t think he had brakes and slammed into a pretty nce car and the lady is just ripping him a new one and he is just like standing there like he has no idea what happened! Freaking crazy! But that is good old Peru for ya!

Wednesday we had a good lesson with Augureo and his parents and they really want to get baptized but never come to church! It is very hard because there is always something else or something happens and they can’t come. Also this is way cool. We visited a family in our ward and I didn’t know nor understood most of what she said but she has a lot of problems and her husband left her with 5 kids to provide for and their electricity is shut off and gas too. But I was prompted to share D and C 121 verse 8 and right after she read it she just started crying and said, “Usted sabe. Usted sabe. You know. You know. Y Dios sabe. Dios sabe. God knows. God knows! It was sweet! She said I knew just how to help her!

Thursday was super good! Taught 4 lessons and 1 new investiagtor! Angelino is pretty interested but like evreyone here works on Sunday. hahah. Then we contacted a Jehovahs Witness… we didn’t know beforehand… and man she didn’t know jack. She gave me her Bible to read and she asked us to look up a scripture and I had to help her find it in her book! hahah. But I can tell you right now their church is so wrong and so confused. Changing the Bible yet they don’t belive a prophet can live today. Freaking crazy!!!! Then Roger! He could really progress. He is awesome! We will see!

Friday I had divisions with Elder Marin and that was sick! I learned how to be a better teacher and with a better undertsanding! And we taught Oscar and his wife! His daughter is a recent co0nvert and it was a sick lesson and then we helped his wife by sharing our favorite scriptures and giving her a blessing. But they didn’t come to church either. Freaking trabajo! Oh also we taught a woman named Mari Lou she lives on like a top of a dune and they are pretty poor but during our lesson her son just pulled down his pants and started peeing! I was like hey, “I’m trying to feel the spirit and convert you guys and its hard when you are taking a whiz and your butt cheeks are in my view!”

Saturday we found a less active family and they were less active for 5 years or so and so we invited them to a stake activity and there are 4 kids all under 10 years old and they are awesome. One just walked up to me and held my hand the whole way we walked to the the Stake Center. They are awesome… but yeah they didn’t come to church either. But that night I got the biggest feeling to go see Famila Cabella and he found his papers so they can get married this week and hopefully baptized before changes!!!! Woohoo! I am so stoked and they are too!!! I have been teaching them for 3 months and they were being taught even before that! They are so cool and feed us every time but I realized they don’t eat when we come over so I wouldn’t accept the food and they made me so I gave it to their kids, even though our pension couldn’t feed us and I was hungry, I couldn’t eat it. I felt so bad. He asked to borrow a white shirt and I said of course and a tie too for his marriage date. Also got to talk to Steven Espinal,  he is an RM in our ward and served around the same time that the Facers son did in Trujillo. He said that Satans doctrine is disobey and baptize and Gods way is obey and preach! He said don’t worry about baptisms and that the area I am in is a very dfficult area. hahah. It’s hard though!

Sunday was good! We finally got a ward mission leader!!! Woohoo!!! And a free ride to church!

Also, when we taught Roger he lives pretty far away and so we were booking it home to not be late and a member who is a taxi driver picked us up and took us home! We were so blessed for trying to do his work and be obedient. I can testify God always prepares a way when we try to do His will.

Well this week my comp and I got a long much better! Thanksgiving meant so much more to me this year! I took cold showers this week which are good cuz it wakes me up in the morning! Elder Anderson is the man! And I realized dogs here hate me because I’m white!

Well that’s about all!

Elder Carter

Doctrine and Covenants 121 verse 8


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