Halfway done….

Me and my Companero
Man that first went by so fast and here I am halfway done… what? It is so unreal that in less than three weeks Ill be in Peru having no idea what anyone is saying or what is going on! So thats pretty awesome. Anyways this week flew! And it was pretty good too! So Friday I was still sick and wasnt feeling too well but we taught Violeta an amazing lesson about prayer and why it is important in our lives and I bore my testimony so strong and afterwards I couldn´t even remember what I said but all I know is I had the spirit with me! Afterwards though I was drained… I was so exhausted and did not feel well at all… then after dinner we had language study but older missionaries came and gave us some “help” hahaha. So they told us what has helped them which was super nice and helpful and then they were like okay now teach us. and we were like huh? they were like you have 5 mins to prepare. So we prepared what we could and again the spirit helped me. And they would like stop us and help us and I was just about to go off and freaking basically baptize this guy and my companion just cuts me off… and i realized he does that a lot… and now that I have the language a little better I can talk too. So the missonaries noted that and so then of course my companion just says okay take it away elder carter. And take it away I did, I bore the strongest testimony so far (that I can bear in spanish) and both missionaries were just like wow…. that was amazing. hahaha! Of course I wouldnt have been able to do that without the spirit of the lord guiding my words. And so afterwards I talked to my companion about us being more flowey..? and how I need to talk too.. and he was super sorry so we worked it out.

Saturdays are the worst here… by far the worst day… but I pushed through and helped my amigo latino out and got a drink for him while his hands were full. We also taught other companionships and got feedback which was so helpful to our teaching and made us so much better. I am nervous for my trainer… cuz what if he is super lazy or doesn’t care or whatever… so I pray every night for my first trainer in the field.
Sunday was good… didn’t have to give another talk.. WOOHOO! But I felt off… and kind of irritated for a reason I know not… I guess cuz I felt like I wasn’t this spiritual giant and I dont know hardly any spanish and we had good devotionals and we had a video by an apostle who I forgot the name… fetch… anyways he gave a talk on prayer and I was like ahh this doesn’t help me… yet I realized it did. Anything an apostle says helps me. And he stated something so powerful… You have been called by God to succeed! Not to fail! He will not let you fail and how can you when you have the Lord, the Holy Ghost, God, and his Priesthood with you? How can you fail! I can’t, nor will I! So awesome!
Monday was good, I challenged Juan Jose to read Chapter 34 of Alma it is about repentance and such. I still feel somewhat incompetent… and prayed for help and guidance!
Our district village drawing!
Our district village drawing!
Tuesdsay I learned something very important…. But first we taught a good lesson with Jetro and I talked to him about our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and bore strong testimony of it. And later we taught other guys in our district like they were investiagtors and then one evaluated. We taught our DL and that was way awesome! Afterwards he was asked would you invite them back and he was like yes. I felt happy and felt the spirit so strongly and guess who bore a Chido testimony! This guy! And afterwards we talked and our teacher asked a question about the investigator and what really matters when you talk to them… ANd I just raised my hand and realized It doesn’t matter what you say really but how they feel. If they felt happy in a life that they always feel down… They are going to want you back in their lives and want that happiness to stay in their lives. And my maestro said you don’t have to speak perfect spanish it doesn’t even have to make sense but if they see how sincere you are and how happy they feel because of the spirit they are going to invite you back! We also ran out of hot water or the water heater went out so I took a freezing cold shower that night.. just prepping me for peru! haha
And Wednesday we taught another good lesson.. went well and I started reading Our Search for happiness and it is so good!!! So freaking good! I love it! And I have 100 pages left in the B of M so I should be finished before next P day! I love just talking to people! Elder Thomas who is in our zone but a different district is so cool and the CCM is our stomping ground! haha! And Elder Delcamp from Nebraska is the most hilarious kid and we always mess with each other!!
The District!
The District!
We had a district fast for my companions Mom who was going into surgery on Tuesday and she is doing awesome! So cool. And he told me he was fasting and I was like I will too! But I took it a step further! I had our whole district, except a sick kid and his companion, in on the fast and my companion told me something I will never forget… He said Never has anyone besides my family cared about me this much. Thank you. I had tears rolling down my face… I was an answer to his prayer… geez. What did I do to deserve this opportunity? This life… My awesome parents.. my 3 amazing little brothers who are an inspiration to me… A loving and supportive extended family! And amazing friends! I am so blessed!!!!
Well that is all for this week! Until Next! Love all you guys so much! I am almost 1/24 done with my mish… it went by that fast! I need to cherish it more! ALso happy to hear BYU won and Max Hall got Arrested! Glad to see he is representing BYU with Tradition Spirit and Honor! HAHAHA. What a character! Well goodbye for now! Have a great week!
Elder Carter
Elder Carter’s Scriptures for the week…. 3 Nephi 11:41… and 3 Nephi 12:15

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