A week full of learning….

Wow what a week. It is so hard to explain my weeks in these letters I will be honest. I love it here. Honestly, it is so freaking hard but so freaking awesome. I learned so much this week, about how to be a better missionary, how to be more Christlike, and how to better have unity with my companion.

So, Tuesday we had divisions with Elder Perez and he said that I am a completely different missionary than when he did divisions with me my 2nd or 3rd week here. So that was nice to hear. We talked to a less active member who hasn’t been to church in ages and he was like honestly I don’t have a white shirt or tie. And immediately I was like I have one and a tie too.. but he didn’t come to church! All I can do is try though! And we taught another guy, Manuel, and he knows some English and likes to speak English with me, but freak is it hard to speak English. hahah.

Wednesday…. my comp and i had a nice talk. He feels like I am a better missionary than him which is not true. He knows so much more than me! But we were able to talk about how we felt and go to work.

Thursday was a good day! But we had a guy stop us in the street and he knew his stuff. He knew about Joseph Smith and his 40 wives and how we baptize. He obviously went to a church where they teach how to attack the Mormons 101! Sick! I loved it! It was awesome! He was like no where does it talk about Joseph Smith in the Bible. We stressed how through prayer he can know. But he being stubborn wanted to see it in paper. We could have delved in and proved him worng but he doesn’t want to understand. He wants to antagonize… anyways he just started ripping us and then I remembered my Mom telling me about a guy on her mission who was ripping the Mormons and how she bore her testimony. And I did the exact same… and I have never felt so fired up with the Spirit of the Lord in my life. I straight up told him I cannot deny this gospel because of the truth I have recieved and he was just like well it’s not in the Bible, yes it is, it’s called prayer… but he is foolish. And doesn’t want to know. So that was cool.

Friday we had a 70 talk to us! Elder Guadel and that man knew his stuiff! Freak I learned so much and it was so awesome! How to be a much better missionary! It was awesome! Then we had the traveling missionaries join us! That was sweet! They are awesome and so powerful!

Saturday I was with Elder Davila and that was amazing! One lady cried during the prayer because the spirit was so strong and I learned how different it is when you teach because you love. And then we were just walking down the street and Elder Davila was like,”That song from that house, I really like it, let’s contact him”. And we did. And he let us in and we taught him about prayer and families and he is 25 with a wife and a daughter and wants some guidance. That was sweet!!!! Then we talked with Familia Cuba…. interesting to say the least… the wife literally said in front of us and her husband that she didn’t want to live with her family forever… I didn’t even know how to respond. She did say she wanted to live with God and Jesus and that’s about all she wants… well only way to do that is to be an eternal family. She is tough… but they came to church… not sacrament meeting but the last 2 hours. Baby steps I know but ahh I love this family so much and just want them to be happy! But it is better!!! And we had another lady come to church and Mamachi and Familia Cabello! Mamachi is the grandma to Familia Cabello and she is 80 years old and speaks half Quechua and half Spanish! I love talking to her! She is so funny and I can mimic her voice perfectly! But with Elder Lopez she said she would never come to church! Well she came! It was awesome! So it has been a lot better week!

I learned to be humble. And to learn from my comp. It is hard because at first I did a lot of stuff and now when he tries to tell me to do something I feel like he just wants to find things worng with me… but really its because I don’t know… I know nothing I am new…. and I need to be more humble and listen and learn. Sorry Dad… still trying to learn that lesson. haha.

Oh also…. Elder Davila said that one reason why they came was because they wanted to see if I was ready… ready to train… and he said I am ready and that President has a lot of confidence in me… woo… ay ay yai… hahaha! But I need to work my very hardest these next three weeks! So I am going to do just that! Also Elder Kent, Elder Davilas comp is from Idaho. Boise and went to Eagle! He knows Sean Mcarthy and Mckay Cannon and so it was sweet to talk to him. He loves snowmobiling and is super good at bball!!!! He has a scholarship to Southern Virgina University! Dope! Anyways, way better week and this week will be even better! Thanks for all your prayers!

Love you all!

Elder Carter

Elder Carter’s scripture for the week:
Mosiah 4:11 and 15:5 and 8


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