Week dos

Wow! It feels like just yesterday I was sitting at a computer and crying reading all your emails! And here I am again, except this week I am not crying and am doing 100 times better! This week has been absolutely amazing. I have grown and learned so much! I am so thankful to the lord for teaching me so many valuable lessons that I will never forget and that I will always use.

But first… let me tell you about some crazy stories! So first I hope you all remember that spider
That darn spider!!
that I sent you well he has a buddy and of course me being me I like to pester it and push it to its breaking point.. so i flick it and it is hanging about halfway down and immediately starts spinning more web into a ball very quickly and little gusts of wind make him fly a little bit out towards me and back in and then a huge gust of wind hits and he lets go of his silk and flies right towards me just ready to devour my face and i scram! and so we come back out of our house and he is just chilling waiting for his feast… But i just stepped on him. Take that! Next, we are having a wondeful testimony meeting and our district leader gets up and starts talking. Now he is very serious and 21 years old and we room with him which is ehh… but anyways he starts talking and my companion lets out the loudest squeaker and it goes dead silent and then elder wilcox busts up and I lose it and our DL is trying to act like he is disappointed but then he starts laughing! oh too good! haha! And the last story is pretty gnarley… Mom get ready… so one of the workers left a gate unlocked right behind our casa and a drunk wandered in and stumbled into our casa… we woke up to him passing out falling on the floor… we immediately called la recepcion and they worked it out… it was way gnarley… but kinda funny. It is even more funny because it is not true. HAHAHAHA! There is no way anyone could ever get in or out of this place!
What’s over this wall?
they have security, cameras, and like a 20 foot fence with razor wire! And its like the garden of eden!
Anyways so on Friday of last week our investigator became our teacher which was such a blessing! our first teacher was mediocre but this guy is the freaking best! He is way cool and way into teaching and keeps you interested and way awesome! I love him so much! His name is Hermano Soto! He likes me a lot and has helped me so much. So now both our teachers are both our investigators which is kinda hard to take seriously when soto tells us if we dont do our work he will kill us and says he has so much swag and his wife is about as good looking as he is but I love it! And when we taught him I told him in spanish that we were there for him and want to help him and that we loved and God loves him and wants to hear from him and when you do talk to him he is waiting to pour blessings out upon you. And after the lesson he told me that is exactly what we have to learn! Not spanish, not gospel, yes they are important, but you need to love the investigator and be there for them so they can trust you and then they will listen to you.So that was way sick!
Ran into a friend from home, Elder Parker Kuhn! I always call him Parker and then have to correct myself!!
So I didnt have to give a talk again luckily… haha! My companion did and he forgot his scriptures so he had to walk off the podium and get them… poor guy.. he is getting frustrated but I dont know why his spanish is 10 times better than mine! I can pray and bear my testimony in spanish too!!! So we went to two way cool devotionals on Sunday and I can say that was a turning point. So I realized it is a universal thought for all new missonaries, i think, that all missionaries are happy when they are out in the field, yes that is true, but it takes time to adapt and realize where the true happiness comes from! It comes because they are serving!!! They are serving others and not worrying at all about themselves! And I pray every morning and night for opportunities to help and serve others. I pick up peoples stuff, I carry their chairs, I just say Hi to people! Just from doing that I have bcome amigos with Elder Vengas and he is from mexico and can barely speak english but he always gives me a thumbs up and I love it! My motto for the mission is “Savior and spirit increase, I/Me decrease.’ True happiness is found when serving others in this gospel. Being completely selfless. I remember when we lent our trailer to the young women and I was furious because my motor bike was supposed to go in there my gear… me me me me! Dad lent it to them because that is what Christ would do.. I am what I am because of Christ… because of our heavenly father I am here… I have a family that loves me and supports me… and I am able to serve because of Christ… So I am done thinking about me and focused on others and this gospel. It is so amzing how much I have changed my views. I have also developed an even greater love for reading scriptures. I read them every morning for about an hopur and it is the highlight of my day. I look forward to it and love starting the day that way! I am more than halfway done with the Book of Mormon and its been two weeks. I am on like page 280ish.. and I retain so much more than when I’d read before bed. Because I am reading it straight through not taking for days but also because the Lord is blessing me. He is blessing me so much! I am getting better at spanish and being able to talk more and be more comfortable and able to understand our teacher who speaks 100 miles an hour. Things are much better! So very grateful.
The Gospel will be preached to all!!
I gave my companion a blessing because he was feeling down and blessed him with the language and health. The food has been wrecking him and after the blessing that morning he felt a hundred times better!!! What a testimony builder even if it dealt with bowels and such. haha. Also that I have the Lords priesthood and have been authorized to heal the sick to bring people unto Christ. So amazing!
Dear elder is awesome mom! thanks! Keep sending them! I read it every night before I got to bed! So unfortunately Yesterday I got sick… and wasnt feeling too good and so I prayed to help me so I can do his work and be a better missionary and I took a nap during gym time and woke up feeling much better! Then I realized I hadn’t done what I was supposed to and got way down on myself. But again the Lord blessed me and I went to work. I let it roll off my back and promised to do better. I am learning much more than spanish and the gospel here.. which is so amazing.
Just a side note my companion talks in his sleep and occasionally sleep walks. He got out of bed one night and put on his flip flops and watch and stood there for a couple of minutes and then hopped in bed. He is an odd character but such a blessing and help to me! Oh Mom and dad and brevon and daemon and peyton I sent a letter with money and a surpise for the three bros! Mom and Dad you get a coin each and the Bill! Brothers you get the surprise and a coin! I hope it gets there… I paid for four stamps so it better get there! I said a prayer too! So I Know it will!
Another funny story is we all switched name tags so when Soto walked in he was so confused but just went with it thinking he was crazy! HAHAHA.
Elder Flinders and I posing for the new cover of Preach my Gospel.
Tuesday is pizza day and that’s about all that’s good… they did have chocolate frosted flakes one morning which was heavenly! All of our district is going to Lima Peru east! and we are tight but we are all different and it can be hard…  I am as cool as a cucumber and I love it! hahaha. This language has taught me some serious patience and hard work!!! Its awesome!
Well I better wrap this up! Thanks for all your prayers and letters and support! Love you guys so much! Have an amazing week!!
Elder Carter
Beautiful Mexico!!

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