The beginning…

Wow!!! I thought this day would never come!! It feels like a year ago I left home! Mexico City is the gnarliest, most hood rat place I have ever been to! The CCM is laike the garden of eden to Mexico City! Its so pristine and beautiful and thenright outside of the barbed wire 10 foot high fence is drug lords and gangs and all that good stuff. The drive to the CCM was so crazy! People on scooters or motor bikes ride inbetween the traffic and no one uses turn signals they just do and go wherever there is a small space. The plane rides were exhausting and by the time I got here I smelt like Mcdonalds and BO!Yuck! It was cool arriving and getting the name tag and everything. My companion is Elder Gleason from Draper, Utah he is weird but just the companion I need. He picks me up when I am down and vice versa. He told me the coolest story how he broke his face and his dad straight up healed him by priesthood and faith. Awesome! and the next day was orientation super boring but I was still super pumped. So Friday hits and I am home sick so bad. I didn’t know any spanish and most people do. Should have paid attention….but anyways I just go through the motions. Study read pray. And Saturday hits and I’m about the same and it is driving me nuts why I felt that way. So I pray some more ya know.. gets a little better.. But sunday rolls around and we go to Sacrament meeting and everyone prepares a talk in spanish and they callyou up on the spot. Luckily I didn’t have to go. so then we meet with our brach president and I broke down. He asked if I missed my family and I broke. Tears streaming ya know me all emotional.  Well he told me the most inspiring story about how his wife was depressed and overdossed on pills to take the pain away and was very sick and he prayed and said I am in thy hands, my wife is in they hands. He said if you save her and help me I will serve thee. With everything I have. Well that sunday he was called first counselor in the Presidency. He was like I cant do this! not right now with my wife and he instantly remembered his prayer. And she is okay and they are still happily married and have a little girl. He prayed for me and just embraced me. A kid who is from Idaho who can´t speak his language who he doesnt even know loved me and cared about me. It meant the world to me. Ill send a pic of him next weeek. His name is Presidente Portillo. We then went straight to a devotional video of Elder Holland and it was AMAZING!! He talked about conveting ourselves first! And so that is my goal. and so far so good.

The language is rough ill admit but yesterday i taught about half a lesson about baptism in spanish and prepared it all. I was so guided by the spirit and helped. So blessed. So blessed to serve and be here to learn. The food is mas o menos. Good and bad. Hahah. My companion has been flowing like a river! poor guy. There is a kid who looks exactly like corbin. except obviously not as yoked. haha. Elder osborne rode the bus with me to the CCm and we have also gotten close. Told me a story how he was being crushed by a side by side and tried to kill himself but actually saved his life by creating a way for the blood to leave his neck isntead of suffocate him. My district is the best! We get along so well and have the best of times. We mess with people and put funny saying on our daily planner for people to see then the MTC president talked to us and read elder wilcoxs that said Chest erry Day and just laughed at us. It is so fun: iT has gotten so much better and today is P day so even Better. Our teacher hermano gonzales es muy fantastico. haha. he is way cool. Kind ahard to understand but good. The language will come. And i must work my very hardest. Ohh and Im sending pics so standby. I know this is true. No doubt. Everything is perfectly in place so I have help but I am also tried and tested. And boy have I been tested. But I am thankful for that test because I have grown and become more confident. Miss you all and love you all. Stay sweet.
Elder Jaxon Ryan Carter



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