With Pres. and Sis. Boswell
With Pres. and Sis. Boswell. Thanks for sharing Elder Carter with us!!

I love it here!!!!!!! Holy sweet mama the people are amazing. FAmilies have nothing yet they are so happy. The Cabello family, their daughter who is 14, is a member but they can’t join cuz they don’t have enough money to be legally married so they just come to church and belive but can’t… it is only 80 bucks in american dollars to be married here but they don’t have that… yet they took me out for pizza. I am eternally humbled…. Hermana Julie had cake for me and made some rico pollo. Then the Frias family had us over for dinner and made a cake too except it said elder parker. hahahahahaha. It was so awesome. And then we went to Brother Alexanders house and they had cake too and shoved it in my face. hahahahaha. I cannot explain to you how awesome the people here are…. I am in the nicest area in my whole mission and it is not nice at all…. dogs everywhere… poop every were… and sad people everywhere. But I can’t help them because I can’t speak. It drives me nuts. I didn’t undertstand a single thing in priesthood….

Everywhere I go people stare at me. All the members love looking at my blue eyes. They call them celestials. hahaha. I am at a loss of words… I feel bad for how selfish I have been. We found a new investiagtor yesterday. oh and Uhh we are teaching Jeorge who is the boyfriend of the daughter in the Cabello family and they are like 14… young love… haha anyways he is getting baptized this saturday and he wants me to do it…. hahaha I don’t know why all I did was share my favorite scripture with him and talk about it. Maybe that is all it takes.
They give you so much food here. Like I feel like I am going to throw up. I am going to throw up for sure. It is very hard to work out because I am so exhausted …. I can’t stay up to study because I go to bed on time and still am exhausted…. maybe this next week will be better in that sense. But over all it has been awesome. Our pensionista family is Chevere (awesome) they are so nice and have a son 18 and 3 little girls and they are so cute and I did a puzzle with them my first night. Couldn’t undertstand them but I could make facial expressions. We have so much in the US. Everyone wants to go there and learn english. We are so blessed. I know I will love it here. I already do. WE USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION AND EVERYONE STARES AT ME ON THE BUSES and sorry all caps… too lazy… anyways I just smile back. I am with Elder Anderson. Him and his companion are like 5 minutes away and he only speaks spanish. SO he is better at spanish than I am and they work so much more. It is so hard… … I dont know… I am so grateful and so blessed. I have been sick because it is so humid here… hahah but yeah the houses are like dirt floors then there is super nice houses too. There is a big difference but everyone is happy cuz they have the gospel.  Well I am trying my best and I will try even harder. Have a good week and pray for Jeorge and my spanish.
Elder Carter
Elder Carter’s scripture of the week:  D and C 50 verse 41
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