Awesome, but hard end to the week…..

This week started out awesome!!!!!!!

So Tuesday we had a Reunion de Zona which was good and helped me to know what more I can be doing to be a better missionary. Then we had a reference from the Hermanas about a man named Emiliano. And I knew where he lived but my comp thought otherwise so as I conceded to his wants and we wandered for an hour until we finally found his house. I was frustrated. So frustrated. Just boiling with anger which is not good.. but he wasn’t home. So we went to Familia Acuña and right after my comp finishes and I say entonces (then), bam! Bloddy nose all over my scriptures! So that kinda sucked… then we discussed how we need to work together better, my comp and I, and so that was good.

Wednesday after breakfast my comp just tells me that we need to be back by 8 to study. I know we do, but I can’t make our pension not have kids she has to feed and get to school. I don’t know what he wants me to do… it is so difficult cuz I can hardly explain how I feel. At times I feel like he just comes to me with problems. So now whenever he does I say y que hacerá sobre lo and so he has to come up with a solution too. So that helped. We taught Augureo and he is ready for baptism but then he dind’t come to church… but we visited him Sunday and helped his parents too. Oh and two kids from Familia Calugua in our ward were locked out and it was like 9:20 and they were scared so we stayed with them and my comp is like we need to leave them and be in our house by 9 30. I knew the rule but I also knew there were two little kids alone in Rodrigo Franco and that is not the best place to be so I called their older brother and arranged for them to stay with another member and we were in our house before 9:30.

Thursday was awesome! I committed Emiliano to baptism!!!! He was so stoked and wanted to read and pray and come to church!!!! It was so awesome! Then we visited Familia Lopez but they were not home but then they roll up in a taxi and usually we can never get in but I know when we put forth an effort God always prepares a way. And I felt like we gave a good lesson and the dad said he would pray. The rest of the family are members. Then we visited a less active family and I felt the spirit so strongly in all the lessons! It was a very awesome and eventful day!

Friday was even better…. Familia Cuba!!!! I never gave up on them and it finally paid off! Usually in the morning they said they are hurrying to work and to school and don’t pray. Well Monday they did and the dad specifically remembers praying for protection and they got in their car and they were pulling out and almost got hit. If they had not prayed and prayed for protection they could have been hit. They all said how they know God answers our prayers. Wow. I was overjoyed and it brought tears to my eyes… to hear them testify of that, a 14 year old looked me in the eyes and said yo se dios escucha mis oracciones. wow. Oh and also during that lesson there was a temblor! Or an earthquake! So that was freaking crazy!

Saturday was a rough day… no one was home… so we contacted a few people and that was it. We also helped Elder Jones and Juarez move into their new house. Oh also I want you to know that “What Love Is” is playing right now FYI.

Sunday…. the day that is make or break for investigators with a fecha… and only Familia Cabello came.. And the problem with them is they can’t find his birth certificate to be married and then to be baptized so we are just waiting…Emiliano didn’t show and Augureo didn’t and Familia Cuba also…. oh man…. I was so frustrated…. just felt like what didn’t I do… what do I need to do better… it is simply that people have their agency. It is so hard to see them, “ya I will come to church” then you visit and call them to make sure they will come and they just decide to go to lunch or another city…. so that was rough. But then we found out Augureo got sick so we visited him and helped him and his parents. And I testified and the spirit worked right through me.

Stuff that happened that was cool this week!
Another invitation for baptism
Prayer being answer with Cuba familia
my language is getting better
Got bit by a dog. He is the most tranquil dog until I come around then he freaks. He is my enemigo.
Oh and we went to dinner with this old lady and she has the young women come over and of course in front of them asks me if I want a peruvian chica por mi amor. Freak lady? Seriously? No I am a missionary! Geez!
Oh and some missionary from chile taught my comp bad words in English. So that is cool too!

But through this all I love it! It is so awesome! I just continue to progress and so do others. Slowly but surely. Have a great week and love you all.

Elder Carter


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