Another hard week has passed…

So I recieved a new companion…

My new companion, Elder Alvarado, from Peru.
My new companion, Elder Alvarado, from Peru.


which means I have to get us everywhere and know this área and find directions using a language I do not know….it is very hard to say the least. haha. But my companion is awesome! He is such a hard worker! And I know we will have success! We follow the rules perfectly and I LOVE IT. I am progressing in this language! He makes me use the phone a lot of the time and I hate talking on the phone and it is in a language I hardly understand so that has been difficult. haha. I have felt super sad, super down this week about my task… yet I had the opportunity to just talk with my zone leader Elder Perez! And he is an amazing guy, holy crap! He is so spiritual and had me read D and C sections 52 and 31 and I invite all of you to read them if you feel like you have too big of a task.

Well about our investiagtors. We found and recieved some new ones so we will see how that goes. We were not able to meet with Carmen and Manuel because I had migracions and that was like all day. And familia Cuba didn’t want to meet with us and didn’t come to church. Augureo was not home when we could meet with him, and didn’t come to church. Wow… another rough week. But we taught the son of Hermana Aide and he seemed very interested in the Book of Mormon! And so we gave him one and set a date for a next visit. But at the end I was trying to be all spiritual and profound and I was like I know I can’t speak this language and he interupted and said “ya don’t say”.. hahaha. And then I just laughed it off and then said but I know this church is true. So that was good and I just let it roll off and laughed. But it is done and over with and now I have the opportunity to start fresh and work hard this week! And that is exactly what I am going to do.

Celebrating my Comps B-day with our Pensions family (the family that feeds us and does my laundry)
Celebrating my Comps B-day with our Pensions family (the family that feeds us and does our laundry)

I have learned so much this week about myself. About my attitude and how it needs to change. I need to freaking enjoy this missión and quit worrying about stuff that doesn’t matter. Because I will never have this opportunity again! Plus there are people ready for me to share this góspel! And I need to be ready mentally and spiritually for them! This week flew but the days were long and I feel exhausted! haha.

Fruits of my labour! Jorge recieved the priesthood! woohoo!!!

I just need to love this work and be more grateful that I get to study this language and His words in the scriptures and teach it to people and have His power and authority and calling of a missionary. Thank you for all your prayers! Love you all so much!

Oh, I also went to the Temple! Wow it is small but beautiful! And best part! There was carpet! I haven’t walked on carpet since I left home! hahahahaha. But it was such a cool experience and I understood most of it in Spanish… so ya! Anyways thanks for everything and keep working hard because we always have a new day and a fresh start through Christ.

Elder Carter

Elder Carter’s scriptures of the week: Doctrine & Covenants sections 31 & 52



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