Interesting week…


The Fantastic Four! Elder Carter, Lopez, Marin and Anderson
The Fantastic Four! Elder Carter, Lopez, Marin and Anderson

This week flew by! Holy cow! SO fast! But it was hard… very very hard. This is seriously by far the hardest thing I have ever done. I get laughed at for my Spanish, people don’t even look at me because they don’t think I know jack. They don’t try to be patient and just ask my companion. It is so hard and they don’t know. This one girl was making fun of me and I spoke English to her and she was like, what? And in spanish I said that is how I feel everyday here. And she was like wow… hahaha. Then there are other times like yesterday when we were doing service and a lady thought I was from Peru because my spánish was better… but I realized I need to not worry and let the laughter roll off my back and not let it bother me.

Well Tuesday I went on splits with Elder harris who lives in Kaysville Utah and that was way sweet! He is such a good missionary and such a good example to me! Next we went home and not many people were home but had a good discussion just answering the Cabello familias preguntas sobre nuestras iglesia! Fue chevere!
Wednesday we studied and worked hard in the morning and then had two good lessons! One with familia Benito who is less active and then Adrian who is an interesting story… haha. He is an RM, was a second counselor in the stake presidency and when no one helped his mother and sister out he left the church. Completely. Divorced his wife and doesn’t know where his daughter is. He is now dating a recent convert in our ward and now is listening to discussions. He is very depressed and has been for a very long time. He questions everything and his thing that will get him back to church is having an apostle show up to his house and answer why no one helped his family… He is crazy… and a little weird but I love him. Instantly I felt the love for him and instantly the spirit prompted me to share alma 32 verse 27. So sick! I read it to him and said in the best spanish, thanks to the spirit, We all have doubts. We all have problems. We all have questions. Elder Lopez and I are out here preaching this and we don’t even know everything… But we know it is true… with all our hearts… and I said you need to exercise faith. We all need to. We are not perfect! But after he was astonished… I astonished him… wow!!! I loved it! Like in D and C 112 verse 9… I love that scripture so much!!! So that was sick. I also invited him to read all of chapter 32! Good chapter!
The Sea!
The Sea!
Thursday, Friday and Saturday were bad… no one was home except Hermana Uncle and her son had just destroyed her house because he thought his girlfirend was cheating on him and her husband died a while back so we gave her a blessing. Friday we had to go to the Hermanas area and give a blessing to a lady and I anointed the oil and it was good. Then the son wanted a blessing and Elder Lopez said I can do it… and I said all the beginning right… but it was very plain and simple Spanish… not very good… but I felt the spirit working through me so much and words put in my head… but the kid laughed… and all his friends did too… this shook me to my very core… I was depressed.. so mad. Why would I feel the spirit and feel empowered and they laugh… well People can choose to feel, to want and to accept. I learned this twice this week. Saturday we had service and my companion and I were able to talk after about what we want from each other and how we felt. He said I can’t remember all we are supposed to do so tell me. Please and when you need help tell me. And I was able to express how I felt. It was amazing and helped me so much. We grew so much closer as a companionship so that was good. But our numbers were low this week so we will do better this week. Awesome! It was a good week and 2 of our less active members attended church too! woohoo! And we confirmed Jorge in church!
We met with familia Cuba last night and they haven’t prayed still and she left the room talking on the phone supposedly… gosh!!!! Your salvation is in your hands!! Su salvacion es en sus manos! and they don’t care. But the father is way less active and said he wants to come back to church but his family doesn’t want to so we simply invited him to pray for his family every night and morning. And then the 2 kids also! so it was good. But the Mom is so stubborn! Then we had dinner! Oh lunch yesterday was soooooo good! Chicken that was so juicy and scrumptious freak and potatoes so fresh and moist annd then some amazing vegetable salad rice and Durazno! Mango juice! I wanted to die! Then dinner was Lomo Slatado (a popular Peruvian dish. Stir fry that combines marinated strips of sirloin with onions, tomatoes and other ingredients) The best! French fries! Meat and rice!!! I am going to get so fat…. well good week all around! Love you all and miss you so much! Stay fresh!
Elder Carter
Elder Carter’s scripture for the week: Alma 32 verse 27!
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