What’s good during Christmas in Peru!

Well let me inform you all how they spend Christmas here in Peru. Like a war! At 12 everyone shoots off fireworks… and I mean everyone… like every single person in Lima shoots off huge fireworks. It was very difficult to sleep honestly. Then after that everyone gets cranky!!!! And then they get into fights and people die. The next morning the police were going crazy!!! Which is surprising because they usually don’t do anything! Anyways, there was a huge fight outside of our house.

Dogs were going crazy and people swearing and fighting. Too hood!

Christmas party at the Espinozas! Fun times!
Christmas party at the Espinozas! Fun times!

But Christmas was awesome!!!! I got to talk to the best family in the whole world!!!!! Ahhh! It was the best thing ever… did I shed a tear? Yes, but tears of joy. It was one of the hardest and weirdest Christmas’ but one of the best because I realized so much. First that it’s about others. I love making others happy and Familia Clarros… wow. Their Dad came home and Paris, their son is getting baptized by him in 2 weeks! So another baptism we get to be a part of!!!!! Woohoo! So sick! So blessed… and I can testify because this is how we found them.. We went to an appointment and no one there.. so we started to walk to find someone else and who did we find.. Familia Clarros. They are baptized.. the parents… but haven’t been to church for a while. So now they have come to church.. they love it… they are happy.. they are having two of their children baptized… all because we planned… because we did what was right. And we were in the place where God wanted us. Not in the way we thought… but they are happy not because of me and my companion… but this gospel. This gospel made them happy. They were on the verge of being divorced but now, he wants to change his work to see his family more, they want to be sealed in the temple…. just a Christmas miracle…. I am so humbled. I love this work!

Christmas dinner! (Sorry it's a bit fuzzy)
Christmas dinner! Yummmm!

But more so, I love my family. I want to brag a little bit about them. They are so supportive. They are amazing. They make me want to be better. They make me want to work harder and bring this happiness to others! You don’t realize the impact you have on others…. I don’t realize the impact I have and I need to. A simple visit means more than we know. So I invite all of you to visit one person who you haven’t seen in a while or pray and ask God who needs help. No where else would I have had these amazing opportunities. These lessons of life. I am just so grateful for all of you, for my Father in Heaven, for this life, this mission, and my Savior Jesus Christ. Who knows me perfectly. Love you all so much! Hope you had a great Christmas and a good new year! Lets all try to make this gospel more of a priority in our lives and I can promise you will find more happiness in your lives. I can testify of this.


Elder Carter

Merry Christmas with President and Sister Boswell!
Merry Christmas with President and Sister Boswell!






scripture, 1 John 3: 1 – 2 & 22 – 23
Spanish word is galápago which means turtle.


What a week Ladies and Gents…

Wow…. I simply feel my Saviors love and know without a doubt that God knows who I am and cares so much about me because He allowed me to stay in my area and keep my awesome companion. Now I know last week I said that he ripped me a new one…. Because I needed it. My dad being the wise man, like Gandalf, but with less years and a better beard, told me I need to look inward and not outward. Which was true. I completely changed my focus. Sometimes I get very down on myself and sometimes I take it out on others which is awful. But I am a witness that with the Lords help and an awesome companion like I have, I can change. And I have changed. And guess what it all began with… service. Funny because well duh… I am serving a mission. NO. Serving your companion. Every morning while he is in the shower I shine his shoes or organize his desk or make his bed. Our companionship is completely different… it is weird how much we have changed. He is a truly amazing person. Let me tell you all about him.

Elders Carter and Alvarado.
Elders Carter and Alverado.

His name is Elder Alvarado, he is from Caja Marca, his family is all memebers and there are 9 members in his family. 1 older brother and older sister and 1 younger brother and 5 younger sisters. He recieved his call a week before he had to leave, he left with a suitcase full of nothing. He had 3 white shirts and one pàir of pants. He didn’t have a suit coat. He borrowed his comps in the MTC for devotionals. All that he has now is from other missionaries. His family never writes him. NEVER. Not a single time. For mothers day, he talked to his trainers family, for this Christmas he will be talking to my family. Now finding all this out and realizing how I have acted I was so frustrated with myself… yet I changed and made myself better and made our companionship better. I share everything. We are a unit. Please email him at alvarad.luisatmyldsmail.net

This is all thanks to my Father in Heaven. This is the best Christmas gift I have ever recieved. This week was good. Taught some good lessons and contacted a ton of people.


Not sure on this one!
Not sure on this one!

Now about Peruvians. They are awful singers. Literally the worst ever. Just so bad! They love gelatin and paneton. Paneton is like fruit cake and it is disgusting. The smell just makes me want to hurl. They love jokes and they love jokes that really are not funny. It was hilarious because this guy we contacted just kept calling me gingito over and over and just said man you are so white with blue eyes and white and from the united states… wow… gringo… yep! Thats me! hahah. The peruvian people love feeding you and I believe I ate something that clogged me up… which has been rough. Feel like I weigh 20 more pounds! hahaha.


Well Familia Cabello is getting married the 9th of January because their papers were wrong. The faith and perserverance of them is so amazing. The first contact with them was made in July and 5 or so months later they are getting baptized but it’s going to be so awesome. I am so excited for that! I don’t know… its crazy how quickly stuff can change when you simply change your attitude.

Yesterday I was studying about eternal families and it just hit me why we have families. They support us and keep us going and my family is this times 10. I am so thankful for them and wow how lucky am I to spend eternity with them. So lucky. My gift this Christmas is my comp and my family. And this gospel. I don’t need anything else really. Oh a way sweet experience this week was we were contacting a guy and he totally was hating on my libro! Book of Mormon and then he turns to me and says Carter, do you believe me or this book. I looked him square in the eyes and said I know with all my heart this book is true and he started laughing and I said I can give you one and you can see. If it isn’t true and you can look for your self, but I know it will change your life because it has changed mine. And he was like dumbfounded but just laughed and didn’t say much and just was like ya see ya later.

Well I just wish you all a Merry Christmas and to just remember Christ in your lives and especially your families and all He has given us to make it back to him and feel happy in this world. Thank you for all your prayers! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!

Elder Carter

Scripture of the week -Ether 12 verse 12
Spanish word for the week- merendar- to have an afternoon snack

Jaxon wouldn't eat Burger King before his mission. The Lord does work in miraculous ways!!
Jaxon wouldn’t eat Burger King before his mission. The Lord does work in miraculous ways!!

I’m just doin’ work out here!!!

Dang…. learned a lot this week….

The Cuba Family. Love the ties!!
The Cuba Family. Love the ties!!

First off, I have been searching for that moment, that spiritual experience that changes your life… but after reading my patriarchial blessing and seeing it; I have the gift of faith! Reading in D and c about our gifts… to some it is not given a sign but that follow and believe… that’s for me. That’s an answer to my prayer. Wow. Simply amazing. It has been a little hard with my comp…. I can’t explain very well how I feel but I know who to rely on and He keeps me going.

But I gave a blesssing to the sister of Hector and that was sweet, to again feel Gods power working through me. I invited Lleremi to be baptized and she said if she recieves an answer she will be baptized. So that was sweet and hopefully she does. Wednesday was our finish of our training little meeting… I cannot speak English. Anyways, that was awesome and I got to see all my bros from the CCM and we all took a huge group photo!

My comp sometimes wants to work like a race horse and then other days I make him work or I keep us going… this cambio has been very tough on my confidence…sometimes I feel on top of the world cuz of what I have achieved and other times its just rough… But I can testify of the power of the atonement. I can testify it takes time… it isn’t a prayer and done…it heals with time. I realized this feeling will help me teach with power to my investiagtors of repentance. I am thankful for trials. I am thankful for this very hard mission and what I have learned. I have learned how important it is to have a good companionship because if you don’t it is hard to teach to work to feel good. I have goals for this next cambio and I know through the power of God I can change, I know I can change and really do His will and not what I want. And to get along better with my comp.

Thursday I prayed for help, and that day we taught 4 lessons and recieved the package from my fam. Amamzing how blessed I truly am!!!! In those lessons I really started to love the people and want to help them and find their necessity more than just teach. I learned the sickest way to contact people and I use it all the time. En español, Disculap me, tengo una pregunta, persona, ya diga me, ¿cual es su nombre? Juan, ahh chevere, mi nombre es Elder Carter, y el es mi compñero, somos misioneros…. ahhh yaaa!!!! Too hood out here in Peru! It is sweet! Then on Friday we took Familia Clarros to a baptism of Elder Anderson and they are less active but their son is 9 years old asked me what he needs to do to be baptized and I was like oh ya! So maybe with him too!!!

The Cabella family. Awesome!!
The Cabella family. Awesome!!

Our water quit working Friday too so that was interesting… but I prayed that night and asked for His help so we could shower and guess what, water in the morning!!!!!! WOohoo! Also a security guard at first was not interested at all in our message, wanted nothing to do with it, but then I told him this book will change his life and immediately he was interested. Words are powerful… both for good and for bad. I invite all of you to be careful what you say and to lift another. Because no matter what, we can all be lifted up and then in turn we will be lifted up! Thank you for all your prayers! Remember Christ this Christmas season like in Mattew 10 verse 39! Very powerful scripture!

Love you all,

Elder Carter

Crazy week! Flew by!!!!!

Monday we basically did nothing for P day as usual… I want to go places, meet people, and experience this rich culture, but can I explain these desires… NO! hahahaha. But it was a good P day. Got to watch How to Train your Dragon 2 and that was one of the last movies I saw before I left. ahhhh

Tuesday we had a verificacion de enseñanzas and it’s like a practice with the assistant and one of our zone leader and we have to get to know them and find their necessity and set a next visit in 15 minutes. Yeah we had a hard time. haha. We didn’t find his necessity but it was a good learning experience. The assistant said my Spanish was way good! So that was super nice. Then I had an interview with President Boswell and freak did he help me. He just casually asked how I am doing and then he just says, “Elder I have missionaries that break every single rule, then I have elders that try to follow every single one. I know where you are and you need to just bring it in a little. Not too much, but don’t be so hard on yourself. You are not perfect. Nor will you ever be. Nor can you control everything. But Elder Carter, you can control your attitude. Just love what comes. So that is my plan! And it has gotten so much better! I just enjoy walking out and seeing the usual dogs droppin deuces in the street and that old guy with no teeth that always says hi to us and that crazy lady! It’s awesome here to saythe least! Oh ya we were looking for a reference so I knocked on a door trying to juts ask nothing more… and a little kid answers. And he didn’t want to get his Mom nor did his Mom want to help us so I just yelled in and she was like I don’t know and I was like yeah thanks. Then the little kid just started chucking wood pieces at us and then as we were walking away he grabbed a huge log and it almost hit me and then my comp just yells eat poop niño! hahahahahahaha

So Wednesday we had for sure lessons, Citas fijas, 3,4,5,6,7,8 and I had migrations and didn’t get back til 6! Man!!!!! Are you kidding me! This is like the first day that we had a full day of lessons and of course this happens! But migrations was good! We got to eat at Pizza Hut in La Molina and it was the most amazing thing I have ever had. Oh my sweet Mama Ju Ju! So good! But a Hermana got her bag stolen with her passport and money! Freaking peruvians and being so small and sneaky! Elder Burrup said he got a feeling we shouldnt go to the mall to eat at Pizza hut but he didn’t listen so he felt terrible… then I recieved a text from the boyfriend of Kristina and she had some serious problems so we visited her and she was balling and said she did something very bad and that God isn’t helping her as a recent convert. So we shared some scriptures, Jared Sanchez bore his testimony(a member) and then I gave her a blessing in spanish and I was a little hesitent because of my last experience with a blessing but I can testify that the power of God is miraculous and never did I feel a lack of words… I don’t remember what I said but I remember words flowing through my head and out my mouth and feeling the spirit very strongly. Sunday she was super happy and super fine! So that was way sweet!

Sick pic!!
Sick pic!!

Thursday we had our district meeting and then every appointment fell through. We trained one family and that was it. And my comp was so sad and just didn’t want to talk to me. I asked what he was thinking about… nothing. I asked how he was, a quick bien and nada mas… hahah. So it was hard.

But then Friday we had divisions with Elder Perez and it was sweet! Taught three lessons with him. And then in our practicas I found his necessity and he was just like wow… perfect. hahaha. So that was awesome. We also taught an 80 year old lady and I tried to give her a Book of Mormon but she no gracìas gringo! hahahahaha.

Saturday was interesting… My comp and I had a little talk… he was just controlling me like crazy telling me everything I need to do better and then I tried to do a personal fast and he would’t let me. And then I said I am fasting for you, and he started crying. He feels like he hasn’t helped me becasue I don’t trust him. And so we had a huge talk about how we both felt and it was way good. I loved this change. Yeah it was freaking hard, but I learned so much. Then we had 5 lessons that day and 3 new investigators! We met with the craziest guy ever just a straight up fruit cake. Pretty sure he was on drugs. But he was interested and i’ll take what I can get! When we were leaving his house drugs fell out of his pants and so that was a little awkward. Next lesson is about the word of wisdom! hahaha. I also dedicated a house because the lady said that stuff gets knocked over and weird stuff happens and of course they always want the gringo to say it. But it was super good! hahaha.

Me with Alfonzo! Member of our ward!
Me with Alfonzo! Member of our ward!

Then Sunday we had 5 investigators come to church!!!!! Woohooo! And Familia Cuba came! And Familia Cabello is getting married the 19th and baptized the 20th! So I hope I don’t get changed because changes are the 16th…. But I know I will go where I need to be! Because I know God knows everything and knows each and every trial we have and also President Boswell recieves inspiration for us and is called of God! It is sweet! So ya! I know this work is called of God and it is hard, but it never was easy for the Savior. So why would it be easy. Plus this is the salvation of souls… it isn’t supposed to be easy!

Have a good week!

Elder Carter

Elder Carter’s scripture of the week: Mosiah 23:21-22


Yeah I didn’t have a Thanksgiving! hahaha! But it was all good! Had some bread and some chicken and some rice and some nice hot grass water! hahaha! Nah I love it here! It is so awesome! It is very hard because not very many people will keep their compromisos. They will listen but won’t act. They won’t come to church and what not. But this work is not supposed to be easy. I thought before my mission I’d just show up, share my simple testimony and people would be like, baptize me por favor. Well I have news ladies and gents! This is called obra misional. Obra meaning work. Work meaning it takes time.

Monday we went to the sand dunes and took some sweet pics!

Selfie at the Dunes!
Selfie at the Dunes!

And had a lesson with John Ancho! A less active member!

Tuesday was reunion de distrito! And recieved your dear elder letter Mom! thank you! That was awesome!!!! But unfortunately we didn’t teach a single lesson. A day that looked full of actual fijas or for sure lessons no one was home. No one! Freak it was a hard day when you feel like you helped no one. But I witnessed two crashes that day. One a guy tried to back up into the street and a taxi just drills him. He gets out screaming and then the taxi takes off and he is even more mad!! He is swearing like crazy! It was hilarious! Then a car pulls up and he hops in to go chase after them! Then we were moving a bed to the zone leaders house and a kid hooked a motor to his bicycle but I do’t think he had brakes and slammed into a pretty nce car and the lady is just ripping him a new one and he is just like standing there like he has no idea what happened! Freaking crazy! But that is good old Peru for ya!

Wednesday we had a good lesson with Augureo and his parents and they really want to get baptized but never come to church! It is very hard because there is always something else or something happens and they can’t come. Also this is way cool. We visited a family in our ward and I didn’t know nor understood most of what she said but she has a lot of problems and her husband left her with 5 kids to provide for and their electricity is shut off and gas too. But I was prompted to share D and C 121 verse 8 and right after she read it she just started crying and said, “Usted sabe. Usted sabe. You know. You know. Y Dios sabe. Dios sabe. God knows. God knows! It was sweet! She said I knew just how to help her!

Thursday was super good! Taught 4 lessons and 1 new investiagtor! Angelino is pretty interested but like evreyone here works on Sunday. hahah. Then we contacted a Jehovahs Witness… we didn’t know beforehand… and man she didn’t know jack. She gave me her Bible to read and she asked us to look up a scripture and I had to help her find it in her book! hahah. But I can tell you right now their church is so wrong and so confused. Changing the Bible yet they don’t belive a prophet can live today. Freaking crazy!!!! Then Roger! He could really progress. He is awesome! We will see!

Friday I had divisions with Elder Marin and that was sick! I learned how to be a better teacher and with a better undertsanding! And we taught Oscar and his wife! His daughter is a recent co0nvert and it was a sick lesson and then we helped his wife by sharing our favorite scriptures and giving her a blessing. But they didn’t come to church either. Freaking trabajo! Oh also we taught a woman named Mari Lou she lives on like a top of a dune and they are pretty poor but during our lesson her son just pulled down his pants and started peeing! I was like hey, “I’m trying to feel the spirit and convert you guys and its hard when you are taking a whiz and your butt cheeks are in my view!”

Saturday we found a less active family and they were less active for 5 years or so and so we invited them to a stake activity and there are 4 kids all under 10 years old and they are awesome. One just walked up to me and held my hand the whole way we walked to the the Stake Center. They are awesome… but yeah they didn’t come to church either. But that night I got the biggest feeling to go see Famila Cabella and he found his papers so they can get married this week and hopefully baptized before changes!!!! Woohoo! I am so stoked and they are too!!! I have been teaching them for 3 months and they were being taught even before that! They are so cool and feed us every time but I realized they don’t eat when we come over so I wouldn’t accept the food and they made me so I gave it to their kids, even though our pension couldn’t feed us and I was hungry, I couldn’t eat it. I felt so bad. He asked to borrow a white shirt and I said of course and a tie too for his marriage date. Also got to talk to Steven Espinal,  he is an RM in our ward and served around the same time that the Facers son did in Trujillo. He said that Satans doctrine is disobey and baptize and Gods way is obey and preach! He said don’t worry about baptisms and that the area I am in is a very dfficult area. hahah. It’s hard though!

Sunday was good! We finally got a ward mission leader!!! Woohoo!!! And a free ride to church!

Also, when we taught Roger he lives pretty far away and so we were booking it home to not be late and a member who is a taxi driver picked us up and took us home! We were so blessed for trying to do his work and be obedient. I can testify God always prepares a way when we try to do His will.

Well this week my comp and I got a long much better! Thanksgiving meant so much more to me this year! I took cold showers this week which are good cuz it wakes me up in the morning! Elder Anderson is the man! And I realized dogs here hate me because I’m white!

Well that’s about all!

Elder Carter

Doctrine and Covenants 121 verse 8