Time is flying… and soon I will be too!

Mexico City Temple
Mexico City Temple

Holy cow… So today we went to the temple, well visitors center, and it was super spiritual and they focused on families and it made me super homesick… watching this family being videoed made me miss all you guys so much… But then they said what if you did not have the knowledge that you can be with your family again and I instantly remembered why I am out here. They had a family member die, in the video, and it was their Grandpa and just reminded me about Grandpa Davis and it just made me happy to know he was proud of me and happy. Well I leave Tuesday on the same flight as all of my district at 8 pm

Soccer with my Latino friends. The Best!!
Soccer with my Latino friends. The Best!!

and then the flight leaves at 12 and it is like a 5 hour and 45 minute flight. But it is straight to Peru. So that is nice. It is real… and I am so nervous. I can understand pretty well but… I freeze when they ask me a question that I do not know and it drives me nuts. But I just remember I will be helped immensely.

So the rest of P day last week we played soccer for like 4 hours and it was way fun. I am playing some Mckay Tucker D out there. haha. It was good.
Friday we taught a good lesson with Jetro and I felt like I was able to convey what I needed and he was receptive and afterwards told me I did really well. So I can teach someone about the gospel but that is about it… I guess that is all I need right? We had a fast for help with the language.  I started to understand better and that is all thanks to the big guy upstairs.
Saturday we taught Juan Jose and it almost seemed like a legit lesson would be. He had problems with reading his scriptures so we bore testimony and I told how much the scriptures helped me. The spirit was so strong and I have just benefitted so much. I cannot wait till there is no English so I can just be immersed and forced to speak Spanish. haha. Saturday I had been out around a month and looking back it has flown by yet saying goodbye to everyone felt like a year ago. Weird. But it does not matter because I have a family that loves me and supports me, friends who love me and support me, and a Heavenly Father who is watching out for me. And best of all I am doing His work. Also the Kid from the Dominican republic can rap super well so Wilcox and I laid down a nasty beat and He rapped about the Gospel and Missionaries and eternal families. TOO ill.
Sunday rolled around and I finally gave a talk and It was so awesome and I spoke very well in spanish and it was such a good and spiritual experience and happened just at the right time when I needed it. I said I was thankful for my district and Wilcox poked his head up and had a grin on his face and so I started grinning. But it was good!
So hard to tell these guys good bye. Sure Love them!!
So hard to tell these guys good bye. Sure Love them!!
Elder De Silva, on his way to Brazil!!
Elder De Silva, on his way to Brazil!!
We had to say goodbye to all our latino friends before they left and there was a lot and we got super close. It was way sad. They had some of the strongest testimony.
Elder Diaz
Elder Diaz
One, Elder Diaz, gave me his Mexico pin which was super nice. And Elder Santos gave me his school card. HAHAH. I love it. Shaun Cates who runs this MTC spoke to us and he said some super good things. Stay on target until it sticks to you. Good stuff.
Monday was freaking crazy… It was the night before Mexicos Indpendence day and they went hard in the paint.  But that night music was blaring and fireworks/gunshots and My companion almost got in a fight with our district leader over if the window should be opended or closed. I love people. It is funny. How much I changed these 6 weeks. So blessed.
Tuesday was a super crazy day… We recieved our flight plans and I realized I leave in a week and I got super nervous and anxious and worried.. but then I realized Christ will help me. He wants me to do this so he is going to help me. So come what may and I know he will help me if I get to work. Then I got excited. So excited. Whenever it gets hard, I have the gift, the privilige, to talk to Heavenly Father whenever and wherever. What a freakin blessing. We all have that. We just need to utilize it.
So Wednesday we had our last P day eve.. I finally feel comfortable and now we are all going to leave. haha. But that is how it will be our whole mission. So get used to it. I am ready to leave this place. Food is getting old and yeah… I am ready for a change too I guess. I pray for my trainer every night… Either way Ill learn something and bennefit if he is super good or super bad.
The Visitors Center at the Temple.
The Visitors Center at the Temple.
Today we went to the temple and it was super awesome like I said. So beautiful in a city that is quite dirty. Seeing how dirty it was made me realize kinda what Peru might be like… But I’ll love it. No matter what. How could I not? Its the best work on this earth.
I am so glad that you recieved the package I sent. I prayed it would get there. Umm I will write again on Monday or Tuesday depending on when they give us the day to pack.
Jace Packer's Grandpa, Elder Pocock. Great to see him and chat with him.
Jace Packer’s Grandpa, Elder Pocock. Great to see him and chat with him.
I talked to Jace Packers Grandpa and his spanish is so good. I wish I spoke like that… I will. haha. Glad BYU is getting it done finally. Well have an amazing week everyone. Love you all.
Elder Carter
Elder Carter’s weekly Scripture: D and C 38 verse 27
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