Another week flew by….

This week was long but went by so fast. I feel like Ijust barely emailed. I had to email today because all day yesterday my companion was at migrations trying to get a visa. So I got to sit in the mission home and talk to a missionary who was going home. Did not know any English I freaking talked to him. Spanish is coming a lot better. Like a lot. I am being helped so much but I need to practice more. Always more I can be doing. But I am very thankful for what I have.

So Monday we went to the zoo and it was nuts! hahaha. So many people and they all stared at Elder Anderson and I because we are the only white people there. So we took advantage and took selfies with evey animal. Everyone  was just like what is wrong with you. Some thought it was funny. hahaha. Tuesday we visited the Cuba familia and they had not prayed. I used John 10 verse 9 and said Christ is knocking at your door. Let him in. Then we visited Hermana Christina who is a recent convert and her Mom listened and then asked for a Book of Mormon. I of course gave her one, and she asked to write the date in it and our names because in a month she wants to be baptized. hahahaha. In an area with supposedly no success we are having some. Just shows all you have to do is try. And that is what we are doing. We are working harder. Teaching more. I force him out of bed. I took Elder Lynn G Robbins talk to heart about not giving an account of my mission to my companion but to the Savior and God. Made me just work and force him to. I share a scripture with everyone we visit. Even if he doesn’t want to. I don’t care. I hate wasting time because it isn’t even my time to waste. It is the Lords. We plan more but we still need to do better. If we want our investigators to pray and be obedient we have to also. The Cuba familia did not pray… but the Cabello parents did commit to baptism so we have 2 with a date. Doing good.

Conference was amazing!!! Took 15 pages of notes! hahaha. I loved it and we were able to watch all of it but one session in English. So I was blessed there. I have been on divisions twice with both zone leaders and they are trying to help me with my companion. Very helpful for me. When I went on Friday and Saturday with Elder Perez it was awesome. I think I got one of their investigators to be baptized. There is just so much work to do… it is crazy… so much to do. And I am still learning this language. HAHAH. I lerned so much this week and cannot wait to apply it into my life.

So about crazy experiences this week… I had a few. hahaha. First people here think american swear words are funny. So old Grandmas, Moms and kids all swear. And their favorites… the b word and f word. I have multiple little kids like 10 and younger tell me to f off so that is awesome. A little shocking at first. Next a member called  broccoli b words.. hahaha. Next we were on a bus and and this guy was being forced to pay for his little girl and he didn’t want to so he said he would get off and took his money back but then didn’t get off. The bus worker who collects money told him to get off in a loud voice. The guy said if he scares his little girl he is going to lose his patience. When he loses his patience he is going to break the guys face! hhaha. Love Peru! Next a guy came up to me in plain English saying that Muslims are taking over Peru and the world. He said God isn’t going to help us fight this fight. We have to do it ourselves and asked if I could send an ambassador to represent us and fight this war. I was so bewildered… first English and second what the crap is he talking about… he also knew I was from Idaho…. which as way weird because I didn’t tell him that. But he was freaking crazy and just hating on the Muslims and how they took over London and now they are trying to take over Peru… well I have been here like 3 weeks so I am probably not the best person to talk to.

We have 8 new investigators and I want all of them baptized. It will be difficult since people here are very lazy. But ya do what ya gotta do. I learned so much here. I learned how much I miss my family. I learned how this Gospel is life. We can’t use busy schedules or other things as an excuse not to watch conference or carry out our duties. I did this so much. This gospel should be our first priority because our ultimate goal is exaltation, right…hum…we need priorities. No one is perfect but I learned this the hard way. I wished I would have been with my family more….so please everyone reading this, hug your family. Tell them you love them…because some day you won’t get that. This mission teaches me so much and I love it. So much.

Well, have a great week everyone!

Love you!

Elder Carter

Elder Carter’s scripture for the week; 2 Chronicles 12


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