Crazy good week!

So real quick yesterday after our mission training meeting Elder Anderson and I had a guy

My bathroom! I told you I could poop and shower at the same time. Haha!
My bathroom! I told you I could poop and shower at the same time. Haha!

tell us that America thinks they own the world, but really they just kill people and cause fear. But the reason America isn’t here in Peru is because America is scared of Peru…. haahhahahahaha. Yeah right! One Nuke and this whole country is gone! I thought it was pretty funny but I just told him thank you and to have a nice day. I didn’t undertsand most of it either… Well Monday was P day. A good one. We had a good family home evening with familia Christobal! They all wanted me to say a prayer in English and that was so freaking hard… I even said some spanish words because I was so used to saying them but my vocabulary is very limited in both languages now! hahahaha.

Tuesday we had training with President Boswell for the new missionaries and it was very helpful and I told him Pat Hyatt and Kathy her daughter is my aunt and so we are like family now! Woot woot! I learned also that I am in charge of my training… not my trainer. I need to take the initiative.

Wednesday we Reunion de distrito and we did practicas and I did one and the A.P. was very impressed by me but I need to be faster. I need to give the message in a minute or less. Then we re-taught lesson one to Jorge and Milagros, recent converts and I did that all by myself… Elder Lopez kept correcting me and I was super frustrated but then he said I did well… whatever! I am trying! We also taught an 8 year old who is going to be baptized in a month and he is so intelligent. He is the little kid in a picture I sent home with Jorge I believe. But yeah.

Thursday I had the worst dream of my life… I came home from my mission. It was so weird and I had the worst feeling and realized I need to enjoy this mission no matter what!!!! No matter how hard! I found a sick scripture in my personal studay! Micah chapter 7 verses 7 through 9. Then we did some service with Anderson and Elder Marin.

FHE with the Familia Guzman. Ellos son Chevere! (They are cool!)
FHE with the Familia Guzman. Ellos son Chevere! (They are cool!)

Then we visited an old lady in our ward named Hermana Emma. And she gave us so much food and then told me I don’t know anything about this gospel because I can’t understand Spanish or the questions she was asking me and then asked if I did family history work and I said I have my family tree but my Grandma did most of it and she was like so you will go before the Lord and say my Grandma did it.  I was like well I did the ordinances in the temple and she was like oh… and I was like yeah! In your face! hahaha. I didn’t say that but yeah she just chewed me out… so that was cool.

We tried visiting Hermano German but no esta… and so my comp just wanted to sit down and I was like no let’s contact. He laughed. So I started contacting. I talked to this hoodrat Columbian and like 3 other people. No one wanted to listen but I learned better ways to talk to people and give a little bit about our church so they are interested. Then we had a way good lesson with two new investiagtors and they invited us back so that is good.

Friday we visited Hermana Lopez, wife of Hermano German, she is a member but doesn’t go and they have a son on a mission. But she came to church! and seemed a lot happier. woohoo! Then we had Cuba familia… muy interesante… pòrque Abel the older son is very interested. I taught him about the Book of Mormon and how we can find answers and such and he said he has been praying and feels it is true! But his Mom won’t and she just questions everything. Why we can’t drink wine when Jesus did. Well Jesus really used grape juice because it wasn’t fermented. And then she said in the Bible we can use things sparingly and it’s okay to drink a little and then Elder Lopez freaking brought the hammer with, “So if I commit a little adultery it is okay, I just did a little” and she was like well no uhh… and then I testified with John 7 verse 17 about prayer and was straight up with them. If you don’t pray you will only become more confused. We can’t teach you until you progress. And so hopefully….

Saturday we had a lesson with Hermana Fernandez and she is so receptive! I bet she will be baptized. Then we visited less active members and our dinner appointment canceled so that meant no dinner… and I was starving.. so we went home and were just sitting there… and then Hermano Horesteis who is going to be baptized but needs money for marriage came and asked if we had dinner we told him no and he went and bought us chicken and fries. My comp broke down crying. It was so crazy how much we are blessed and how he acted because of a prompting…. wow. So crazy. So awesome.

We had a good study and I learned when the investigator comprehends and understands the doctrine they will want to act. As will we. When we want to serve because we know why or take the sacrament because we know why it won’t be a thing we do because it is right but rather because we undertand what Christ did for us and want to do it, found in Acts 8 27 through 39 and Mosiah 4 1 through 3. I talked in Elders Quorum about the expoiacion (atonement) hahah. I had a guy tell me my Spanish was really good! woohoo. Then we took a taxi to go to training and I was just talking with him and it was awesome and I couldn’t hear what he said and he asked how old I was but I thought he said how long I had been here and so I said 1 mes. 1 month.  My comp and elder Marin all laughed and he laughed and I was so mad. Here I am trying so hard to undertstand him and they all laugh… but I let it roll off and moved on.  Just talked to our taxi today.

Selfie!! There's a lion in the background.
Selfie!! There’s a lion in the background.

I know this church is the only true church. There is no doubt in my mind. I know why I am out here. And I love it. I love the people. I love the Lord my Savior who literally gave himself up willingly for me. And now I get to work in his shoes, go through what he went through, be laughed at, yelled at, sworn at and it is the greatest blessing ever. I love my Savior and want to be like him.

I pray for all of you back home. Have a good week!

Elder Carter

Elder Carter’s scripture for the week: Mosiah 4:1-3


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