Crazy good week!

So real quick yesterday after our mission training meeting Elder Anderson and I had a guy

My bathroom! I told you I could poop and shower at the same time. Haha!
My bathroom! I told you I could poop and shower at the same time. Haha!

tell us that America thinks they own the world, but really they just kill people and cause fear. But the reason America isn’t here in Peru is because America is scared of Peru…. haahhahahahaha. Yeah right! One Nuke and this whole country is gone! I thought it was pretty funny but I just told him thank you and to have a nice day. I didn’t undertsand most of it either… Well Monday was P day. A good one. We had a good family home evening with familia Christobal! They all wanted me to say a prayer in English and that was so freaking hard… I even said some spanish words because I was so used to saying them but my vocabulary is very limited in both languages now! hahahaha.

Tuesday we had training with President Boswell for the new missionaries and it was very helpful and I told him Pat Hyatt and Kathy her daughter is my aunt and so we are like family now! Woot woot! I learned also that I am in charge of my training… not my trainer. I need to take the initiative.

Wednesday we Reunion de distrito and we did practicas and I did one and the A.P. was very impressed by me but I need to be faster. I need to give the message in a minute or less. Then we re-taught lesson one to Jorge and Milagros, recent converts and I did that all by myself… Elder Lopez kept correcting me and I was super frustrated but then he said I did well… whatever! I am trying! We also taught an 8 year old who is going to be baptized in a month and he is so intelligent. He is the little kid in a picture I sent home with Jorge I believe. But yeah.

Thursday I had the worst dream of my life… I came home from my mission. It was so weird and I had the worst feeling and realized I need to enjoy this mission no matter what!!!! No matter how hard! I found a sick scripture in my personal studay! Micah chapter 7 verses 7 through 9. Then we did some service with Anderson and Elder Marin.

FHE with the Familia Guzman. Ellos son Chevere! (They are cool!)
FHE with the Familia Guzman. Ellos son Chevere! (They are cool!)

Then we visited an old lady in our ward named Hermana Emma. And she gave us so much food and then told me I don’t know anything about this gospel because I can’t understand Spanish or the questions she was asking me and then asked if I did family history work and I said I have my family tree but my Grandma did most of it and she was like so you will go before the Lord and say my Grandma did it.  I was like well I did the ordinances in the temple and she was like oh… and I was like yeah! In your face! hahaha. I didn’t say that but yeah she just chewed me out… so that was cool.

We tried visiting Hermano German but no esta… and so my comp just wanted to sit down and I was like no let’s contact. He laughed. So I started contacting. I talked to this hoodrat Columbian and like 3 other people. No one wanted to listen but I learned better ways to talk to people and give a little bit about our church so they are interested. Then we had a way good lesson with two new investiagtors and they invited us back so that is good.

Friday we visited Hermana Lopez, wife of Hermano German, she is a member but doesn’t go and they have a son on a mission. But she came to church! and seemed a lot happier. woohoo! Then we had Cuba familia… muy interesante… pòrque Abel the older son is very interested. I taught him about the Book of Mormon and how we can find answers and such and he said he has been praying and feels it is true! But his Mom won’t and she just questions everything. Why we can’t drink wine when Jesus did. Well Jesus really used grape juice because it wasn’t fermented. And then she said in the Bible we can use things sparingly and it’s okay to drink a little and then Elder Lopez freaking brought the hammer with, “So if I commit a little adultery it is okay, I just did a little” and she was like well no uhh… and then I testified with John 7 verse 17 about prayer and was straight up with them. If you don’t pray you will only become more confused. We can’t teach you until you progress. And so hopefully….

Saturday we had a lesson with Hermana Fernandez and she is so receptive! I bet she will be baptized. Then we visited less active members and our dinner appointment canceled so that meant no dinner… and I was starving.. so we went home and were just sitting there… and then Hermano Horesteis who is going to be baptized but needs money for marriage came and asked if we had dinner we told him no and he went and bought us chicken and fries. My comp broke down crying. It was so crazy how much we are blessed and how he acted because of a prompting…. wow. So crazy. So awesome.

We had a good study and I learned when the investigator comprehends and understands the doctrine they will want to act. As will we. When we want to serve because we know why or take the sacrament because we know why it won’t be a thing we do because it is right but rather because we undertand what Christ did for us and want to do it, found in Acts 8 27 through 39 and Mosiah 4 1 through 3. I talked in Elders Quorum about the expoiacion (atonement) hahah. I had a guy tell me my Spanish was really good! woohoo. Then we took a taxi to go to training and I was just talking with him and it was awesome and I couldn’t hear what he said and he asked how old I was but I thought he said how long I had been here and so I said 1 mes. 1 month.  My comp and elder Marin all laughed and he laughed and I was so mad. Here I am trying so hard to undertstand him and they all laugh… but I let it roll off and moved on.  Just talked to our taxi today.

Selfie!! There's a lion in the background.
Selfie!! There’s a lion in the background.

I know this church is the only true church. There is no doubt in my mind. I know why I am out here. And I love it. I love the people. I love the Lord my Savior who literally gave himself up willingly for me. And now I get to work in his shoes, go through what he went through, be laughed at, yelled at, sworn at and it is the greatest blessing ever. I love my Savior and want to be like him.

I pray for all of you back home. Have a good week!

Elder Carter

Elder Carter’s scripture for the week: Mosiah 4:1-3


Interesting week…


The Fantastic Four! Elder Carter, Lopez, Marin and Anderson
The Fantastic Four! Elder Carter, Lopez, Marin and Anderson

This week flew by! Holy cow! SO fast! But it was hard… very very hard. This is seriously by far the hardest thing I have ever done. I get laughed at for my Spanish, people don’t even look at me because they don’t think I know jack. They don’t try to be patient and just ask my companion. It is so hard and they don’t know. This one girl was making fun of me and I spoke English to her and she was like, what? And in spanish I said that is how I feel everyday here. And she was like wow… hahaha. Then there are other times like yesterday when we were doing service and a lady thought I was from Peru because my spánish was better… but I realized I need to not worry and let the laughter roll off my back and not let it bother me.

Well Tuesday I went on splits with Elder harris who lives in Kaysville Utah and that was way sweet! He is such a good missionary and such a good example to me! Next we went home and not many people were home but had a good discussion just answering the Cabello familias preguntas sobre nuestras iglesia! Fue chevere!
Wednesday we studied and worked hard in the morning and then had two good lessons! One with familia Benito who is less active and then Adrian who is an interesting story… haha. He is an RM, was a second counselor in the stake presidency and when no one helped his mother and sister out he left the church. Completely. Divorced his wife and doesn’t know where his daughter is. He is now dating a recent convert in our ward and now is listening to discussions. He is very depressed and has been for a very long time. He questions everything and his thing that will get him back to church is having an apostle show up to his house and answer why no one helped his family… He is crazy… and a little weird but I love him. Instantly I felt the love for him and instantly the spirit prompted me to share alma 32 verse 27. So sick! I read it to him and said in the best spanish, thanks to the spirit, We all have doubts. We all have problems. We all have questions. Elder Lopez and I are out here preaching this and we don’t even know everything… But we know it is true… with all our hearts… and I said you need to exercise faith. We all need to. We are not perfect! But after he was astonished… I astonished him… wow!!! I loved it! Like in D and C 112 verse 9… I love that scripture so much!!! So that was sick. I also invited him to read all of chapter 32! Good chapter!
The Sea!
The Sea!
Thursday, Friday and Saturday were bad… no one was home except Hermana Uncle and her son had just destroyed her house because he thought his girlfirend was cheating on him and her husband died a while back so we gave her a blessing. Friday we had to go to the Hermanas area and give a blessing to a lady and I anointed the oil and it was good. Then the son wanted a blessing and Elder Lopez said I can do it… and I said all the beginning right… but it was very plain and simple Spanish… not very good… but I felt the spirit working through me so much and words put in my head… but the kid laughed… and all his friends did too… this shook me to my very core… I was depressed.. so mad. Why would I feel the spirit and feel empowered and they laugh… well People can choose to feel, to want and to accept. I learned this twice this week. Saturday we had service and my companion and I were able to talk after about what we want from each other and how we felt. He said I can’t remember all we are supposed to do so tell me. Please and when you need help tell me. And I was able to express how I felt. It was amazing and helped me so much. We grew so much closer as a companionship so that was good. But our numbers were low this week so we will do better this week. Awesome! It was a good week and 2 of our less active members attended church too! woohoo! And we confirmed Jorge in church!
We met with familia Cuba last night and they haven’t prayed still and she left the room talking on the phone supposedly… gosh!!!! Your salvation is in your hands!! Su salvacion es en sus manos! and they don’t care. But the father is way less active and said he wants to come back to church but his family doesn’t want to so we simply invited him to pray for his family every night and morning. And then the 2 kids also! so it was good. But the Mom is so stubborn! Then we had dinner! Oh lunch yesterday was soooooo good! Chicken that was so juicy and scrumptious freak and potatoes so fresh and moist annd then some amazing vegetable salad rice and Durazno! Mango juice! I wanted to die! Then dinner was Lomo Slatado (a popular Peruvian dish. Stir fry that combines marinated strips of sirloin with onions, tomatoes and other ingredients) The best! French fries! Meat and rice!!! I am going to get so fat…. well good week all around! Love you all and miss you so much! Stay fresh!
Elder Carter
Elder Carter’s scripture for the week: Alma 32 verse 27!
Reply to all

Another week flew by….

This week was long but went by so fast. I feel like Ijust barely emailed. I had to email today because all day yesterday my companion was at migrations trying to get a visa. So I got to sit in the mission home and talk to a missionary who was going home. Did not know any English I freaking talked to him. Spanish is coming a lot better. Like a lot. I am being helped so much but I need to practice more. Always more I can be doing. But I am very thankful for what I have.

So Monday we went to the zoo and it was nuts! hahaha. So many people and they all stared at Elder Anderson and I because we are the only white people there. So we took advantage and took selfies with evey animal. Everyone  was just like what is wrong with you. Some thought it was funny. hahaha. Tuesday we visited the Cuba familia and they had not prayed. I used John 10 verse 9 and said Christ is knocking at your door. Let him in. Then we visited Hermana Christina who is a recent convert and her Mom listened and then asked for a Book of Mormon. I of course gave her one, and she asked to write the date in it and our names because in a month she wants to be baptized. hahahaha. In an area with supposedly no success we are having some. Just shows all you have to do is try. And that is what we are doing. We are working harder. Teaching more. I force him out of bed. I took Elder Lynn G Robbins talk to heart about not giving an account of my mission to my companion but to the Savior and God. Made me just work and force him to. I share a scripture with everyone we visit. Even if he doesn’t want to. I don’t care. I hate wasting time because it isn’t even my time to waste. It is the Lords. We plan more but we still need to do better. If we want our investigators to pray and be obedient we have to also. The Cuba familia did not pray… but the Cabello parents did commit to baptism so we have 2 with a date. Doing good.

Conference was amazing!!! Took 15 pages of notes! hahaha. I loved it and we were able to watch all of it but one session in English. So I was blessed there. I have been on divisions twice with both zone leaders and they are trying to help me with my companion. Very helpful for me. When I went on Friday and Saturday with Elder Perez it was awesome. I think I got one of their investigators to be baptized. There is just so much work to do… it is crazy… so much to do. And I am still learning this language. HAHAH. I lerned so much this week and cannot wait to apply it into my life.

So about crazy experiences this week… I had a few. hahaha. First people here think american swear words are funny. So old Grandmas, Moms and kids all swear. And their favorites… the b word and f word. I have multiple little kids like 10 and younger tell me to f off so that is awesome. A little shocking at first. Next a member called  broccoli b words.. hahaha. Next we were on a bus and and this guy was being forced to pay for his little girl and he didn’t want to so he said he would get off and took his money back but then didn’t get off. The bus worker who collects money told him to get off in a loud voice. The guy said if he scares his little girl he is going to lose his patience. When he loses his patience he is going to break the guys face! hhaha. Love Peru! Next a guy came up to me in plain English saying that Muslims are taking over Peru and the world. He said God isn’t going to help us fight this fight. We have to do it ourselves and asked if I could send an ambassador to represent us and fight this war. I was so bewildered… first English and second what the crap is he talking about… he also knew I was from Idaho…. which as way weird because I didn’t tell him that. But he was freaking crazy and just hating on the Muslims and how they took over London and now they are trying to take over Peru… well I have been here like 3 weeks so I am probably not the best person to talk to.

We have 8 new investigators and I want all of them baptized. It will be difficult since people here are very lazy. But ya do what ya gotta do. I learned so much here. I learned how much I miss my family. I learned how this Gospel is life. We can’t use busy schedules or other things as an excuse not to watch conference or carry out our duties. I did this so much. This gospel should be our first priority because our ultimate goal is exaltation, right…hum…we need priorities. No one is perfect but I learned this the hard way. I wished I would have been with my family more….so please everyone reading this, hug your family. Tell them you love them…because some day you won’t get that. This mission teaches me so much and I love it. So much.

Well, have a great week everyone!

Love you!

Elder Carter

Elder Carter’s scripture for the week; 2 Chronicles 12

It was a week for the books Ladies and Gents…

Wow…. it is hard to describe this last week…. P day was great… Got my clothes washed by my pensionista and played some futbol and watched Brother Bear with our zone. Hermano oso en español. haha. Well then I got sick. Super sick. Achy, was not hungry and my bowels were a little angry… I spent quite a bit of time on the porcelain throne… hahaha. And we didnt work very hard… and I missed my family and everyone a ton… but.. Saturday was awesome because I baptized Jeorge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First Baptism!!! WOOOHOOO! I had enough strength to do it. The water was so cold! But super strong! The kid didn’t even own a tie so I gave him one and the happiness on his face was priceless.

Before the baptism.
Before the baptism.
after the Baptism!!
after the Baptism!!
So that night my companion gets a call and we have the opportunity to have the visiting missionaries work with us. AN ANSWER TO MY PRAYER! FReak! He whipped us into shape! Just what I wanted and needed. Now we are working hard. Anyways Sunday he goes out with us. Elder Devila and we did work. 6 new investigators and a potential baptism. I bore my testimony to her and her 2 sons, Dad is less active, about Joseph Smith and got emotional. She was either touched or frightened… hopefully touched, but we got iinvited to come back. She asked why I cried and was emotional. I told her becasue I knew it was true. And I felt the holy spirit. She was like oh wow… it was Chevere! We blessed this old lady with back problems and she said she was healed immediately. She was a little wobbly but hey! Wobbly with the spirit. She also called mi papa. I guess I am her papa and after the prayer she exclamis soy Suelo!! or something like that. I am saved! hahahaha. People here are crazy but I love them.
We went to dinner with Hermana Julie and she has 2 sons on missions and her husband is working in Trujillo to support their two sons and their other two kids. Julian and MAjo! 11 and 7! So awesome! And I participated in the convo!!! She said to me though enjoy your mission. It will fly by. And I need to do better of that! That was all on Sunday. I told my commpanion how effective we can be. and he was like yeah. SO things are looking up! I am so blessed from the lord. So blessed!ª Freak!
I get the funniest looks from people! I love it! We also taught this guy who is less active. He thinks God is punishing him for not being a good dad by having his son go to jail and do all this bad stuff. And I shared John 16 verse 33 with him and he was like oh wow but then he just kept going off. So we are going to continue to teach him.
It was the hardest yet best week so far of my mission. I want to be like Elder Devila. The guy is so good!!!! So amazing at helping and teaching. I studied with a pùrpose and now have even more purposes. I love it. It is the greatest work on earth. I didn’t get to watch conference… well the first session on Saturday and that was it. Elder Christopherson said go to work so there is something for God to help you with. WOW. So true and amazing. Dope! But we didn’t see anymore because elections were this week and they don’t braodcast it until next week. Hopefully in english cuz I want to hear the voices and understand… hahaha. Well it has been good and is getting better. The food is bland… but could be worse. Though one thing I don’t like is they give you so much and the drinks are never cold… sometimes hot!!! I want cold!!!! well have a great week and good luck to everyone! Pray for the Cuba Familia to know this is true and feel the spirit.
Elder Carter
Elder Carter’s scripture for the week:  1 Nephi 5: 7-8
One of my birthday cakes. The name may not be right, but what a cake!! Lovin it!!
One of my birthday cakes. The name may not be right, but what a cake!! Lovin it!!