Still Going Hard….

So this week had many wonderful and awesome experiences that forever changed me and forever helped me now and into my mission and honestly for the rest of my life. But the most important is that when we were fasting we still beat the latinos 5 to 2. What up! Flinders wrecked um with tre goals and Wilcox with an upper 90 Espn play of the year. Reminded me of Clint Dempsey! Viva America! AHAHA. We play with them everyday and it is so much fun. I have made so many friends through that. I was feeding it to Wilcox and Flinders all day long. It helps my Spanish and I love the latinos! They are the best. Im teaching one English and he is helping me with spanish! His name is Elder Diaz and he has only been a member for 2 years yet he has such a strong testimony!
Elder Santos and I. We switched name tags, but I'm not sure anyone was fooled.
Elder Santos and I. We switched name tags, but I’m not sure anyone was fooled.

The other one is Elder Santos and one day we switched name tags and my teacher got mad at me, but totally worth it because of the looks everyone would give me.

So on Friday we started the day off with a way good lesson and let the Spirit take control. Our investigator said his family was having economic problems and Elder Gleason told him his experience with his family being tight on money. It was so spiritual and then I bore testimony and it was so awesome. Anyways our investiagtor told us that it was a way good lesson. And it wasn’t even a lesson. We went in planning to teach about the plan of salvation and didn’t even really teach. HAHAH. My companion broke down right after that about his family and I consoled him and helped him and then we both went and prayed and it was one of the most spiritual prayers ever… I felt Gods love for me.
Saturday we taught TRC which could include one of the following… A member who wants to be spiritually uplifted, a legit investigator, a less active member, or someone pretending to be an investigator. So that is awesome… hahaha. We taught someone who had been a member for 28 years so at first I was like phew… but then we were like well what do we teach… So we asked if there was anything that was hard in her life and she said she has knee problems and ankle so we told her praying privately and with her family would help and she would feel Gods love. Then I got the impression to ask if I could say a specific prayer for her right then and there and she said yes and I blessed her and it was super spiritual and I loved being able to help and she her just smiled so big. Then we had the sickest Book of Mormon study with Hermano Soto and he told us this quote from M. Russel Ballard. ¨Faith is the power, obedience is the price, the spirit is the key, and Christ is the reason¨ So strong. It hit me like a ton of bricks and so I wrote it down and now have it hanging over my bed.
Then Sunday rolled around and its fast and testimony meeting and I was feeling it so strongly to go up but I was timid and waited then Presidente Suaste got up and read a scripture how we have been given so much and yet we do not open our mouths and share it with others… So of course I got up. haha. I felt the spirit so strong and talked about Christ in spanish… mostly. But I thanked the Presidencia for all their hard work and how they love us so much and they hardly know us and so that just shows how much Christ must love us. So afterwards he came up to me and he stands about 5 foot 2 and gave me the biggest hug ever… and then his wife was like give him one for me so he gave me another. haha. Then Presaidente Portillo gave me one too!
Before the hair cut.
Before the hair cut.
After the hair cut!  I miss my Mom!!!!
After the hair cut! I miss my Mom!!!!
Monday was pretty good.. Pretty normal.. Not much happened but studying and on that grind.
Tuesday was good but I started to get down on myself and worry as I always do and then we had a devotional video of Elder Holland and he talked about how as long as we are trying our best and doing what we can we can’t expect anymore from ourselves and it was like yes! Thank you! Then in our district devotional review I bore my testimony and feelings and how I want to succeed so bad and worry I’m not good enough I dont have a strong enough testimony and what not and then after Elder Farley just gave me the biggest hug and Elder Wilcox told me he knows I’m going to be the most successful missionary and that I inspire him. Wow… it was so awesome and I am so thankful for him. Then Elder Griffin told me every time I bear my testimony his heart just burns and gets tears in his eyes and said don’t take offense to this but you are a little guy with the biggest testimony. Geez luhweez why am I so blessed? haha. He blesses me everyday. With amazing people like the people in my district. I love every single guy. Everyone is so powerful and we are going to wreck Peru with the Gospel and kindness and service.
Elder Thomas, leaving for Equador this week.
Elder Thomas, leaving for Equador this week.
And then Wednesday again an answer to my prayer, a talk By Elder Bednar and he said ¨How do I know if I have the spirit with me? How do I know I have it with me guiding me helping me at all times? DONT WORRY ABOUT IT! Quit fussing and worrying and complaining. Be a good boy, be obedient, keep your covenants, be faithful, and try your best. If you are doing that the spirit will help you when you need it. It isn’t going to lead you on a leash you will just be in the right place right time and say what you need because you did what you were supposed to.¨ What a smack in the face… haha. SO awesome. I loved it. I was so excited!! And that brings us to today.
My companion, sleeps during study, should sleep at night. Haha!
My companion, sleeps during study, should sleep at night. Haha!
So last night, P day eve we played a prank on my companion… So he sleep walks a lot and does weird stuff in the night and so Elder Wilcox, Flinders and I mixed some yellow powerade with water and left a puddle in our room and then I woke him up and was like dude you just got up and peed on the floor! It was so funny and he was like man, I didn’t think I had to go… and totally believed it. haha. I asked him if he was going to call his family before he went to Peru and he was like no… ANd I was like why! He was like I don’t know… I would call my girl before my family… I was astonished and he said you will understand when you actually love someone… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Holy cow. I love this kid. Every one is different. I do not judge. The food sucks now… It got old way fast… I ate my cereal this morning with a fork cuz they did not have any spoons…
Viva Peru!
Viva Peru!
Umm so happy to hear BYU is doing decent… And of course I cant watch them… Oh Elder Flinders has a buddy down in Peru, word on the street is Chile and Peru might go to war. So that’s awesome. I would fight for Peru! Elder Wilcox and I said we would go so hard in the paint and do work. HAHA. So I have that to look forward to. Also glad to hear LSU is getting it done.
Language seems to be coming but then mi amigo Elder Diaz says they have totally different words there… So I’ll just trust in the lord. Things seem to be getting better and better and now I want to get out into the real mission. I only have a week and a half left… wow… anyways have a fantastic week! Love all of you and thank you for your support and love.
Elder Carter
Elder Carter’s Scripture for the week….Doctrine & Covenants 50: 13-14
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