A week full of learning….

Wow what a week. It is so hard to explain my weeks in these letters I will be honest. I love it here. Honestly, it is so freaking hard but so freaking awesome. I learned so much this week, about how to be a better missionary, how to be more Christlike, and how to better have unity with my companion.

So, Tuesday we had divisions with Elder Perez and he said that I am a completely different missionary than when he did divisions with me my 2nd or 3rd week here. So that was nice to hear. We talked to a less active member who hasn’t been to church in ages and he was like honestly I don’t have a white shirt or tie. And immediately I was like I have one and a tie too.. but he didn’t come to church! All I can do is try though! And we taught another guy, Manuel, and he knows some English and likes to speak English with me, but freak is it hard to speak English. hahah.

Wednesday…. my comp and i had a nice talk. He feels like I am a better missionary than him which is not true. He knows so much more than me! But we were able to talk about how we felt and go to work.

Thursday was a good day! But we had a guy stop us in the street and he knew his stuff. He knew about Joseph Smith and his 40 wives and how we baptize. He obviously went to a church where they teach how to attack the Mormons 101! Sick! I loved it! It was awesome! He was like no where does it talk about Joseph Smith in the Bible. We stressed how through prayer he can know. But he being stubborn wanted to see it in paper. We could have delved in and proved him worng but he doesn’t want to understand. He wants to antagonize… anyways he just started ripping us and then I remembered my Mom telling me about a guy on her mission who was ripping the Mormons and how she bore her testimony. And I did the exact same… and I have never felt so fired up with the Spirit of the Lord in my life. I straight up told him I cannot deny this gospel because of the truth I have recieved and he was just like well it’s not in the Bible, yes it is, it’s called prayer… but he is foolish. And doesn’t want to know. So that was cool.

Friday we had a 70 talk to us! Elder Guadel and that man knew his stuiff! Freak I learned so much and it was so awesome! How to be a much better missionary! It was awesome! Then we had the traveling missionaries join us! That was sweet! They are awesome and so powerful!

Saturday I was with Elder Davila and that was amazing! One lady cried during the prayer because the spirit was so strong and I learned how different it is when you teach because you love. And then we were just walking down the street and Elder Davila was like,”That song from that house, I really like it, let’s contact him”. And we did. And he let us in and we taught him about prayer and families and he is 25 with a wife and a daughter and wants some guidance. That was sweet!!!! Then we talked with Familia Cuba…. interesting to say the least… the wife literally said in front of us and her husband that she didn’t want to live with her family forever… I didn’t even know how to respond. She did say she wanted to live with God and Jesus and that’s about all she wants… well only way to do that is to be an eternal family. She is tough… but they came to church… not sacrament meeting but the last 2 hours. Baby steps I know but ahh I love this family so much and just want them to be happy! But it is better!!! And we had another lady come to church and Mamachi and Familia Cabello! Mamachi is the grandma to Familia Cabello and she is 80 years old and speaks half Quechua and half Spanish! I love talking to her! She is so funny and I can mimic her voice perfectly! But with Elder Lopez she said she would never come to church! Well she came! It was awesome! So it has been a lot better week!

I learned to be humble. And to learn from my comp. It is hard because at first I did a lot of stuff and now when he tries to tell me to do something I feel like he just wants to find things worng with me… but really its because I don’t know… I know nothing I am new…. and I need to be more humble and listen and learn. Sorry Dad… still trying to learn that lesson. haha.

Oh also…. Elder Davila said that one reason why they came was because they wanted to see if I was ready… ready to train… and he said I am ready and that President has a lot of confidence in me… woo… ay ay yai… hahaha! But I need to work my very hardest these next three weeks! So I am going to do just that! Also Elder Kent, Elder Davilas comp is from Idaho. Boise and went to Eagle! He knows Sean Mcarthy and Mckay Cannon and so it was sweet to talk to him. He loves snowmobiling and is super good at bball!!!! He has a scholarship to Southern Virgina University! Dope! Anyways, way better week and this week will be even better! Thanks for all your prayers!

Love you all!

Elder Carter

Elder Carter’s scripture for the week:
Mosiah 4:11 and 15:5 and 8


Awesome, but hard end to the week…..

This week started out awesome!!!!!!!

So Tuesday we had a Reunion de Zona which was good and helped me to know what more I can be doing to be a better missionary. Then we had a reference from the Hermanas about a man named Emiliano. And I knew where he lived but my comp thought otherwise so as I conceded to his wants and we wandered for an hour until we finally found his house. I was frustrated. So frustrated. Just boiling with anger which is not good.. but he wasn’t home. So we went to Familia Acuña and right after my comp finishes and I say entonces (then), bam! Bloddy nose all over my scriptures! So that kinda sucked… then we discussed how we need to work together better, my comp and I, and so that was good.

Wednesday after breakfast my comp just tells me that we need to be back by 8 to study. I know we do, but I can’t make our pension not have kids she has to feed and get to school. I don’t know what he wants me to do… it is so difficult cuz I can hardly explain how I feel. At times I feel like he just comes to me with problems. So now whenever he does I say y que hacerá sobre lo and so he has to come up with a solution too. So that helped. We taught Augureo and he is ready for baptism but then he dind’t come to church… but we visited him Sunday and helped his parents too. Oh and two kids from Familia Calugua in our ward were locked out and it was like 9:20 and they were scared so we stayed with them and my comp is like we need to leave them and be in our house by 9 30. I knew the rule but I also knew there were two little kids alone in Rodrigo Franco and that is not the best place to be so I called their older brother and arranged for them to stay with another member and we were in our house before 9:30.

Thursday was awesome! I committed Emiliano to baptism!!!! He was so stoked and wanted to read and pray and come to church!!!! It was so awesome! Then we visited Familia Lopez but they were not home but then they roll up in a taxi and usually we can never get in but I know when we put forth an effort God always prepares a way. And I felt like we gave a good lesson and the dad said he would pray. The rest of the family are members. Then we visited a less active family and I felt the spirit so strongly in all the lessons! It was a very awesome and eventful day!

Friday was even better…. Familia Cuba!!!! I never gave up on them and it finally paid off! Usually in the morning they said they are hurrying to work and to school and don’t pray. Well Monday they did and the dad specifically remembers praying for protection and they got in their car and they were pulling out and almost got hit. If they had not prayed and prayed for protection they could have been hit. They all said how they know God answers our prayers. Wow. I was overjoyed and it brought tears to my eyes… to hear them testify of that, a 14 year old looked me in the eyes and said yo se dios escucha mis oracciones. wow. Oh and also during that lesson there was a temblor! Or an earthquake! So that was freaking crazy!

Saturday was a rough day… no one was home… so we contacted a few people and that was it. We also helped Elder Jones and Juarez move into their new house. Oh also I want you to know that “What Love Is” is playing right now FYI.

Sunday…. the day that is make or break for investigators with a fecha… and only Familia Cabello came.. And the problem with them is they can’t find his birth certificate to be married and then to be baptized so we are just waiting…Emiliano didn’t show and Augureo didn’t and Familia Cuba also…. oh man…. I was so frustrated…. just felt like what didn’t I do… what do I need to do better… it is simply that people have their agency. It is so hard to see them, “ya I will come to church” then you visit and call them to make sure they will come and they just decide to go to lunch or another city…. so that was rough. But then we found out Augureo got sick so we visited him and helped him and his parents. And I testified and the spirit worked right through me.

Stuff that happened that was cool this week!
Another invitation for baptism
Prayer being answer with Cuba familia
my language is getting better
Got bit by a dog. He is the most tranquil dog until I come around then he freaks. He is my enemigo.
Oh and we went to dinner with this old lady and she has the young women come over and of course in front of them asks me if I want a peruvian chica por mi amor. Freak lady? Seriously? No I am a missionary! Geez!
Oh and some missionary from chile taught my comp bad words in English. So that is cool too!

But through this all I love it! It is so awesome! I just continue to progress and so do others. Slowly but surely. Have a great week and love you all.

Elder Carter

Another hard week has passed…

So I recieved a new companion…

My new companion, Elder Alvarado, from Peru.
My new companion, Elder Alvarado, from Peru.


which means I have to get us everywhere and know this área and find directions using a language I do not know….it is very hard to say the least. haha. But my companion is awesome! He is such a hard worker! And I know we will have success! We follow the rules perfectly and I LOVE IT. I am progressing in this language! He makes me use the phone a lot of the time and I hate talking on the phone and it is in a language I hardly understand so that has been difficult. haha. I have felt super sad, super down this week about my task… yet I had the opportunity to just talk with my zone leader Elder Perez! And he is an amazing guy, holy crap! He is so spiritual and had me read D and C sections 52 and 31 and I invite all of you to read them if you feel like you have too big of a task.

Well about our investiagtors. We found and recieved some new ones so we will see how that goes. We were not able to meet with Carmen and Manuel because I had migracions and that was like all day. And familia Cuba didn’t want to meet with us and didn’t come to church. Augureo was not home when we could meet with him, and didn’t come to church. Wow… another rough week. But we taught the son of Hermana Aide and he seemed very interested in the Book of Mormon! And so we gave him one and set a date for a next visit. But at the end I was trying to be all spiritual and profound and I was like I know I can’t speak this language and he interupted and said “ya don’t say”.. hahaha. And then I just laughed it off and then said but I know this church is true. So that was good and I just let it roll off and laughed. But it is done and over with and now I have the opportunity to start fresh and work hard this week! And that is exactly what I am going to do.

Celebrating my Comps B-day with our Pensions family (the family that feeds us and does my laundry)
Celebrating my Comps B-day with our Pensions family (the family that feeds us and does our laundry)

I have learned so much this week about myself. About my attitude and how it needs to change. I need to freaking enjoy this missión and quit worrying about stuff that doesn’t matter. Because I will never have this opportunity again! Plus there are people ready for me to share this góspel! And I need to be ready mentally and spiritually for them! This week flew but the days were long and I feel exhausted! haha.

Fruits of my labour! Jorge recieved the priesthood! woohoo!!!

I just need to love this work and be more grateful that I get to study this language and His words in the scriptures and teach it to people and have His power and authority and calling of a missionary. Thank you for all your prayers! Love you all so much!

Oh, I also went to the Temple! Wow it is small but beautiful! And best part! There was carpet! I haven’t walked on carpet since I left home! hahahahaha. But it was such a cool experience and I understood most of it in Spanish… so ya! Anyways thanks for everything and keep working hard because we always have a new day and a fresh start through Christ.

Elder Carter

Elder Carter’s scriptures of the week: Doctrine & Covenants sections 31 & 52


Roughest week by far….

Wow. This week was very hard. I dont think I have ever felt so low, so depressed, so helpless honestly…

Monday was a good P day! Watched a movie and got Grandmas birthday present! Then we had a good Noche de hogar with a Mom of a recent convert! She is way interested about prayer. So hopefully she prayed.

Tuesday was rough! I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst cramp in my calf! Like so bad! It felt like I had a knife in my calf! So it hurt all day!

District reunion!
District reunion!

So I planned this whole week. I was in charge… hahaha. And of course no one is home. Everyone works in Surco so no one is home from 2 to 5… so those are hours spent walking… and knocking doors is not real effective becasue no one answers their door, even when we have an appointkment. haha. Then Hermana Lopez was home and she is starting to get reactive so that is good. Then we talked to another Hermana who lives behind us and she gave us a reference and they said they will let us know when they can listen.. hmm… then we taught the Benito lesson! And I did well! I made it simple yet powerful! And they comprehended. I learned when someone comprehends they WANT to act. Because they know it! Then ward council.


Wednesday we had our reunion de distrito and then we went over to Elder Andersons casa and then Elder Lopez just sat down to chill. And I was like let’s either do a practice or go teach… and so we did a practice and then went and taught. haha.

My Spanish is improving… somewhat. Next we visited Augureo who is like 8 years old and so smart. I extended the invitation to be baptized and before I could finish he said yes! hahah. Which is good becasue I couldn’t remember the rest of it! hahahahahaha. Then we visited Adrian and he is leaving… becasue he has no job and I guess he doesn’t want to stay with his girlfriend now who is a very sweet and nice girl but he is so dead set on talking to an apostle… he didn’t have any way to get water so I gave him my bottle with a filter. I felt he could make better use of it than I. And it is what Christ would do. I felt he wasn’t really grateful for it but I know it is what Christ would do.

Thursday we had service and cleaned out a guys shop. haha. He loves 80’s rock so that was sweet! Then we found people and taught a less active and it was way good. She has a son who is not a member so that is a maybe! Then we found another person to teach too! And then we taught Carmen! And I extended the invitation again and she said she wants to feel it is right with all her heart so it is a maybe. So woohoo! Still not what I expected. I thought she would say yes becasue I got the biggest promptiong to ask her so I was thinking she was going to be like heck yeah! But all you can do is try. But she did invite us back.

Elder Anderson and I hanging out at the Halloween Party!
Elder Anderson and I hanging out at the Halloween Party!

Friday was Halloween and it was weird… People don’t really celebrate it… but kinda. Some do some don’t. At least in Surco. But mostly people just get drunk. And so when we were coming back I had an old lady say oh my gringito! And then her friend was like don’t talk to strange old ladies! and said some other stuff too. So yeah. People always call me gringito! Love it!

Saturday was a good and bad day. hah. We went to Vitarte becasue my comp was called to baptize someone and so it was way cool to meet all those people and see his impact.

Elder Lopez  baptized former investigator. Cool.,
Elder Lopez baptized former investigator. Cool.,

Then we met with Hermana Noemi who has a date and her Husband. But we found out he went and got drunk and so his date, gone! Then we went to familia Cuba, didnt pray! And they didn’t come to church. My comp wants to give up on them but I don’t want to. I love them!

Sunday we went to church which was good. Love the members! So much but still just depressed. Then that night I was reading something I wrote about a Mormon Message about a gardner and how he trimmed the tree and the tree asked why did you do this to me and he said I know what I want you to become. And then when he didn’t recieve the promotion in the army he asked God why did you do this to me. And God responds, I am your master, I know what I want you to be. I realized my life is changing, but for the better. It is hard to accept but I have to trust in God. He knows what is best for me. So ya crazy but good learning week! Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Carter

Primero Nefi capitulo 16 versiculos 4 y 5 laman y lemuel tuven un cambiar de sus corazones porque ellos entendan la doctrina por medio Nefi y su ejemplo a ellos. My conjugations are off I think, but yeah. hahaha