It was a week for the books Ladies and Gents…

Wow…. it is hard to describe this last week…. P day was great… Got my clothes washed by my pensionista and played some futbol and watched Brother Bear with our zone. Hermano oso en español. haha. Well then I got sick. Super sick. Achy, was not hungry and my bowels were a little angry… I spent quite a bit of time on the porcelain throne… hahaha. And we didnt work very hard… and I missed my family and everyone a ton… but.. Saturday was awesome because I baptized Jeorge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First Baptism!!! WOOOHOOO! I had enough strength to do it. The water was so cold! But super strong! The kid didn’t even own a tie so I gave him one and the happiness on his face was priceless.

Before the baptism.
Before the baptism.
after the Baptism!!
after the Baptism!!
So that night my companion gets a call and we have the opportunity to have the visiting missionaries work with us. AN ANSWER TO MY PRAYER! FReak! He whipped us into shape! Just what I wanted and needed. Now we are working hard. Anyways Sunday he goes out with us. Elder Devila and we did work. 6 new investigators and a potential baptism. I bore my testimony to her and her 2 sons, Dad is less active, about Joseph Smith and got emotional. She was either touched or frightened… hopefully touched, but we got iinvited to come back. She asked why I cried and was emotional. I told her becasue I knew it was true. And I felt the holy spirit. She was like oh wow… it was Chevere! We blessed this old lady with back problems and she said she was healed immediately. She was a little wobbly but hey! Wobbly with the spirit. She also called mi papa. I guess I am her papa and after the prayer she exclamis soy Suelo!! or something like that. I am saved! hahahaha. People here are crazy but I love them.
We went to dinner with Hermana Julie and she has 2 sons on missions and her husband is working in Trujillo to support their two sons and their other two kids. Julian and MAjo! 11 and 7! So awesome! And I participated in the convo!!! She said to me though enjoy your mission. It will fly by. And I need to do better of that! That was all on Sunday. I told my commpanion how effective we can be. and he was like yeah. SO things are looking up! I am so blessed from the lord. So blessed!ª Freak!
I get the funniest looks from people! I love it! We also taught this guy who is less active. He thinks God is punishing him for not being a good dad by having his son go to jail and do all this bad stuff. And I shared John 16 verse 33 with him and he was like oh wow but then he just kept going off. So we are going to continue to teach him.
It was the hardest yet best week so far of my mission. I want to be like Elder Devila. The guy is so good!!!! So amazing at helping and teaching. I studied with a pùrpose and now have even more purposes. I love it. It is the greatest work on earth. I didn’t get to watch conference… well the first session on Saturday and that was it. Elder Christopherson said go to work so there is something for God to help you with. WOW. So true and amazing. Dope! But we didn’t see anymore because elections were this week and they don’t braodcast it until next week. Hopefully in english cuz I want to hear the voices and understand… hahaha. Well it has been good and is getting better. The food is bland… but could be worse. Though one thing I don’t like is they give you so much and the drinks are never cold… sometimes hot!!! I want cold!!!! well have a great week and good luck to everyone! Pray for the Cuba Familia to know this is true and feel the spirit.
Elder Carter
Elder Carter’s scripture for the week:  1 Nephi 5: 7-8
One of my birthday cakes. The name may not be right, but what a cake!! Lovin it!!
One of my birthday cakes. The name may not be right, but what a cake!! Lovin it!!

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